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  2. And shag is a type of carpet. I don't get it. Someone beat Jump All Stars before they climb back into the boat.
  3. For those wondering: 1. Blood Bowl meaning 2. Rooted = broken, destroyed. Applicable to a treeman that can't move. 3. Root = shag. Hur hur hur.
  4. The Knighty Nighties are in the Championship... there must be a method to their madness. I will find a shrubbery, the best shrubbery that has ever been found. Wanted: Shrubbery I search. I find topiaries and flower beds in the gardens of the rich. I find scrubby bushes and tangled undergrowth in the wildlands. I find bowers and thickets on the banks of rivers. But the perfect shrubbery eludes me. But my search and my dedication does not go unnoticed. I am found, I am recruited to the Fraternity, a secret order of gardeners who maintain botanical balance in the world and can bend plants with their minds. I first see this in, of all places, an abottoir. I can't believe my eyes. Then a colleague makes me bend a plant around her. She doesn't even flinch. These gardeners are crazy. I see them bend plants while driving a vehicle. While jumping off a building. Around civilians, plants colliding mid-air. Until I realise that corruption has taken root within the Fraternity. I can't complete my quest for the perfect shrubbery while under this poisonous tutelage, so I decide to take on the Fraternity and break them free. My teacher makes the ultimate sacrifice, a murder-suicide plant bending that frees me to defeat the source of the corruption. It is done. I am Chris T.N.O. Primadonna, the greatest plant-bender alive*. Plant-bender (Trait) - Treemen gain the Timmm-ber! Trait while adjacent to this player, regardless of which team he's on. Once per game this player may free an adjacent treeman that is Rooted*. This is an additional free action that may happen at any time within the player's activation. I have created the perfect shrubbery, and come to a realisation. Sure, the journey was ridiculous, but the destination even more so. These Knighty Nighties wanted me to fetch them a shrubbery. A shrubbery. Their methods are madness. I have nothing to learn of Blood Bowl from them. I gave them the shrubbery, and faded away. 'twas a silly place Beset by indecision, I'd lost sight of my dream. My best chance to play in the Championship next season is to join a Tier 1 team that will be promoted. I've had enough of trees and Take Root for now, so not wood elves. High elves pass. The only other undefeated team in Tier 1 is nurgle. Yes. I shall let a festering buboe of knowledge burst upon me. I shall watch Jump All Stars next match, watch and learn. But which should superstar/legend should I focus on? I've narrowed it down to Zenitsu, Tanjiro or Joseph Joestar. * Chortle. Triple entendre for the Aussies.
  5. Last week
  6. a single turn? I had snake eye dodge and started the next turn lust - rr/lust- and then failed the dodge. 300 TV walked off the pitch. the rest were just bashed off the pitch. I didn't even pick up the ball until T3 because of turn ending disasters and we were losing more than a player a turn. Luckily we got a kick off roll so I could RR the lust on T5 before only scoring. I didn't dare move anything else I think my opponent missed an easy block on the ball with four or five players so I lucked into a score. Still, if you think you are getting bad dice, just play dorfs. It was god damn silly and his stalling when I had two thralls left was the only reason we tied.
  7. A third game of complete bullshit. I'll be retiring all my teams from all my leagues after this season. I simply cant make a single turn without complete bollocks.
  8. Naaah. Only Syd Barrett can take the place of Syd Barrett
  9. Oh noes! Time for Syd Barrett II to make his debut?
  10. And Syd Barrett got his third injury, I am afraid I may have to let him go!
  11. S23 - Division 4C - MD2 - Summary Play analysis: What went well: The beast took a level! What could be done better: Developement: - Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle) learned to grab. - Pine Time (Rotter) joined the team. - Cucumber Craft (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle] suffered a -1 ST injury and left the team.
  12. Key moments - second half: 1.) With losing two players to the referee (secret weapon and a foul) and other two to our hits they had to defend with nine players. They got a blitz but was far from the ball so it was not a big problem. They tried to claw hit our ST5 warrior but failed to knock him down even with a re-rolled one dice. 2.) We picked up the ball and fouled a chaos dwarf. It was nothing 3.) They stunned our mightygor with a foul and got closer to us. We tried to knock down their claw player, even used a re-roll, but we could just push him to another nurgle warrior just to have an opportunity to push him again. At least we built a cage near the middfield on our right side. 4.) They fouled us third time in a row but we survived the injury this time as well. At the end they based our carrier with a bull centaur. We could stun their centaur but he survived the upcoming foul. 5.) They managed to injure our first player in their eleventh turn. Poor rotter lost strength and with this finished his blood bowl career. At the end they fouled us again but at least we survived that. However with the foul they left us a path to move closer to their touchdown line and we did just that. The only sad thing was that we had to use our last re-roll to avoid a turnover on the claw player with a double skull. 6.) They based our carrier again but this time with a hobgoblin. We blitzed him away and ran forward with our carrier. Unfortunately we could not hug their closest hobgoblin with the beast, really stupid again, so we based him from the front. 7.) They fouled us again and we survived it again. They tread closer to us with a hobgoblin. The plan was to blitz with the beast after basing the AG4 hobgoblin to maybe gather the last 2 SPP for his level. He rolled really stupid again So instead of stalling we scored! 8.) Their knocked out player came back so this time they fielded ten players. They missed their fourth hit and with it we knocked out a dwarf. We tried to level up the beast again with hitting a hobgoblin but this time it worked We even tried to foul a chaos dwarf but that night it was just not possible. Next turn they successfully passed again. They tried to dodge away with the bull centaur, maybe to get into scoring range, but the dodge failed and it was clear the score would stay 2-0 for us 9.) In our last turn we could injure their claw player but it was way too late. They passed a third good pass, during rain, in their last turn. This ended the game and we took another huge step to win the division!
  13. MD1 due to some gallstone and forgetting how utc works during winter it was a admin loss, 1-2. MD2 lost against some n00b playing like their first game ever? cant understand how i lost against @cpervert. 1-2 here too. MD3 finally some khemri magic that worked like the charm it should. won against darkies with 3-2.
  14. md3 vs gobas and his dorfs ........ onto the next with a lot less TV
  15. It does but it fits with the theme: 11 elves, 9 permanent injuries. The treeman is str bust as well. The wardancer is at 72spp, I might just bring him to superstar and retire it there.
  16. S23 - Division 4C - MD2 On our second match we faced a chaos dwarf team. Last season we lost against this race so we were very careful. StoneFoot Stompers (Chaos Dwarf): 1.) Strengths: They got 520k inducement money so we prepared for interesting star players and any kind of surprise. They developed a mighty blow, guard dwarf and another one had claw. We had to pay attention to these players. The hobgoblins were interesting considering one had AG4 whilst another one had sneaky git and a third one even learned to wrestle. 2.) Weakness: They lost two players for this match. A rookie bull centaur and a rookie chaos dwarf blocker. However this gave them bonus 160k inducement money (they needed to hire a loner journeyman as well). Their team played just one season so they lacked mighty blows and guards. Key moments - first half: 1.) They induced Nobbla (chainsaw, block, dodge goblin), Hthark (ST5, block, break tackle, juggernaut bull centaur) and a journeyman for 500k inducement money. I feared they would induce a third mercanary bull centaur instead of the chainsaw player but that was plausible as well. We forced them to attack and it was raining. Not a bad sign considering they left the AG4 and the wrestle hobgoblins in the reserve box for their first attack drive (Conclusion: Too confident start). However they got a high kick and the ball flew to the touchdown line. Their bull centaur failed the catch but got a touchback. There we lost the hope that they would have a hard time to pick up the ball. They stunned two rotters in their first turn (including a chainsaw foul). That was manageable. 2.) We blitzed the sneaky git goblin with the mightygor (mighty blow pestigor). It was just a block, nothing interesting. We also based some players but not too many. They blitzed with the chainsaw but the foul appearance saved us and they lost the blitz for the turn. Their second block, after moving the ball near the midfield, was a skull and they saved the re-roll for another time. The chaos dwarf became stunned 3.) We got a chance to move closer to their carrier. But first, we stunned the chainsaw player. No injuries We blocked their path forward and hit them as much as we could and after that attacked the carrier with one dice and two extra steps. It was just a block but we had two players on the carrier. Next turn the third successful hit, from star player Hthark, on one of my nurgle warriors knocked the warrior out. Ten nice nurgle players stayed on the field. The carrier blitzed and after that even dodged away 4.) But they could not get away from us. In our third turn we based the carrier again. We stunned another chaos dwarf. The carrier was too far away from our wrestlegor (would needed two extra steps for the attack) so we attacked again with our retrigor (he has extra arms). We failed to knock him down again. 5.) They stayed in one place and just hit our basing rotter. So after standing up with him we attacked the carrier with our wrestle pestigor. We knocked down the carrier and the scatter was good. After stunning the chainsaw player again we picked up the ball and ran. Before the end of our turn we stunned a chaos dwarf again and tried to hug with the beast their last hobgoblin, and a dwarf, who could hit our carrier. It was a failure... 6.) They attacked our carrier. We survived with a push. They stunned a nurgle warrior but failed to get any help for their blitzer hobgoblin. We could hug two of their players in our fifth turn with the beast. Fortunately we knocked out their last defender with our carrier. So we did not need to score 7.) They stunned two of our players in their sixth turn. Because the chainsaw and the claw player was standing and was ready to fight we decided to score after two block attempts. 1-0 for the nurgles in a defensive half again! 8.) Our knocked out player came back We kicked the ball again till the touchdown line. At least we could rearrange our defense. We survived their hits and got just one stun from the foul. They completed their first pass in the rain to gather experience. 9.) They lost their second star player in the first half (Nobbla was sent off after we scored). 10.) We survived another two blocks and they fouled again in their last turn. The referee sent off the evil hobgoblin. In our last turn we stunned a dwarf but nothing more.
  17. Update! Due to me being a complete overconfident dumbass poor guy got str bust. Apo tried to kill him and in a fit I was tempted to let him, but he will rejoin the season on MD4 instead. Memento of my hubris.
  18. We are looking for someone to step in for the rest of the season for a TV 1470 Delf Team: https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=4840722&platform=1 You can play either an exact copy of this team or something similar to it. Returning coaches who should be in T4 with their team are welcome. Except for returning coaches this spot is for the rest of the season only! If you are interested please send a message including all of us: @Ratamo, @Bevan & @unglaublicher
  19. Post 4,000! I do not feel worthy. [And the thread turned 10 a few weeks ago. My dice looked good but that may have been due to all the great injuries. +MA, sidestep, tackle vamp; AGI, Sure hands thrall and something else died. Newb thrall, JJ Ape, dead on the first block. 360 TV shaved off. This is why I should not have spent 80K on thralls before the game.
  20. I took the longer straw with admin dice! Thanks all for the season! I'll cook something up next week!
  21. So who won? 🏆 don’t keep us hanging here guys! :)
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