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  2. I̶ ̷c̴a̵n̵ ̷s̷e̸e̵ ̵w̴h̸a̶t̶ ̵y̸o̷u̷ ̷s̶e̷e̶ no̶t̶.̷ Vis̵i̴o̵n̵ ̵m̴il̷k̴y̸,̸ ̵t̶h̵e̶n̸ ̶e̶y̶e̷s̷ ̶r̸o̶t̷.̸ ̸W̶hen̴ ̵y̶o̴u̷r̶ ̵t̴u̷r̴n̷ ̸w̴i̶l̸l ̵b̷e̴ ̸g̵o̴n̸e̵,̵ ̵N̶u̵f̷f̸l̵e̴ ̶w̴h̸i̸s̴p̷e̵r̴s ̴h̶i̸dde̸n̴ ̶s̴o̵n̷g̷.̷ ̵T̵h̸e̸n̴ ̷y̶o̶u̵ ̶s̶e̷e̸ ̷w̸h̵a̸t̶ ̸c̴a̵n̶n̵o̷t̵ ̴b̸e̴,̷ ̵P̴ixe̷l̷s̷ ̴m̵o̸v̵e̵ ̸w̷h̷e̴r̷e̸ ̵t̴e̷xt ̴s̶h̶o̵u̶l̷d̸ ̶b̴e̸.̶ ̷O̶u̵t̴ ̴of ̵d̶a̷r̴k̴n̴e̶s̴s̸,̶ o̶u̷t̴ ̶o̶f̶ ̴p̶i̴t̷c̶h̵,̸ ̶C̸a̵s̵t̸ ̸d̷o̵w̷n̵ ̴i̷n̸t̸o̵ ̶t̶h̵e̴ ̴H̶a̴l̵l̴s̸ ̶o̷f̷ ̷t̵h̸e̷ ̸G̷l̴i̴t̴c̶h̶ S̶o̸m̵e̶t̶i̷m̶e̷s̷ Nuffle will m̸̟͝o̸̢͝v̴̺͊e̶̤̔ ̷̨͝ his finger and your p̴͍̊l̴̼̿a̵̪͂ŷ̷͚ê̸͉
  3. 2 games in, 1 win, 1 loss. I tried, but versing a Dwarf team with 18 more games played in tier 5 was never likely to end well. https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=4083881&platform=1 Even with the blitz and obtaining the ball first drive! I had 1 player standing by turn 7 and he still didn't manage to score first half. The attrition rates continued and a triple bloodlust roll left me effed. Only one perm and that was a thrall move bust so it was a moral victory?
  4. We may also need a replacement for a team in 4A. Probably a better fit for @cpervert wood elves but need to check he is definitely quitting. @SniperKrizz will probably send you an invite in the next couple of days as I am about to go away for the week.
  5. @Tys123 hey i have an wood elf team former occ team (one seAson in) that can play Jadeguardians is the name so you can check it
  6. We are looking for a replacement in 4B. A copy of the team below would be ideal but we will also take something similar or a returning coach that should be in Tier 4. The place is for this season only ( apart from a returning coach ) and you can play a replacement team as well as your main team. If you are interested please contact @SniperKrizz and @Tys123 Alternatively if you would prefer an elf team I believe this spot is still open S21 3A Replacement Needed
  7. Doomy when he hears someone mention Discord:
  8. Last week
  9. Good stuff today. I am used to playing more mobile teams and just couldn't get free on that last TD. I was really hoping I could stop that last one. OK, I was hoping the rain could stop you. Sorry you have the same bad admin in both leagues.
  10. You don't need an image hosting account any more. Paste the image into discord ( there is a folder for it ) and then put the link from discord into here.
  11. Well we're back in it boyz. Season 21 has started and I'm behind in the writings, so I'll do a both end game reports now and give an updated roster. For those who have followed this long, Grishnash has died twice, therefore this is Grishnash the third. Current Roster: 01 - Danny DaTroll - Troll - Lv 2 - Guard 02 - Sneaky Git - Goblin - Lv 1 03 - Grishnash III - Blitzer - Lv 1 04 - Mega Grog - Black Orc - Lv 3 - Guard, +ST 05 - Elf Breaker - Black Orc - Lv 2 - Guard, -AV 06 - Mark Castillo - Thrower - Lv 2 - Accurate, Niggling 07 - Chase 'Rage' Herman
  12. 19:00 utc today works for me
  13. Sorry for late answer. Today 19:00UTC or later will work fine. If not, I am available all of tomorrow.
  14. I hope your passing Khemri meet my Nurgelves in future.
  15. EY! I HAVE WON BOTH SO FAR! its just brawl i decide to unwin with 0-2 in every game.
  16. Wait.. You actually won the match? That's new one.
  17. It was matchday 2. Facing off some undead, not as good old khemri but at least family. Since this pass thingy worked in the first game we continued to try it and got a level on a catcher in the first turn (its still very easy!). The undead had gone for a bribe but got sent off anyway, so we had a numerical advantage in players from quite early on. We did some moving, some blitzing, trying this move quick from side to side. In the end when we decided to score, we did a cas on a ghoul and a ko on a zombie. Finally some good khemri removals! The second drive star
  18. I had a pretty bad first match.. one of those games where I lost all my thralls and couldn't stop my opponent due to lust. Comes back to my earlier thoughts on having too many vamps on the pitch at once (I still think 5 is optimal, but keeping six around to see if I can make it work). I didn't think I played particularly well either, so ended up with a 2-1 loss. I really could do with a Str 5 vamp or even some guard as I can't really get to str 4 ball carriers. MD2 on Monday against Chaos Dwarfs could be deadly..
  19. Personally I haven't seen the need for the thrower. I would generally only pass if I have a reroll handy, unless I don't have an option. I definitely wouldn't take it on a Str 5 piece, but I guess you have got 3, which is a bit of a luxury that I'm missing!! I would go with tackle as well I think
  20. I really blew it this week. Dice were killing me second half and instead of being conservative I tried to force things. I think bad positioning cost me a third TD in the first half but have not rewatched it yet. 2-2 tie but the good news is I still have to play everyone ahead of me in the standings. The bad news is that I have to play everyone ahead of me in the standings.
  21. I no longer have an active image hosting account but I should mention Calling while he’s still alive. Pestigor, Block, Sure Hands, +ST, +2AG. Notable achievement: being intercepted by the same dwarf blocker twice in the same match.
  22. Replacement needed in 3A. The team being replaced is a Pro Elf team at 1770 and looking for someone not already in tier 3 who wishes to play some extra games to recreate it (team below) and play the remaining 7-8 fixtures. Please note it wouldn't be able to continue in the OCC afterwards, so its just for this season.
  23. Oi! I was pretty good at that stuff when I needed to be. OK, I kinda stayed away from the guts of the forum after accidentally giving a tier admin godlike powers, but I never broke it.
  24. I didn't think there were people less apt with information technology than Doomy. But here we are.
  25. That might just as well be in Swedish I dont care enough to go that much trouble. She'll be dead soon enough.
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