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  2. Hey, tnx for visiting my space :) yeah reloading was the first thing i did, but no luck this time. Shows me to not write long stories in 1 go :) ah well, there's always MD5-9
  3. Try reloading the page, the forums saves drafts and sometimes stuff gets saved even if you fuck up. Also, when I write stuff online, I regularly go Ctrl-A Ctrl-C, just in case.
  4. f*k me. i just wrote the most epical match report, but then smashed the wrong buttons and now its gone....
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  6. and just like that Nuffle throws you a bone.. vs @Szurke291 and his -360 lizzies. he took a chef that tooka whopping 1 RR the entire match. almost everything worked and with no wizard i could freely move and so the skills kicked in (on the players that is) 5-0 win ag5 dodge catcher rolled double got NoS guard catcher got + mv TV 1700ish now with 12 players... And i have the gold to buy a Wiz stadium. But do i....
  7. Hey all - if you have been reading (and possibly even enjoying) this blog then don't worry, I simply had a hellish week at work and will be filing MD 3 and MD 4 blogs soon!
  8. IF you enter the pitch like this... IF you intercept the ball like this... IF the press interview you post game like this... AND if you rock leather pants like this.... THEN YOU NEED 'Death From Above' Hairspray!!!! from the R-ELF-lon New Hair Metal Range 'The modern hi-performance hair spray for the modern Wardancer', from the R-ELF-lon New Hair Metal Range When you fail a leap.... AND the opposition do this... Then you need the 1000% assurance that only Hair Metal 'Death From Above' can provide!!! So on and off of the pitch... dead, alive, piled on, gang fouled or just plain dub skulled to death.... Your hair will ALWAYS look like this.... Death From Above' Hairspray from R-ELF-lon Because you are an elf (of course you are worth it)
  9. Loners means more dedicated foulers, men you can put on Los and don't care I'd they're hurt... and more star players. I've played whole seasons under 11 men and won a few of those. It's the future.
  10. For what it's worth, I once had to play a 3rd round match with 7 loners. I lost that match, was 0-1-2 just like you are now, and then went on to win the division. It's blood bowl. Shit like that can happen, but not if you give up after a couple of bad matches. All the good underdog/comeback stories require persevering despite the odds. This is spot on. In the lower divisions, wins aren't as important as team development and enjoing the journey.
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  12. Thank you for your order. Expected arrival of your order shall be announced later
  13. Awesome!!! I’ll take 11 👍👏👏👏👏
  14. Are you tired of getting punched in the face? Have you heard that you ain't ugly enough to join nurgle team? Do you smell like roses and try blame it on fabric softener? There is cure for your symptoms and it is called Eau De Plaugue. This marvelous product was designed by Plaguefather theirself*! It will mold you, it well renew you and it will change your life, for good! Over 96% users are satisfied with the product**. And as the proverb says: Thousand flies can't be wrong! If you want to make this: Into this: Then you know what you need to do! Buy one for yourself, one for your friend and why not to your lover? Eau De Plaugue works for ALL***! Delivery is fast, discreet and reliable! If you order now it should be arrive before your next game! Where would it be better to use than on one of these? - * Plaguefather approved the design of the bottle. ** Percents are counted from refunded bottles. *** All breeds of cats, other animals not recommended.
  15. S25 - Division 2C - MD2 - Summary To be continued... Developement: - Biggest Basil (Rotter) joined the team. - Pear Peak (Rotter) died.
  16. Key moments - second half: 1.) The regenerated and the knocked out nurgle warrior came back. Unfortunately the beast stayed off the pitch. This meant that we started our defense drive with 10 players. The ST4, block skeleton caught the ball and Pear Peak died on the LoS Moreover, the fourth pestigor was injured on a friendly stomp. At least the referee sent out the fouling block, dirty player zombie. Eight nurgle players had to stop the attacking undead team. They blitzed one of the mummies and moved a bit forward in their tenth turn. Our objective was to knock down and foul one of the mummies. The blitz knocked him out so we could not foul him. They moved to our left side after a mummy blitz in their eleventh turn. We put up an elvish like defense. They put more players in contact with our defense and the mummy failed its hit because of a foul appearance. It was time to strike back. We hit them but the armor breaks did not come. 2.) They opened a little space in our defense and moved to the middle but a ghoul failed his dodge twice. With a blitz we could base the ST4 carrier with enough players to stop him. Meantime we knocked out the dodge, block, guard ghoul and stunned another. After putting up the important parts of our defense we stunned a zombie to make their next turn harder. They stalled their fourteenth turn. This meant that we got two hits at their carrier. Maybe our first hit should had been a blitz so we could move our retriever pestigor forward. With three turns left we started the nurgle warrior run and completed two extra steps (5/6; 5/6). They based our warrior to prevent us from scoring in two turns. Meanwhile they scattered the ball with a mummy hit but our last remaining rotter caught it In the same turn they knocked the rotter down. At least the ball was safe (from our perspective). They moved a ghoul closer to our touchdown line and moved another next to the ball. 3.) This is the point of the match where we mixed things up a bit. If we had pushed the wright the other way and followed up on the hit and moved a pestigor under our carrier before the hit, the last in our defense line had to be moved there, we could had pushed up the carrier pestigor with block action from the left. With this action chain we would gain another scoring threat (7+2; 7+2 movements in two turns). Because we mixed to get another scoring threat we put a tackle pestigor next to the ghoul who was one movement away from the ball. We went for the pick up but failed the dodge after that. The re-roll was successful but the carrier could not move more because our last scoring threat still had to dodge and move two extra steps. The nurgle warrior completed his tasks (1/2; 5/6; 5/6) easily. Came their last turn. To prevent us from scoring they had to blitz our carrier and they chose to get two dice on him. For this the zombie, who was left behind by the warrior in a running contest, needed an extra step. The problematic part was the blitzing ghoul who needed to dodge and had to escape the tentacles. He managed to do that Unfortunately the re-rolled blitz knocked out our carrier We needed a new plan. With a dodge a nurgle warrior could blitz away one of the ball protectors and the remaining pestigor could just pick up the ball. We completed the dodge again However the pick up failed twice so we gathered another draw at the end.
  17. Ah so the Wiz was used. Mustve been when i was getting a drink then.
  18. ...truly was an elfish win, got way out played, and way too lucky. Not sure if will make you feel better or not, but we did indeed use up our Wiz, T9 😛 So, took lot’s of elf-stuff, luck, AND a Wiz! vwp @wismerhill👍
  19. md3 vs 11 emos a wizard a bribe and a babe I had serveal succesfull sack attempts, but hte ball rarely landed fortunate. I was en route to score 3-2 when total elf BS worked, the ball went OOB and then landed out of reach for me and made the 2-3 TD possible. 2-3 loss where i was winning the game till turn 13. i outplayed the opposition, but from t13 on he could fail nothing and everything went his way. he didnt even need to use the wizard to win. No more need to play for top3, so I can focus on Dirty Git again, that feels liberating blodge catcher got sidestep and bear got block, so theres that wp @BumFillups
  20. MD 2 - Mens go for balls (Wood Elves - 1430 TV, coached by @frick you) As Sekh the Eternal called up mystic visions in his scrying device to ascertain the identity of Sekh's Machines' next opponents, he reflected that at least the embarrassment of last round's 3-1 defeat against the leaping acrobats from the frozen North was behind them. Now they could perhaps focus a little more on some traditional gameplay and fundamentals, without constantly worrying about an opponent leaping in amongst them to snatch the ball from their bony grasp. The mists on his scrying screen gradually coalesced into an image of his next foe… OH Settra on a sphinx! Wood Elves?! Really?! Pushing his irritation aside, Sekh focused his attention on the elvish team roster, divining details about their skills and abilities. One of the wardancers showed exceptional agility, even for an elf, and many of the catchers had already mastered the skills of both blocking and dodging. Sekh noted ruefully too that this team was far more experienced than Sekh's Machines - several of the elves by themselves had as many skills as the entirety of the Khemri team put together… Sekh paused – it would perhaps be prudent to obtain support from Setekh again, or perhaps a mercenary skilled in tackling (or stepping the heads of downed opponents), but the more Sekh thought about it, the more he began to consider this match from another angle. Sekh’s Machines were still very inexperienced and perhaps victory in this match, whilst obviously desirable, was not the ultimate goal. Perhaps a strategy that provided some chance of success, whilst maximising Sekh’s Machines chances of gaining experience, might be a better long term plan… after all, Sekh’s plans were always best when they took longer to complete… Sekh hadn’t had actual eyes for a long time now.. but there was a distinct gleam in his eye-socket as he once again activated his scrying device… A hairy and very surprised little face peered back at him from the mists before stammering “Y-yes? Can I help you um… sir? Drongo Cheesyfeet at your service!” Ugh – Woodies… Rookie Woodies are already an arguably very tough match-up for rookie Khemri, but these were Woodies with 5 blodgers who now had a 3rd reroll and an AG5 wardancer to boot. After last week’s hammering 3-1 by the Kislev of @wismerhill, I wasn’t relishing the prospect of spending another whole game trying to layer my cages in the largely vain hope of stopping sacking attempts on the ball. I always think that Woodies (and Kislev) are a bit like Vampires – sometimes you just have to watch the other coach roll a bunch of dice and if they don’t roll too many 1’s, you’re stuffed. I was also very conscious of wanting to maximise potential SPP gains on my team – that ruled out following the most sensible plan to use my sizeable pot of inducement money to get the excellent Setekh (or even a cheeky Ali Babad to stab for fun and profit), or maybe a merc skelly with tackle or DP and a bribe. Instead I thought about how I could cause issues for my opponent and address some of my team’s shortcomings but without risking the loss of crucial SPP to a star or a merc... How could I potentially make my almost skill-less skellies screw up less, whilst at the same time potentially exploit one of the key potential weaknesses the elves have?? Why a halfling master chef of course!! Sekh's fans everywhere were shocked at his inducements choices... Ha ha – I know, I know – chefs are hopelessly over-priced and I knew that at best I could only steal 2 of my opponent's now 3 rerolls (leader rerolls being immune from the influence of a master chef). BUT with the chef I had decent chance of forcing the elves to operate with only 1 or 2 rerolls per half whilst simultaneously giving my side 3 or 4 rerolls to help mitigate their unfortunate tendency to screw up blocks. As far as other options went, with everyone AG2 or worse, wizards usually aren’t great for Khemri (especially against elves) but a bribe was still useful, even without a Dirty Player. A babe used up the last of the cash neatly, even though it wouldn’t likely be useful. My basic idea then was to try and encourage the elves into some rash sacking attempts, preferably reasonably close to one side of the pitch or other. With (hopefully) fewer rerolls, they might fail a leap or some dodges from their linos at an inopportune time and that would let me get a bunch of punches back on them… and maybe even a surf or two. So with this vague strategy in mind, I began the game… First Half; First Drive: Drongo underperformed somewhat and only stole 1 reroll from the elves. Still, that left them with only 2 RR for the half however and boosted mine up to 3, so not too bad. We won the toss and I elected to kick – I really wasn’t confident of being able to stop the elves on offence so if I could limit them to one offensive drive at the start of the game that was probably the best I could hope for. Starting out not bothered about protecting the ball might allow me some more time to focus on thinning the elvish numbers too – with no elvish bench, any removal would be helpful when it came time for me to try and get the ball up the field! The elves commenced with some troublingly effective LOS hits and stunned 2 skellies... Lemme just do a hand-stand real quick... Ka-POW!! This made it a bit harder for Sekh's Machines to form up a solid defence in return. Instead I settled for tagging a couple of dodgeless linos with TGs in the hope of forcing some dodges and maybe eating a precious elvish reroll. The woodies were determined not to be bullied however and surprised me with an aggressive attack on my left side… and my big-brain strat of trying to starve them of rerolls almost immediately bore fruit… Should've gone for the handstand move... get's 'em every time... Despite the reroll resulting in a double-both down, the elves didn’t back down. Doubling down on trying to down Sekh’s Contraption the TG they risked a 3+ dodge (with dodge) and a naked 2+ dodge to get sufficient assists in for a 2d, knocking down the TG and swarming one flank. They finished up with a 2+ vanity pass that had to succeed in order to secure the ball in a forward cage. Unfortunately their damn tree (who I knew was going to be a pain in my sarcophagus) effectively screened or tied up a lot of my players and prevented me from moving too many of my resources across to block and engage the elves much. Irekht Mem-Bah the Blitz-ra managed to stun a wardancer with a lucky pow, and Sekh’s Tool the TG stunned a Woodie lino. I also tagged the elvish Leader (who lacked dodge) hoping to force some more dice-rolling from my opponent and potentially eat another reroll…. Oh ho - is this some more lovely bones I see?? So – Turn 3 and the Woodies were out of rerolls! Admittedly their block dice had been very harsh to throw two sets of double skulls at them so early, but this was broadly in line with what I had hoped to achieve. What was definitely NOT part of my plan was the Woodies failing no further rolls and surfing my blitz-ra Impohtehnt (knocking him out) and then injuring Sekh’s Worker 2, who had been marking the elves leader. Not part of the plan... And suddenly I was down 2 players... and the Tree then stunned Sekh’s Worker 4 to really leave me on the back foot. Keen to even the numbers a bit, I saw a chance to get some Sekh’s Machines around the still prone wardancer and I set up a push play designed to clear the surrounding elves. If I could get a solid hit on the leader I had a chance of taking him out AND setting up a 3 assist foul on the wardancer… I greedily rerolled pushes into skulls though and Irehkt Mem-Bah stunned himself to boot. The elves took the opportunity to move past my prone and out of position Khemri, securing the ball behind my team with a large, loose cage. Being now out of rerolls though, they turned over when their first dodgeless lino failed his dodge away, leaving me with some sweet sweet blocks to take! Sekh’s Worker 1 managed to badly Hurt one of the rookie Woodie linos and using a reroll, Sekh’s Device managed to finally knock the Tree down… With the Tree’s guard removed, this allowed Sekh’s Aide to throw a cheeky one die at his opposite number… Sekh's Aide hit him so hard that I think that's the Elvish thrower's left nut flying off to the left of screen... Just a KO however... Now it was back to 9 players a side on the pitch, so the AG5 wardancer led all the elvish catchers off to secure the ball deep in my half near the endzone. Before they could evacuate the rest of their team though, the 'curse of ones' reared its’ head again when the other wardancer who had been stunned two turns ago finally got back up and immediately snaked a 3+ dodge out. This left him (her? I never can tell) sprawled temptingly on the floor and again, leaving the remaining line-elves and the tree still connected or in blitzing range… Let's see what happens if Sekh's Tool gives the elvish wrestle lino a little tap... Note too the cluster of elves near my endzone... Unfortunately the foul only stunned the wardancer. The Tree got knocked down though and refused to stand up after all this rudeness. With only 5 active players still on the pitch (and the absolute certain knowledge I would apply massive amounts of bony shoe-leather to the wardancer again next turn), the elves sensibly went ahead and scored. 1-0 Second Drive (Khemri Turn 6): So the strategy wasn’t going perfectly, but I was definitely pleased to see that I had been lucky enough to drain my opponents rerolls early and this had directly lead to more blocking opportunities, which had in turn generated some removals. The KO’d Leader didn’t come back (nor did my blitz-ra Impohtehnt despite the tender ministrations of the Babe). Best of all, I still had three turns to try and equalise… Aaaand the crowd rioted...Ok, so a famous "Khemri 2-turn" it will be then… With only 1 blitz-ra on the pitch though, I just got to get me some skellies into scoring range… Sekh's Tip - Don't ask Sekh's Workers to 'go faster'... Ok… so let’s just try to hurt some more things at least? Sekh's Device - would you do the honours please? Right in the owies... Well that’s a bit more like it! After that I did manage to get two skellies and Irehkt Mem-Bah the remaining blitz-ra into scoring range, but the elves were able to use their remaining players to screen me out completely and the Tree hit my skellie, Gareth the Watcher, so hard he decided to stop watching for a bit and have a lie down. With almost no chance of scoring, I was pleased to see Sekh’s Aide, who has been consistently performing well above the standard expected of an AG2 player, successfully pass the ball, even if Irehkt Mem-bah couldn’t catch it. SECOND HALF: First Drive: Neither Impohtehnt nor the elf leader woke up during halftime – which despite my irritation that the babe still wasn't helping at all, was overall good for me. Drongo the chef then reduced the elves by a single reroll. While that still a bit underwhelming, with the Leader out it reduced the elves to just ONE reroll for the drive. Sekh was not entirely displeased with this state of affairs... Down to only 7 players on the pitch, the elves set up deep to protect their wardancers and catchers, obviously planning to bide their time before striking. A touchback made me dearly tempted to put the ball on a TG, but even a 2 red-die from their strip ball wardancer against my TGs would see the ball pop loose 3 out of 4 times and I wasn’t prepared to make it quite that easy for them to sack the ball. My LOS hits didn't bear any fruit this time and once again irritating Tree tied up more of my team than I would’ve liked... If I could just get it to go down I knew there was a decent chance it wouldn’t get back up… The elves once again swarmed in to knock down Sekh’s Grinder, which left him stuck prone next to the Tree but also clumped almost all the entire elvish team together on one flank. Who needs a handstand kick when you have 4 mates helping you? In response I considered pushing up the other side of the pitch, but spreading the game out would suit the highly mobile elves much more than me. I wanted a scrum, especially one near the sideline and preferably one which might see some elves getting closer than they should to my Sekh’s Machines and their bony extensions. So I moved straight into the elvish position with the TGs, managing to knock the tree down trying to box the elves in whilst layering my players to try and discourage a sacking attempt... at least for now... The irritating Tree stood up and the elves once again clustered around a Tomb Guardian, swarming Sekh’s Contraption and blitzing his supporting skeleton away to allow for a two die (from a catcher!) on him. Once again my opponent rolled skulls though and with only 1 reroll he chose to accept it… It's not every day you see a ST2 catcher try to 2D a ST5 TG... With the elves so tightly packed it was time to move in and surround them – Sekh’s Device blew a reroll GFI’ing in to squeeze in and Sekh’s Worker 3 got so excited he decided to dodge (I was momentarily distracted and forgot I needed to block his marker away before moving him…Duh...) but I proved once again though that it is better to be lucky than good and managed to make the rerolled GFI and unplanned dodge successfully. Despite being knocked down, the elvish catcher with side-step was unharmed and wriggled his way into my formation. With the elves now under pressure, but deeply engaged, I figured this was the turn they would try to strike… The elvish turn started well enough with a successful naked dodge to remove anti-assists from Sekh’s Aide the Throw-ra and the Tree KO’ing Sekh’s Grinder the Tomb Guardian. World's most annoying Tree... I was really going to need to do something about him... Their wardancer needed a 3+ dodge out to start his blitz though and he failed, stunning himself and leaving every single elf connected…With the side-stepper in my midst, I wondered how hard my opponent would try to keep my ballcarrier marked if I gave him the chance… the reason being he might step progressively towards the sideline… which he obligingly did. Side-Stepping sneakiness... Despite Sekh’s Tool almost spoiling the whole thing by rolling a 1 in 27 on his 3d, we got the sidestepper against the sideline and when Sekh’s Worker 3 killed the last remaining wood elf lino to remove any blockages around the catcher, I swarmed him and pushed him off the pitch. Sekh's Tip: If you're dealing with something very slippery, it pays to wrap it up extra snug... With only 5 players left (one of them stunned) the elves desperately blitzed my cage with their tree, getting a knockdown on Sekh’s Contraption and successfully GFI’ing to mark the ballcarrier. The AG5 wardancer and the remaining two catchers moved up to screen behind him, but were finally being more cautious about connecting now and left the Tree somewhat exposed. After blitzing down the AG5 wardancer, I was able to surround the tree and after 6 dice, finally knock him down… Isolated, surrounded by skeletal boots, the Tree looked up to see a bony foot descending… Bone beats wood... eventually... Unfortunately the apo saved the Tree, so he will merrily continue irritating people for many years to come no doubt. The other problem was that surrounding the tree however HAD left the elves with a long shot 2 red dice on the ballcarrier and managed to roll a both down/ push-pow. The other dancer failed the 5+dodge which would’ve given him a chance to leap near the ball though and finally, my long-held plan of surfing a wardancer after a sack could be put into action!! Sometimes Sekh's plans can take centuries to reveal themselves! Note the delicious elvish cas box in the rear... The surf was followed by Sekh’s Aide happily re-gaining the ball (what even IS AG2?!), and moving up to participate in a solid gang foul on the remaining wardancer – which stunned him (her?) but finally used up my bribe as well. The elves were left with only 2 active players but I had to hustle if I was to get into scoring range before the end of turn 15. I managed to cage up within range, and after applying 5d to one of the catchers, got another KO. Another foul to stun the dancer left the elves with one sole catcher, who failed a 4+ cage dive to try and hero sack Sekh’s Aide the Throw-Ra. With only 2 prone elves on the pitch, Sekh’s Aide ran in the TD: 1-1!! Last Turn: The elves spent a long time trying to set up for a one turn attempt, despite only having 6 players on the pitch. I think it might have been an outside chance, but we never got to find out as the elvish dominated crowd… mightily displeased with the state of the game, (and having robbed my team of a turn to try and equalise in the first half) now rioted again and managed to secure an extra turn for their team in the second half! Could the elves still snatch a victory? Second Half - Second Drive: The kick landed very wide, right on the sideline however making it awkward for the elves to retrieve and make good ground quickly. They reacted by sensibly running a wardancer deep into my half to give them a scoring threat. The catchers then moved to screen the ball and one of them ran forwards to have a second player in scoring position… only to snake a GFI. The one reroll the elves had all half was gone. This left just one elf who could score, but he was a blodger wardancer and even a push wouldn’t be enough to keep him out of range… if I didn’t POW him he could still score – instead I elected to mark him heavily and blitz a screening catcher away from the ball. I moved two players in to cover the ball and managed a lucky POW on the AG5 wardancer, followed up with a foul for good measure (which failed to break armour). The Elvish wardancer who was marked dodged his way into the endzone, so it was now up to the remaining free elf catcher to try and swoop in, grab up the ball and pass long… Elves... they even fumble the ball dramatically... Final Score 1-1 a draw!! Conclusions: So - what conclusions to take from MD 2? Well firstly I was quite pleased with my risky and frankly silly inducement - the elves seemed to feel the lack of rerolls the whole game and I am certain it lead to them staying more connected to my team than they otherwise would have... this in turn allowed me to take more blocks on AV7 and generate more removals... and SPP! Speaking of which, I was also pleased with the decision not to take inducements that might steal SPP... my team managed 16 SPP this game, a tidy haul for a rookie team! Getting removals, via blocks and a couple of cheeky surfs, made things much easier when facing such a vastly more mobile opponent. On the downside, whilst I feel I was lucky enough that my strategy ended up being viable, I don't think I performed tactically all that well a few times. I definitely allowed the Tree to tie up too many players of my players and I was unable to successfully deal with it until very late in the game. While I had hoped for a desperate sack that would allow me to surf or get rid of a wardancer, on reflection that would've been much more appropriate in the first half, instead of turn 14 when it made almost no difference... still very satisfying though! Lastly the dice were overall very kind to me this game - I got 51 blocks in and generated 7 removals from that (which probably includes the foul on the Tree). The Leader staying KO'd was huge and I managed to avoid turning over due to failed blocks... something that almost never happens with Khemri! I doubt this good fortune will hold, but after last week when I punched the Kislev 66 times and only got 4 removals, it was a pleasant change. Rookie undead up next - will be refreshing to have a match against a team close to my TV!
  21. MD2 vs @Andal and his TV 1660 ( i think he sacked 2 skinks), so we get a wizard and its 12 vs 12 couple of block MB suari, a ag4 skink, some DT, itll be fine.... while getting on the field the Kislevites are somewaht confused as they sense something familiar yet not familiar, as is the cold blood should be running through their veins as well. This does distract them during the entirety of the match as they cant shake the feeling off. He wins the toss and opts to receive which is fine by me. We get a perfect defence, but the ball cause offfield. LoS blocks get 1 stun and a foul (rolled double, but Sneaky Git skink) is a KO, the lizards build a cage of sorts So we can leap in, sack the BC but cant pick it up. This scenarios repeats itself for a couple of turns. Skink gets ball, I sack the BC, but cant get the ball.. Meanwhile the bear starts pushing a saurus to the edge of the field. Desperately the saurus tries a 2die uphill when he is on the edge but skull sit and the bear injures him. Halfway the first half the skinks get their hands on the ball and runs in the TD. Kickoff and we build a nice sideline cage in comes a random skink with a 1die block with no skills skull-rr-pow.. sigh at least we get to surf that skink for an injury. we get the ball and run it away. not far enough though as the dodging BC gets sacked and stunned. To have shot at a TD the bear need to push a saurus but get BDBD and fails the loner.. 0-1 halftime Why not use the wizard in this bit you say? well, there never was a moment where i figured a succesful wizard would lead to a TD and I wanted to safe him either my offence or his defens after my fast score in the 2nd half... Oh im a sweet summer child... The 2nd half was exciting for about 2 turns. I had 2 shots at a TD a 3+ catch 1-RR-2 and a 3+ pass which fumbled after that it was failed pickups, missed leaps vs knocked out Kislevites, etc. i dit manage to stop the lizard scoring their 2nd TD, but that was all there was to do. so 0-1 end Bear is 1 spp away from lvl 14 players next match vs blodged up emos with 2 loners and 300k inducements
  22. Thank you! It depends on division level for high level of division same team, for low level - I can create new
  23. All divisions are currently full, but I'll add you to our list of reserves (which would consist of you). Continuing the same team or starting a new one?
  24. Hi! I am from Kiev, Ukraine I haven't been able to play Can I rejoin?
  25. The new season is here and we are back in Champs! And here we go with week 1 against one of the 2 chorf teams in the division this season. The first one is coached by @Nibenon and has the potential to do some damage if things go his way. Let's see how well (or badly) this one goes!
  26. Size XXXXXXL, developed and marketed in partnership with Bugman's XXXXXX brew
  27. O-oh, so that's how they bring balls on chains and chainsaws to the games! I'm a bit puzzled about deathroller though.
  28. Yeah, the Star Players is a nice thing to get to try. Unfortunately Varag got injured vs. @JJape's Chaos Dwarves...
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