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  2. I had not painted a mini for 25 years but I bought the new set at Xmas. its a nice time filler during lockdown
  3. As a good human being, putting in a picture of a dorf getting gangfouled made my day.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I have never tried it but I think the fear is lust on a block or blitz and then both down. Or if I did try it, that was years ago. I have always went block, dodge, tackle unless I roll a stat. Your 2D with tackle is 55%, 80 with a reroll and 67% with pro. I have played with jugs and strip ball before
  6. DrNO

    Signups S19

    Been out for over 2 years but Illic and Co are back! Happy to get thrown into reserves for now. Coach name (ingame): DrNO Team name: Illic and Co Race: High Elves
  7. Hi JordJair,
    we are playing each other in MD4.
    As your are UTC-6 and I am UTC+1 we have 7 hours time difference!


  8. As a dorf coach I am so triggered by this 🤣 Masterful!! 😁
  9. Lost today, not surprisingly given it was vs zons. I hate zons SO much, they are by far my least favourite team to play against. I didn't play super well to compound it, but yeah. Damn. All my opponents for the rest of the season have blodge ball carriers, and I still have zero levels on thralls, and no prospect of picking up wrackle any time soon. Is it a really bad idea to take wrestle on a vampire? I feel like it's a really bad idea, but I'm tilted enough that I'm considering it...
  10. I concurr with Mr @bob152 Definitely some odd decisions by the ref and his assistants, I'd be curious if there were any high stakes put on the spread for the numbers of sendings off by goblin betting syndicates before the match
  11. There are two sure things in a biologists life - death and taxonomy. These two things come together today's episode of Blood Bowl Planet. I'm your guest host, Vampire Lord David Battenborough* and I am excited to delve into the hidden death cycle of that unique creature - the zombie. The zombie begins its life in the dugout. It stands, fully formed at its moment of creation, able to stagger, moan, and understand the rules of Blood Bowl from inception. Truly remarkable for a creature often described as brainless. The zombie will return to the dugout frequently - often s
  12. Last week
  13. Next up on Ally's Carousel of Unfinished Wonders... Making my own wraiths to update my necro for BB2020, as I'm not having a bloody washing line as a player...
  14. MD3 we started getting some results. 6 fouls for 2 KOs, a MNG, and 2 ejections. My opponent and I @abu_abdillah, (and shout out to him for an exceptionally bold t16 foul) will both be submitting this game film to the league office to complain about the overreaching referees. They misinterpreted several clearly clean, accidental face stompings as fouls. Those refs should be sent down to the minors until they can recognize when to pull the red card.
  15. @bob152or @Tys123will contact you with more details since they are the tier admins. but thanks for helping out!
  16. Hi Tribble,

    can you make 20 CET tonight?


  17. Okay, shoot me the stuff I need for the custom team and I will get it done to get the slot filled asap
  18. no. replacements team like this arent able to stay in the league after the season.
  19. Didnt know that was an option. Would I be able to keep using the custom team after the season?
  20. Yeah, I was not expecting a win in any of my matches so far, and I only suffered one bad injury in this one. I just like complaining aboit things and I have been having a bad series of games lately.
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