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  2. Just missing a free jazz drum line under the tones of distortion to be perfect
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  4. There is something to be said for 'sucking' first season... that' i'm aware aha
  5. Second half you should chew on your leader every chance you get. After the roll is used. And if you start on offence and score on two or three you can sit him. And you will double promote if you win your division so just level your vamps.
  6. MD3 and I screwed up after playing fairly well most of the game and just literally pushed his ball carrier into the end zone...I have absolutely no idea what came over me lol. He got super lucky and my blocks vs ball carriers 2nd half were abysmal. he also picked up in the rain 3 or 4 times second half lol... Rolled a double on a thrall so went Leader for 5 RRs. Just have to keep him alive now...lol 1 win 2 draws isn't looking great for a top spot but everyone has dropped points...so there's still hope... Nooby ish humans next with a blodge catcher and on
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  8. Turns out we can get to these.... GoblinSpy keeps them https://www.mordrek.com/gspy/comp/20270/match/1981127 Just have to copy them to replay folder. Sadly I can't see any way to actually play them unless you can find the league/schedule it was played in game which is more effort than I'd like to put in. Goblin lets you see the step by step plays on the site tho....
  9. Matchday 3 and with it our third quest is behind us. We faced brigands, whom call themselves norse. Their team had taken quite some beating allready in their 2 earlier games and we wouldn't be gentle to them either. Or would we? They were lower on team value (80k), so they induced Boomer. Which was quite unexpected. Personally i would have waited for Bribe to happen, but alas they had different plan. We won the coin tossing and chose to receive. We even won both sides of stadium so we got ourselves 2+ fame! They fielded boomer and we had brilliant plan to break their armour an
  10. So after getting the last Nail upgrade and beating the White Defender, I went for the boss to see the first ending. Ended up with 44 hours and 97% completion. The story is fantastically narrated, the final fight using the music to make you understand what is happening is phenomenal. So next is back to the White Palace and killing the Failed Champion before attempting the boss again. Probably a few bits I have missed here and there too. Oh and finishing the Grimm Troupe quest. I'll have to replay the whole thing at some point, if only because I let Zote die - I didn't find him before beat
  11. This is Detlef Probst with another astounding edition of Survivor: Orca Cola! Last week we followed the Slibli tribe, and the viewers decided that they had enough of the poor and Confused Carl and wanted to see more of the Legendary Vampire Freight Train. Some evil-speakers said that the voting was influenced by Freight Train mesmerizing abilities, but after looking him into his beautiful, deep eyes I can confirm that this is vile slander! But now, back to the Quetzal tribe! Two weeks ago we witnessed most members of the tribe succumb to bloody carnage, and only the sou
  12. Pidpad

    Signups S20

    Current reserve list: Reserves Forvisk - Like a Rolling Stone - Lizardman - - Tier 5 Xianaria - Members Only - Unknown - - Tier 5/6 (new team) Troy_Tempest - Liverat OCC - Skaven - - Tier 5/6 (new team) The Lost Leader - Didsbury Rockets - Orc - - Tier 5/6 (new team) drbailey - Go Forth & Multiply - Skaven - - Tier 5/6 (new team) Duckwing - Wolverine Fielders - Norse - - Tier 5/6 (new team) Flanks - Wotchalicious - Dwarf - - Tier 5/6 (new team)
  13. In the very next match he died to a foul!
  14. The Celtic Tigers have their third Super Star! Seamus has been with the team since day 1 and has played every single match so far. He quickly proved himself to be an effective bruiser for the team, leading him to specialise as a brutal killer. In his career so far he has averaged almost 1 casualty per game, which is not bad for a puny human after nearly 40 matches! As part of his training for his final skill, he was very tempted to focus on ball handling skills (rolled an 11), but the rest of the team is more than capable of handling the ball, so he went with Guard which will enabl
  15. Table of contents for the book is here https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/04/08/blood-bowl-death-zone-introduces-fast-food-sponsorships-and-mid-game-mutations/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=BB&utm_campaign=Facebook&utm_term=BB-death-zone-APR08&fbclid=IwAR2kf29hELLj-ilEwn-4ko60Zs_frpVndHpIOwcJqXgtKV20WFJ45V-hSGE
  16. I got 16 last season, 4 in the final match! EDIT: i got 15 last season too, missed one from this season. We're ref bait twins!
  17. I have kept up with with the foul blog lifetime fouling stats portion of this. Last season ended with a whimper, losing out on the division and the DG. this season started strong on DG and 2-1 on the division. My war with the refs: at the end of last season they put on a performance for the ages: 4 ejected on 6 ineffective fouls, ending my longshot chase at a comeback win in the Dirty Git. But this season so far, they've been oddly kind. I think the know i get points for it under the current t5 system. They save their treachery for key moments.
  18. I definitely had hiveblood to do the white palace. I can't imagine doing it without it, and I didn't even consider the path of pain. (Though I didn't even know about it until after I got through the white palace!). So many times I would miss a jump and accidentally fall to an area I had already cleared and have to do it again. It was so painful until I finished it, then it was very rewarding. I would still place my struggles with Radiance above the white palace though. I don't think I'll even try the absolute variant.
  19. Oh baby, the new season is upon us and here we go in Tier 2A for a second season in a row. Let's see if we can get on a good run this season and promote out and move back up to T1. In week 1, we get it started with some ugly Chorfs coached by @DarayawusThis should be an interesting one, going against a goofy Mino!
  20. Guess you've both seen the trailer for Silksong? Glad to know I'm not the only one who found the White Palace above my modest skills. Took me a long time to reach the third bench and tonight I gave up progressing further without the Hiveblood since I don't have it yet. Left to do that, will come back later. Since there are several endings, I wonder if I should attempt the final boss before doing the Palace again, so I get to see two different ones. Btw the record for speedrunning the game is 33 minutes
  21. I picked up Guacamelee 2 last weekend, that isn't as good but it's still a ton of fun!
  22. I just finally beat The Radiant for the true ending last weekend. Took me at least 80 tries to beat The Radiant, and for awhile having to beat The Hollow Knight every time before even getting to fight Radiant was kicking my butt! I have not done the Trial of Fools or The Nightmare Grimm (I chose to banish the Grimm troupe). I had a ton of fun playing that game, definitely left we wanting more! I think I was at 106% when I did the final boss fight. I havne't gone back and done much in the Hall of Gods either. The White Palace was a ton of tun!
  23. Finally it is complete! This is something that @Rymdkejsaren gave me inspiration in. Most will end up here, covered in the poisoned earth, awaiting merciful oblivion. I will (try) keep this updated as our journey carries on. On brighter side our squad was reinforced with Bouncer Stan 0/6 - Lineman, but we still have only 10 players at the moment. But we will endure this challenge!
  24. I managed to stumble there also and jesus be damned it was annoying. Death, death, death, death, death. Fuck me. I swapped few charms (which sounds simple solution, but im stupid) and after hard grinding i managed to clear it! (Hiveblood+Grubsong amazing combo on platforming) Also killed Traitor Lord (i think) which was pain in my ass before. I still have third phase of arena remaining and probably Failed Champion (which i need to locate first)
  25. Yeah I think I scuffed the one turn. I wanted to push down the middle since he'd left it open, but I got it wrong somehow, and then the blitzing vamp bloodlusted and I think I messed it up at that point. I'm not sure which turn you mean, but it's very possible I did something dumb at many points that game
  26. Flanks

    Signups S20

    Race: Dwarf Team name: Wotchalicious Completely new team :)
  27. Pidpad

    Signups S20

    You can if you supply me with a team name and a race
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