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  6. Just joined - fresh dark-ish elven meat up for the taking in 6c... (also, this is a test of status update)

  7. @Ratamo you are actually needed! We have a crazy candidate that wants to get better at Kislev! If you have the time could you please contact Joey Wevs? He has played 200-300 games overall, and Kislev are his favorites but this would be his first season in the OCC with kislev!
  8. Hey @bantha. Chorf me up there aren’t any other takers
  9. To Be fair, I always wanted an Andy D'Orko on my team
  10. Hello. It looks like we are one down. In order to avoid admin games, we need YOU! So md1-md9 T2B please let me know if you are able to join. It's a chaos dwarf team we are replacing. Looking forward to all questions and support. You can contact me or @Bevan Thanks Admins
  11. Last week
  12. I just gave you an extra like to partially compensate you.
  13. Thanks. The original link works, so copypaste must have warped the link if there are issues with it.
  14. There appears to be an issue with the link which may result in this excellent post getting fewer likes than it deserves.
  15. Hello! I am Joey Wevs in discord/bloodbowl and here is my Twitch - twitch.tv/red_herring_gaming86/profile, would love to have a mentor for Kislev coaching. I will be playing Kislev in my first ever season of OCC. I've played with so many races and at the moment playing Chaos, Dark Elves, Kislev and Necro in other leagues, and Kislev is the team I've loved the most. I have maybe played about 200 to 300 games in blood bowl and honestly think i could use improvement in positioning on both offense and defense. I think I know how to screen but often over commit and get stuck in brawls. Any help that I can receive would be amazing to have. Thanks!
  16. Evening of your moral alignment, ladies and gentlemen. Last week we interviewed Nuffle himself, and that proved a great success: our audience ratings soared and we didn't even have to replace Jenny and Dax who – after some trials and tribulations, extra tentacles and missing toes – made it safely back from the realm of the almighty. This week we're going to interview the next greatest divinity to directly affect the pitch, or perhaps he could be seen more as priest of Nuffle, for he reads Nuffle's sacred text and administers punishment and victories on the pitch. He is the slimiest coward most of you have ever seen or will ever see, he is... the referee. *Picture cuts to a almost totally dark corridor leading downwards. Floor, ceiling and walls are covered with warding runes and several traps can be seen, momentarily deactivated* Günther, our top still-living correspondent, is about to enter referee's hideout right now. For safety of everyone involved, we will not disclose the location of bunker-hole you are about to see. Most referees live in homes such as these, and only come out for the matches. It is a lonely and fearful life, but the few that manage to survive until retirement move to some other continent to live like kings... until assassins get to them, anyway. *Steel reinforced door at end of the corridor opens. Behind of it is a nice and surprisingly cozy room. In middle of the room sits a goblin in a white-black striped suit, pointing a huge knife towards the camera.* About time you got here sonny. I had to keep my traps down for full two minutes. Plenty of time for assassins to get in. I am sorry Bribesnitz, but one of your decapitation traps was still operation. It took me some time to navigate around it. Apology accepted, Günther, but I am Mr. Bribesnitz to you. My family has been referees for three generations, and my granddad even died of natural causes. You journalists should show some respects... or money, I also accepts money in lieu of respect. Oh yes, mr. Bribesnitz it is (please put that knife down). I am here to ask you some questions, as you know, for the benefit our viewers who so rarely see your side on the pitch. And that is what our first question is about. You referees are required to uphold Nuffle's sacred texts about touchdowns, illegal weapons, fouls and such, while most of the fans just come to see blood flow and body parts being ripped off. Do you ever think that fans are missing some part of the game, or do you wish you could enjoy the simplicity of carnage like they do, without caring about all the rules? That is a tricky question, Günther, like trying to woo a bloodweiser babe. I have to say that yes, there is a vast divide between referees and your casual blood bowl fans, but it is not about enjoying the game in a different manner. No, for me it all comes down to a big fat paycheck that I can spend on my creature comforts here on my hole. Personally I like reading and philosophy, as you might notice from my civilised parlance, so unlike those gutter-living average goblins. Frankly, I dislike blood bowl but being a referee is a well paying job with a good dental plan. Wow, you might have earned some new enemies with that answer Mr. Bribesnitz, assuming there was anyone left who didn't hate you... I meant the fans, please put the knife down. So, ehhhm, your attidute towards the game has been made clear. I assume that same goes for the fans? Most certainly and even more so. Any person or thing that enjoys blood bowl as a sport is should be somewhere below a snotling in a proper food chain, in my most humble opinion. If they happen to have a vested monetary interest, like yours truly, then I might forgive them for also liking the sport. However, fans only stand to lose money to those tickets they buy and they are never rich enough to bribe me (and my rates are reasonable). It is really hard to tell unwashed masses from Nurgle's cultists sometimes, I tell you. Thank you for being straight and candid, Mr. Bribesnitz. Our next question is... wait a second, what is a fan submitted question doing so early in my list? Oh well, let's give it a show: why did you eject Hubris Rakarth for fouling during Darkside Cowboy's last game? You were paid the appropriate bribe twice due to clerical error and everything? That is a strange question Günther. How do fans know such details of my finances? I only use premium banks, you know. Still, I like this question: it gives me opportunity to do some marketing. I ejected that overvalued so called star player, Hubris, because the Naggaroth Nightwings gave me a bribe three times the usual size before the game. It paid off for them, didn't it he-heh-heh-heeeee.... urgghhh... *Bribesnitz keels over and falls on a table he was sitting next to, his knife slipping from his hand. As the lifeless body of the goblin referee slides down the table a new figure emerges in the screen. It is a shadow within shadows, an assassin.* Oh dear Nuffle... dear viewers, it seems like Mr. Bribesnitz has been assassinated in a live broadcast. I don't see the assassin in question very well, but I can make out some elvish traits. Now it is moving towards me, still in the shadows, and... and... and I think it is Horkn Heartripper himself! This is truly an honour Mr. Heartripper, I am a great fan of your work and I would like to ask for your autograph... you could write it with blood of Mr. Bribesknitz here, come to think of it. Sorry, I didn't hear you very well, what did you say? What about witnesses? No, no-no-no-nooo, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PUT THAT KNIFE DOOOOOOOOoooooowwnnn....
  17. Here's the link to today's preview: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/17/the-warhammer-preview-online-sports-and-skirmish/
  18. Do or Die... 0-0 Necromaniacs USA Chaos Drive: Necromantic went all in, and with their multiple GUARD, and multiple +ST players held me at the half way. Half ended 10 v 10 players wise (their Rookie Werewolf BH, my Secondary Ball Carrier, Dr. Evil III dead but apothecaried better) Score 0-0 Necromantic Drive: 11 v 11 They went all in full tagging and potato plays - I used the Wizard and crowd surfed and gangfouled...but the made uphill plays and stoppe me - me from defensive scoring - and it all boiled down to needing a 4+ hand off, 3+ dodge, 2+ GFI to win on T16..and my team failed the 4+ hand-off. Skeletor II levelled with the MVP and learnt Block.
  19. Thank you for the info, wasn't aware he skipped.
  20. for my comeback in OCC18, a very amazing division...especially the derby of Oceania with a coach from my Australian domestic league BBLANZ.... and many interesting old opponents let's get ready to rumble [media]
  21. As we are slowly getting less and less ideas of memes and funny stuff to add we decided that our blog will take slightly more serious direction. Will it mean we get more fans on this? Or will our two loyal fans abandon us? MD1: @Nateguy75 and his: Da Thunder vs 50 Shades of Leap Pre-game: As normal we taunted our opposing coach in smack talk thread so they would feel bad and would be desperate to show prove that they are better than me. Our teams were pretty similiar TV, but as Dwarves had slightly more we got 60k on inducement phase. Which we used to buy Bloodwiser Babe.Also both teams received neat free-bribe! Our main goal was to receive first if possible. And if they would field deathroller we would score quickly and force to use bribe to keep it on the field (in case they would still have bribe.) OR if they won't inflict some KO's or Injuries to force deathroller on field on T8. We set eyes on their Runners as they have least armour and without them dwarfes are BAD at ball handling. We won the coin toss and chose to receive! First Half: Brilliant Coaching, 50 Shades of Leap receives free reroll! First turn didn't bring anything on blocking side and Jaromir Dvorkin failed picking up the ball. Dwarfs couldn't do anything else than get next to the ball and throw few meaningless punches. Turn 2 we found sweet spot for surfing Diving Tackle Dwarf of the pitch and we took it and it resulted that Dwarf getting Badly Hurt. For some reason apotechary came on the pitch and saved that poor dwarf! Jaromir Dvorkin tried again picking up the ball from one tacklezone and just couldn't do it even with help of reroll. Dwarfs threw once more some meaningless punches without breaking our armour. Rookie Blitzer who was next to Dvorkin needed assist and another Dwarf GFI'd himself to the rescue and it only took one reroll! Blocking Dvorkin were too hard as doubleskulls appeared. We surfed another dwarf off the pitch, but nothing from it casualtywise. Jaromir Dvorkin dodged away from tacklezone and with help of reroll he actually managed to pickup the ball (and it only took 4 failures in total to succeed)! Dwarves decided to try foul our Chief of Security Ivanov but Thick Skull kept him on the field! On turn 3 we surfed third dwarf off the field, but casualtywise nothing came from it. Dwarves managed to KO Dimitri Jalowetz and managed to pop the ball free from our ballcarrier Sound Technician Kobylov. That same Runner managed to pickup the ball, but couldn't run far attleast! And Ivanov got some more fouls against him, but he just got stunned once more! We sacked the ballcarrier and managed to reclaim the ball! Our glorious attempt of fouling didn't just make it and we only got stun from it (thought that Runner were stunned allready). Dwarves couldn't get anything proper done, but third foul they made against Ivanov resulted doubles and they had to use bribe! We had chance to foul Troll Slayer this time, but Ludomir Gajovic couldn't make leap and foul weren't made. (We could have fouled without that assist but 5 assists is better than 4!) We fouled again next turn as Dwarfs had failed on Diving Tackle and couldnt do anything else that turn. Our foul once more resulted in stun. Nothing happened from here and we scored on turn 8. Our KO'd player didn't wake up despite we had Babe. Kickoff even were High Kick and Dwarf couldn't catch the ball. First possible block gave doubleskulls and without any rerolls left that sealed that half. Second Half: Our KO'd player didn't wake up this time either. Our opponent forgot to put his Deathroller on the field and the kick off even was, BLITZ! We decided to blitz that player near sideline and try catch that ball. Blitzing went well, but catching that ball was too hard for us. Dwarfs managed to get everything down they wanted and even piled on Jaromir Dvorkin resulting him getting to miss his next game. With just one tacklezone on the ball that agility 4 dwarf ran to pickup the ball and managed to escape from out diving tackle! Next turn i made 2 mistakes in row. First one was on blitzer whom managed to jump up and pow opposing dwarf and on some reason i didn't follow up to give assist on opposing ball carrier. I decided to fix that by moving my catcher next to him, but i missplaced him so he wasn't in anyone's tacklezone. 1d block against blodge ballcarrier didn't work out either. Dwarfs ran away from us and managed to KO Music Editor Arseneyev with classic 1d block. (That is the thing i mostly hate, 1d wonders.) They just couldn't run far enough and we managed to get 2d block on enemy ball carrier and powed him into stun! Here is third huge mistake i made. Kobylov were meant to run close that gap so dwarfs couldn't run that easily close to him. For some reason i didn't check properly UI and tried to dodge towards diving tackler which obviously failed miserably. But attleast ball were loose and their star ballcarrier were stunned! Next turn dwarfs threw some blocks and by grace of nuffle snaked gfi! We stole the ball with Kobylov, but Nuffle decided to snake our gfi too. Dwarfs reclaimed the ball with help of Nuffle and PASSED THE BALL! As our team were spread all across the field we knew we would have hard time to pop it again. And Nuffle didn't want us to succeed in anything for while. I wanted to blitz with Ivanov and base him next to ball, maybe with luck we could get few assists or screens so on next turn we could try something? That was the plan, but Nuffle didn't want that to happen. Ivanov went bonehead and Ludomir Gajovic rolled 1 on dodge. From that turn (12) we just couldn't do anything anymore. Ludomir Gajovic were KO'd by foul. Kobylov leaped and rolled 1, hurted himself badly. Set Designer Bolshakov badly hurt from block. Camera Trainee Margolin tried leaping and rolled 1. Rado Orelik tried leaping and rolled 2, but with Agility 3 it is still failure! Dwarfs scored on turn 16. Turn 16 magic: 2 of our KO'd player woked up, but sadly for us neither were our Agility 4 player. Dwarfs had 3 players on line of scrimmage, all with Stand Firm and us having 7 players on the field would mean we couldn't do 1turn touchdown anyway. I decided to try give Camera Trainee Margolin chance to throw the ball and hope he would get MVP one day! Kick off event, Riot. Both teams gain turn! We werent expecting this, but we accepted Nuffles humble gift. So instead of passing with Margolin we sent Rado Orelik on the other side and Writer Masur on other side. They could blitz only one player so we have tiny chance on here! They based both our players and by surprise they decided to blitz on the lineman next to that ballcarrier with Deathroller. With Ivanov being next to him with his Prehensible Chain it would be +3 dodge even with Break Tackle. Nuffle decided to throw 1 on that dodge attempt and our hopes of winning this match were awakened! We blitzed that Long Beard who were marking Writer Masur and found push while doing so. Producer Brodsky gave the ball in the hands of Masur who proceeded towards their endzone. All we need now is succesfull leap, succesfull dodge and one gfi and we win this match! My heart is pounding hardly. We have no rerolls left. +3, +3 and +2 to win the match. Can we make it? He made it! We made it! We won!? What a game! We salute to you Komrade! MVP landed on Sound Technician Kobylov, who reached his 5th level! And as it is his 5th level i find it fitting that he got himself on Agility 5! (and like i've told before, that guy is real SPP hog) Next up is some Orcs coached by @cjblackburn! Their team is so far undefeated, but maybe we could change that! Stay tuned to learn better how we will fare against greenskins! We don't have proper gameplan yet and even if we would have we wouldn't reveal it. You never know if there is goblinspy among us. Now it is your time to make difference! Was this too heavy to read? Did you want some more memes? Is this better than the old style? Or should we mix em up a bit? Is there impostor among us? Did we go off-topic once more?
  22. In case you missed it, looks like tomorrow at 13.45 UTC there will be a life streaming related to the new edition, I guess we will get at least a release date.
  23. @Ynwe AbeFroman skipped this season and it is unsure if/when he joins again. FYI.
  24. @razta since @crimsonsun doesn't seem very active at the moment, I wonder if you could take his place and help out our new necro player a bit! Let me know if you have time and are willing to take him under your wing!
  25. armor bust thralls are why I am happy starting a team with mercs on the line. @Gadajs is why I will be finishing my career with mercs on the line. one str bust and two soul busts. #PartOfTheProblem.
  26. Disappointing first game, losing 1-0 to 1250 necro with a MB wolf. Was actually pitch cleared in the first half, just after managing to punt the ball. Got some players back and second half I managed to pick up a little spp so the game was not a total loss. In the end, 11spp and an armour bust thrall is not the end of the world.
  27. Season 15 MD1 is a home game. Do or Die... v Necromaniacs USA No Divisional Position Yet Chaos v Necromantic 1690 v 1960 Waleed v Geiger Treasuries of 10k v 100k 4 Chaos Warriors, 9 Beastmen (13) v (14) 2 Werewolves, 2 Wights, 2 Flesh Golems, 2 Ghouls, 6 Zombies. Home Stadium is "DDX" - a Level 2 Stadium with a Royal Box (Doubles all gains and losses of Fan Factor). Team Mottos: "Victory is Mine!" v "whats Da motto with you" Game is scheduled for Saturday 17th October at 1400 Hours UTC.
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