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  2. Coach Name: DARK WING Team Name: Blitzburgh Faction: Humans
  3. Yeah it's plenty of time. One noticeable difference with BB3 is that you can stack commands, so moving during setup and such is much quicker.
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  5. This is the way https://orca-cola.com/index.php?/topic/41478-signups-for-occ-on-bb3-seeding-tournament/
  6. Every time I see Dakka I still immediately think Orks, rather than it being the name of a coach.
  7. Coach name: Motb Team Name: The Sillinannies Race: Shambling Undead/season 4 mystery race
  8. You have seen elf teams run around picking the ball and running with it and that is normal. You have seen many other teams try do similiar things with slightly less success. And then there are teams who completely ignore the ball and give spectators the things they really want. Blood in Blood Bowl. What if i told you that havent been always the case? What if i told you that there used to be Dwarf team that avoided punching more than Wood Elf Wardancer does? And that would actually work? Would you believe it, or not? Pacifists Anonymous was dwarf team that wanted to show different kind of playing. They had superior ball handling skills compared to their kin and speed to run away from opponents. Soon as ball landed they pulled back as tight formation just waiting and trying to force slower opponents to come for them. Waiting for opponent to make small mistake so they could gallop into freedom and just leave those pesky slow opponents to eat their dust. There isnt much footage of their games but as our producers use to say "you need proof that you can tell that on Cabalvision" so we discovered these rare photos from ex-member of coaching staff. As you all can see they have established Dwarf Dakka or as short Dwafkka. Opponent is totally blindsided by this. Let the mindgames begin. Somehow Pacifists Anonymous or short PA has managed to defend first drive and score. That is what happens when you actually focus on ball kids. On this next photo we can see how it actually worked. PA managed to lure their slower opponents to commit to one side and soon as one gap were made they rushed through enemy lines. They were left speechless. And stunned. Just like in this bonus photo. Main point is that your opponent can see stars. Cause baby, you are the star. So make sure they see you. So with this proof we can all safely say that Dwafkka is viable tactic but for some reason this is kept a secret. Maybe they dont want you to know that there is more than one way to play? Believe it or not, that is the truth. Not the whole truth, but truth nevertheless. With Blood Bowl 3 looming in there are rumours that PA is actually useless. Are they talking about Dwafkka? They surely havent seen this post. Upvote here to share awareness that PA could be actually useful from time to time.
  9. yes. its only in the official ladder it costs the same as picking a skill.
  10. Will random skills have half the value of picked skills here, like in the boardgame rules?
  11. 2 mniutes + 7:30 after a while of playing is much better
  12. S33 - Championship - MD6 - Summary After a very hard defensive drive we got the draw. Developement: - Raisins Rise (Rotter) learned to wrestle. - Grapefruit Gang (Rotter) suffered -1 ST injury and left the team.
  13. Coach Name: Baromosa Team Name: Drunk N' Disorderly Faction: Orcs or Black Orcs, TBD
  14. That's good info. I hadn't paid attention to the breakpoints for EM as mostly I am just solo grinding some bloodpass XP where it doesn't matter what result I roll. Though losing half treasury if you over 300k after buying any replacement players isn't that big a deal anyway.
  15. Then I found not the best expensive mistake table on the internet. Still going up to 300k-400k is not that hard and 300k is still a lot.
  16. Just set a Max tv for the league. Not perfect but much better than 3 years from now everybody is a blodge guard st4 player
  17. Not quite. At 300-495k you can get a major incident which takes away half of the treasury. You obviously can risk it, but normally there is no reason to have treasury above 295k before rolling for mistakes. The only case I can think of, saving 380k to buy Morg vs undead teams (undeads have no access to Morg, so whatever they get for this TV difference won't be as effective - or would take more high rolling to be as effective as 3-dicing every turn with mb+2).
  18. As a tier admin I completely agree. I don't want to spend the time checking all that stuff if it's just league rules and not something we can choose in a league management structure that the client enforces.
  19. It would, but having coaches sort that themselves without guidance from the client sounds like something best avoided if we get a decent amount of coaches.
  20. A season trimming/rebuilding would help to let more teams have a chance at a championship, which would be cool.
  21. for the system to really click need the rebuilding implemented, that's what brings balance to it all and explains why trying to gamble for a bigger piggy bank is an acceptable approach: allows to retain more talent between seasons.
  22. true, i thought it was worse.
  23. Expensive mistakes does not have that much damage. You can easily go up to 300k-500k gold and replacing a random skilled player early is viable that way. Up to 500k gold you have just a minor incident which takes away D3 x 10k gold per game.
  24. yeah, reason they removed cheaper random skills was, surprise, people being able to just spam random skills and kick players that they didnt want. because they hadnt put in the banking system either... now with the banking system they probably can try to have cheaper random skills again.
  25. Yeah the main goal for me for random skills would be for getting cheap skills. In the ladder format, which is all I play in BB3, you don't get the decreased TV for a random skill. So there's no point to it for me. I can understand trying to reduce the chance for very active players to just be able to build a much better team with random skills over time than coaches that don't play as often. Whether they would be a good idea to allow for an OCC type league without season TV trimming I have no idea!
  26. Coach name: Naoo Team name: TBA Faction/race: TBA
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