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  2. S28 - Division 2A - MD7 - Summary Third admin win. Now we have 2 wins in this season and the table doesn't look that grim (staying in tier 2 would be good). Developement: - Peanut Pope (Rotter) joined the team.
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  4. After not getting to play week 5 and taking the admin loss due to real life issues, we are back for week 6 and this week we get @danton and his Humans. Can we finally get something good to happen this season and turn the dismal start around?
  5. Week 4 is here and this week we get to continue the snowball season against @antmanand his Chorfs. More fun in store for the hapless Lizards is my guess.
  6. I am one of the few who remember you! Welcome back. I watched some of your zombietastic matches back in the day.
  7. Hey everyone, its been literally a million years since I played in the OCC; I'm sure very few remember me, but if anyone here remembers the Hungry Hungry Horde (an all zombie team I played in this league) way back in BB1, then, that's me. These days, I've played mostly BB2 on Xbox with FABBL, but for BB3, I wanted to get going on PC and Xbox both. More importantly, I wanted to see about rejoining the ranks once BB3 gets moving. I understand that won't be right away, but, still, I wanted to at least get my foot in the door. I also go by a new name all these years later. If you have an "Axel Hackson" on steam, or see me on other platforms, that's me. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Miss this league. Been so long. Be well everyone! -Alex aka Axel Hackson formerly Desalbert
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  9. First some important things: It is assumed you'll be able to play at what's normally considered European friendly times (so, evenings UTC+1 winter/ UTC +2 summer) and/or weekends. The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break) It can't be a "mixed team". They're quite frankly not balanced at all. Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have. To be guaranteed a spot you need to sign up by February 15th (14:00-ish UTC) (divisions still have to be 10 teams though so take that guarantee with a pinch of salt). The thread will be kept open longer but after the cut-off date you will be on the reserve list (still, divisions of 10 so there might be room). If you already play in the league please use the decision thread in your group instead of this thread. If you've previously sat out for a season but would like to return, please make a post here and do include team name and race and mention if it is indeed a returning team. Divisions will be posted on February 20th and if you are in a division you are expected to sign up ingame by February 25th (20:00 UTC). OCC Season 29 starts March 1st Please use the following format: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: By signing up you confirm that you've read the rules. If you are a returning coach, please do mention that and if it's a new team or not. . I know which teams are eligible to return and where they go, but it helps and some people like to name new teams the same thing. If it's a returning team it would help if you could mention last season and tier. One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post.
  10. Decision threads and signup thread posted: January 31st Md8 starts: February 1st Md9 starts: February 8th Md9 ends: February 14th (midnight UTC) Decision threads closes: February 15th (14:00-ish, UTC) Signups "close": February 15th (14:00-ish UTC) [However, should there be enough extra signups before next season we will create more divisions] Divisions posted: February 20th (could be earlier and ideally not later) Signups ingame close: February 25th (20:00 UTC) - If you are not signed in to your division by this point you risk being replaced. If you know you can't signup in time, do mention that in the decision or signup thread (the one that applies to you) Season 29 starts: March 1st
  11. Re-watched it and whilst the benefit of hindsight is always 20/20, I should have prioritized his only ball carrier/handlers rather than continuing the dream of scoring with the limited players I had left. Lessons learned...
  12. If you don't have any tackle, that'd be the way for me. But I'm still struggling in tier 3...
  13. opening week for ELITE VIII ! Ready to rumble ? don't miss out the Elite VIII competition ...
  14. Managed to get back on winning side on MD7. MB vamp was on fire and got 11 SPP from one game so that's quite nice. And MVP landed on another vamp. Next up is busted rats so maybe, just maybe there is chance to win second in row! Vamps have developed okay'ish so far. Block + MB vamp Blodge vamp 2 dodge vamps 1 Thrall has been lucky and gained wrestle. (3 SPP away from getting tackle) So is it smarter to give MB vamp tackle next (4 SPP away) or dodge?
  15. Personally i dont like having one trick ponies as kislev and thats why i would either go for Fend, Sure Hands or Catch. Fend + Sidestep is really annoying combo. Sure Hands is great thing, especially with fast piece. Most likely he i allways in range to pick the ball up (say opponent fumbles pickup, you sack the ball etc) and it means its much nicer to try pick it from tacklezone when you dont have to use RR for pickup. Catch if you tend to pick it up with another and give it to fast one (also intercept thing, but when has that ever happened?) but with Diving Catch (2+ catch on 1 TZ when passed) its not failing THAT often (compared to pickups, right?)
  16. Id take sprint for that 1ttd, but fend will help him live longer
  17. A draw vs a good Khemri team... first half made it look like it was going to be a breeze... easily broke his drive and should have scored a second after a blitz but the dice gods changed their minds, and we then self destructed 2nd half. Already down 2 vamps, I'm pretty sure I played it wrong and spread him to keep his decent positionals away from anything critical and chasing my vamps down, and after losing a few of players, I went for the the agi 5 vamp play needing a couple of 2+ dodges, 3+ throw to get the ball pretty much safe for a 2-0 and snaked the first dodge. He still had work to do but everything he needed worked out and the removals kept on coming and we couldnt even tag this ball carrier to stop the t16. Going to replay the match and see what I should have done later. I am thinking I should have just blocked up in my own half. I just dont enjoy that form of play... but I badly need to learn how to win again. Almost -9 on the move rolls most definitely didnt help but a better play would have ground that out... Next up is a chorf team with a lot of MB and 3 guard, including a claw/mighty chorf (that only levelled as his opponent last match soft conceded and allowed him 4 or 5 turns to pick up the ball and score...meh)
  18. Hey, not only did I win our BB1 vamp-off, proving forever and for all time that I am actually the superior coach and you’re just a flukey bastard with your two championships, but my current lizard team is on a streak of two consecutive wins and only one was adminned. Anyway, sorry to read you had a stroke. Don’t do that again.
  19. Looking for advice on a catcher who just reached 76 SPP. Rolled normal. He is blodgestep with MA8. Options: Sprint for better chances at 1TTD's. Only MA8 on the team. Sure Feet for more reliablilty on 1 TTD attempts, but also in other situastions. Fend for survivability as he's an obvious target for any Tacklepomber. Sure Hands as I recently lost my only SH piece. Would make him a "runner" with options to pass it on to other pieces who need to level. Catch
  20. Great fluff! @SoapyTheBum The cute pet picks worked on me, so take my upvote! :)
  21. "Sabotage! It was sabotage!" -Desmond Deck-er, linerat It seems that the Rat Baron is missing and the Orca Cola Championship Oversight Critter Committee is to blame! While they were able to weather the public outcry at their obvious incompetence after they allowed Ming-Ming the Merciless through, Orca Onion News wonders if they will be able to bounce back after this latest scandal or face a vote of no competence? (Who Sent Nut King all those fermented apples anyway?) Early claims of sabotage were dismissed when the Snick-Tail Scuttlers withdrew from this seasons play before they could even kick off the ball. Rumors swirled that Nut King, the team's ROgre pilot, was too hungover faking an illness as a contract negotiation tactic while others claimed foul play. While the mystery of Nut King's absense remains, fallout was well documented. (Poor, Blind Limb Ripper, he sat too close to the warpstone crystal as a child.) With only hours before the coin toss and the Snick-Tail Scuttlers lacking their ROgre pilo, so with no stone left unturned Turgenev came forward with a replacement and promised he'd have them there on time because he knew a guy who had a 'pretty big mouse-rat-squirrel type thing....' While Turgenev claimed that it was mouse-rat-squirrel hybrid at all, but a medium sized ferret. So the teams squared off and in rushed Turgenev with Limb Ripper's new pilot 'mouse,' but when that ferret got on the rat's shoulder it just chomped on that rat ogre's ear and didn't let go. Leading to a rampaging ROgre that frenzied itself right into the Rat Baron who bravely tried to break up the scuffle. "Blow in it's face!" he was reported to be shouting at the ROgre before he was stomped on. ("Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes.") The only response from the OCCOCC was, 'Bananas....' We're not sure what this means, but we're pretty sure it means something. Let's hope they'll have a coach and a team ready for next season, good luck Snick-tail Scuttlers, we're mostly rooting for ya's. And stay tuned for next week when OON investiages a fluff member who's using cute pet pictures to try and garner upvotes! Speaking of Upvotes, UPVOTE BELOW! Thanks!
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  23. S28 - Division 2A - MD6 - Summary I wrote in the streaming summary that it was the time of norsening. Unfortunately it was and my team got on the wrong side of it - After three turns: - After six turns: Second half we got counter scored with 7 players on the pitch which resulted in the 2-0 final score. Developement: - Caramel Crunch (Rotter) joined the team. - Maple Syrup Magnet (Rotter) left the team because of the -1 MA injury. - Cool Kiwi (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Guard, Block] died.
  24. That's reasonable. Ticket sent. Once you've joined, please go to this thread and arrange your match with Fosters1. Thanks again!
  25. Ok! So I made the team, but I leveled up player 9 and I spent the whole 320k treasure on players (don't know how to add money to treasure in custom teams). I guess it counts as mirror, right? Name: Braganza's Pink Pests
  26. Absolutely. There are 3 more matches this season, I'm sure the remaining coaches would love to have someone to play against! You could just make a mirror of the team and let me know the name (1st choice), and then I'll send you a ticket. A team of similar TV and style would be the 2nd choice.
  27. and its not the not winning its the way i dont get to play due to my oppo dicing me and me having cold dice :) but yeah i am taking a chill and will just focus on some elf bs and fouling md8 should be fun lets go for 32 fouls at least @Tys123
  28. Fun fact, i am not allowed to smoke that anymore as i will start working for our national police soon😀
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