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  2. That is for you two to decide. Start a conversation and see where it goes.
  3. Ok @Ynwe, of course. By the way, how does it work? Will the mentor play some friendly matches against me? Will he discuss with me a review of the matches I played before? I have no idea what will happen during the mentor programme, hence me asking. BR,
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  5. I saw the match from turn 8 onwards, looked incredibly painful. Sorry man!
  6. Turn 4 vs humans. Dead vamp. All thralls are dead or KO. Freight Train just doubl;e lust off the pitch Turn 5, stood up a vamp, lust, turn over. I have rolled one pow all game so far Turn 7. One player on the pitch. T14 just started with one rookie vamp. Even with three players I was getting to the ball but no more than a push. If anyone can tell me what I did wrong, go for it. Maybe letting a vamp die on T1. t14 ends pitch cleared. I could tie if he can't pick up the ball
  7. @dolbain since we are already quite a bit into the season, I think its ok if you can sign up again next season too. Normally I want every student to have a full season, so if its possible (always dependent on mentors being available) I would like you to experience a full season of the mentor program.
  8. Hi @razta! Are you still up for it? Thank you so much for your help. I haven't opened Discord in ages (admit it with guilt). I will type you there when I get back home today. Thank you so much because any help will help me really!!
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    Turf Torpedoes

    His Krox at least never tried to eat anyone.
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    Turf Torpedoes

    Have you ever had a big guy who was actually useful?
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    Turf Torpedoes

    Season 18 MD6 Opponent: Ra Ra Rasputin, still the same Khemri team coached by littleshadow (last meeting 1-0 to us, scored on T16) Happy fun toolbox: Bomber Dribblesnot and a Babe We win the toss and elect to kick. Donk gets ko'd on a foul on T1. Bomber is spreading bombs all across the pitch (accurately so as well) but they're all duds! The khemrites advance up a flank after a brief bomb related mishap, but underestimate how brave/foolish goblins can be. Bomber takes away an assist and then Krukan dives into the sideline cage and surfs the ball carrier. Unfortunately the ball doesn't end up anywhere useful and we run out of players so they get to score on T8. Donk returns for the 1ttd attempt and tries to eat the goblin (who gets away this time). Bad Donk. Our 2nd half drive starts with the khemri team getting a blitz, thankfully a few passes sees us out of the main trouble and after surviving a few one die hits Norbert scores on T12. Turns out we outnumber them 11 to 9 for the next drive, which they promptly fix to 10 to 9. Donk continues to be useless and dumb. The games last re-roll is spent on T14 by the khemri team, skull both down into double skull. That gives us a chance to clear the ball (which we don't really) but we position us well enough that if they don't get a very good round of blocking in we are in a good position. They get another double skull. Cateater John nabs the ball and runs off to score on t16. On their last turn Donk gets hit and almost dies out of shame. The apo talks some sense into him and he is still with us (unfortunately?). For fun we then spent the winnings on a stadium upgrade (200k one). End Result Score: 2-1 (Norbert 'Teargas', Cateater John) Cas: 1-2 (Norbert 'Teargas') Pass: 2-1 (Gösta Grävling, Tiny Snörsvans) Ko: 2-2 Armor breaks: 7-15 Blocks: 24-46 Red Cards: 1-1 The MVP went to Goffo Jr. Player of the match: Cateater John, for stealing the win. Stiff competition from Norbert though. Flop of the match: Donk 'Big Grin' Donkson. Being ko'd for the first 7 turns then trying to eat a goblin. In the second half there was the usual combination of being dumb and ineffective.
  13. @dolbain i gave you a buzz over discord but dident get a response. Feel free to PM me here or on discord to get this going. (Im generally like 30 times faster to respond over discord)
  14. Beinn is not quite the goat he used to be (he's carrying a move/armour bust and a niggle) but he's made it all the way! The very first player from the (bb2) Harassers to make it to Legend. Last advance (second ag+) means he's probably not going to retire gracefully, most likely going to die breaking into a cage, but he will be fun while he lasts.
  15. Welcome aboard Blood Bowl fans, my name is Jason Voorhes! You made wonderfull choice and tuned in on just the right moment. As today we are having delicious treat ahead of us when two vermin teams collide in Murder Bowl LXXXI! It is match of The Skiitles versus Rolling Warpstones. These beasts have been fighting for decades, trying to overthrow other away from their pedestal. Who will end whom today? Who will rise to the top? Which vermin will lift the trophy? There is only one way to find out, so stay tuned! Match wont start quite yet, so let's talk with one of our reporters down below. We have our field reporter Chester Fangs on the sideline ready to tell us newest news about pre-game atmosphere. So Chester, how are things powing? Well Jason, things started out quite calmly in here today. Only 3 goblins were found dead in the locker room and two skaven players are missing. Someone could say that it is quite boring match ahead of us but i sense some trouble stirring up and i am not talking about that Halfling Chef's dish. I heard some rumours that there were minor indicent on pre-game taunt session. Got anything from that? Indeed Jason. Flick Stagger, star of Rolling Warpstones told that whoever opposes them will get big chunk of warpstone shoved up in their erm.. backyard. He also told that his claws are sharpened, so if any weak-fleshed spectator dares to intervene the match they won't be doing that again. Also Kerth Rockhard drooled over vampire fledgeling who were meeting his idols and tried to eat that little one, but some could say he were just trolling. Because of those incidents crowd is craving for blood. Lucky them as they have come to the right place for it. Also Rolling Warpstones Official Facetome page had posted this photo which they say describes best their opponent. There is some serious rivalry going on here. So you expect there to be blood today? Definetly! I have feeling in my guts that blood is best word to describe todays match. Playing the ball is secondary. My only hope is that this ain't onesided game. So what's your vision of todays outcome? Does Skiitles have any chance of winning today? On paper Skiitles has fairly low odds on winning this. In reality Skiitles has even lower chance on even surviving this match, so if no higher powers intervene this is easy match for Rolling Warpstones. I would start carving names in championship rings allready. And what are expectations on Skiitles camp? I tried to ask that from one of their stars Swingo Starr, but i couldn't get any comment from him or anyone from their band. But maybe their tongues will be more loosened on half-time. Thank you Chester. We'll talk more on the half time. Match is about to begin, so remember to order from McMurlys now so they will arrive in halftime! Let the Murder Bowl LXXXI match begin! Welcome back to the studio! There has been some connection issues with our broadcast, but our hobgoblin slaves are working on it. It has been bloody match this far and as our own Chester Fangs feared bit one-sided too! As we enter half-time score is 3-1 and it is Rolling Warpstones turn to receive the ball. Chester, did you manage to tackle any player into half time interview? Well Jason i tried to stop Warpstones goblins, but they were too slippery to get stay put. I tried leaping next to Skiitles coach, but he refused to comment. From the looks of it, i fear that their will is broken. But wait, Flick Stagger is walking towards dugout! Let's see if we can get comments from him. Flick! Flick, do you have any comment about how your game has gone this far? *Flick looked up at Chester and nodded.* Um, okay. There was pitch invasion after first kick-off and while it happened you mangled few spectators to injury box as they proceeded. Aren't you afraid what they are angry? Hah, who cares about the spectators? Im only saddened that i couldn't kill any of them while i was at it. It was nothing. Those soft-skinned punks weren't any resistance to me! What they could do to me? Boo? Well boo-hoo, bring it on you soft-fisted squigs, even gnoblars hit harder than you. Now excuse me, i need bath to take their stench of my jersey. There you go Jason! I will go grab bottle of Bloodwiser while we wait for next half to start. Thank you Chester! We will go on short commercial break. After commercials we will start second half of this bloody game. Remember to vote for your MVP on Murder Bowl LXXXI before next half starts. Voting will be closed when ball is in the air! What are your expectations on victor? Are you part of the angry crowd? Place your bet in this poll and find out will your vote change the outcome! Will "She Blocks You" be song of the victors? Or will it be "(I Can't Get Foul) Ejection"which will be played from stereos? If you won't participate i will just say that aint very mice of you. Thanks to our greensuited green vegetable for cutest MD photo, ever.
  16. +ma always feels magical. Especially on a vamp for some reason. It makes the two turn TD one less roll. I hope the blodge vamp is giving the rest of 6 nightmares.
  17. Didn't post last week, it was a frustrating loss to dorfs, thought I coulda made something happen there but it was just a meh game. This week I'm super happy to have picked up a draw against some very spooky orcs (not a fresh team like the rest of div 6), and I leveled my last unleveled vampire. Now I have a blodge vampire, a dodge vampire and 2 ma+ vampires.
  18. Another glorious match against 370 up Orcs. Even though I rolled 3 doube skulls and at least 2 double-ones and a wizard-fireball against a 5 orc cage only affected one orc, I stole the ball out of a guard-cage and scored in the opponents attack on turn 8. The whole match was so that easy things constanty failed and improbable combinations succeeded. For instance, a stab-wound injured a black-orc. A failed quick pass in turn 9 allowed the orcs to to counter-score and a spectacular multi-leap attack by the Kislevites could be thwarted by a +6 dodge along one of their bitzers. Still, was only a +2+2+2+3+2 from winning and rolled, of course, a 1, followed by a double-skull by the opponent, leaving us with a draw.
  19. Alright, now that the super scary and hard part of the season is fully behind us, we can move forward and see about winning some games and building our players back up! Let's get it started this week against @juvesak and his Amazons!
  20. And another new spot is very likely to open. Wood Elves with TV somewhere around of 1200 with loners counted in.
  21. Team news: Hans Gruber iV is in hospital with a Fractured Leg. Yosmite II levelled with a TD and then got the MVP on top of that too. He learned Block. Secret Squirrel V, Beastman, recruited. Scouts on the lookout for: No, 8 Servalan VNo. 15 Hong Kong Phooey III (a Minotaur)
  22. An away win. CD's took 2 Babes with their inducements. Bleak House 0-1 Do or Die... My players outnumbered the Chaos Dwarfs for 12/16 turns, so a formality win Suffered 2 Casualties and 1 KO, but caused 5 Casualties and 2 KO's and the CDs were nuffled with a self KO and my gangfouls causing another casualty. Chaos Drive: Grind forward and my players were able to score when it was 9 Chaos v 6 CD's 0-1 Chaos Dwarf Drive: 9 CD's v 11 Chaos. My player smothered the CD's and stopped them scoring. 0-1
  23. Season 15 MD6 is an away game. Bleak House v Do or Die... 9th v 10th Chaos Dwarfs v Chaos 1470+2 Level Ups+80 v 1690 Pylon v Waleed Treasuries of 30k v 130k (9+2) 2 Bull Centaurs, 6 Chaos Dwarf Blockers, 1 Hobgoblin, 2 Journeymen v (12) 4 Chaos Warriors, 8 Beastmen , Away Stadium is "Aggborough" - a Level 2 Stadium with no enhancements. Team Mottos: "Hoof ball starts here" v "Victory is Mine!" Game is scheduled for Wednesday 18th November at 1800 Hours UTC.
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  25. MD5 praise little skittles coached by @Igralius vs 50 Shades of Leap Pre-game: We were down quite a bit in teamvalue so we decided to induce Hemlock, Wizard and Bribe. Hemlock for basing skinks and if our tackler would be unavailable Hemlock could cagedive'n'stab their ballcarrier. Main goal is to win of course, trying to get few players off the pitch and force their MA10 skink on the field for trying to get it off the pitch was secondary goal. And as we had allready met igralius and his lizards twice before (1 victory for us and 1 draw) we wanted to keep our undefeated streak against them! They won the coin toss and chose to receive. First half: As we are brilliant at coaching we received reroll from kick-off. We suffered one KO from line-of-scrimmage and moved our guys around. Next turn we got 2 KO's again including our tackle blitzer and we were down 3 players before our turn 2. We dropped aggressive fireball which hitted 3/4 and stunned 2 from our opponent. Now we need only to get ball down, which we manage to do with Rado Orelik and despite MB he only stuns opponent. We got the ball free, but forgot that their skinks had diving tackle and couldnt get to the ball. Lizards picked up the ball and we sacked the ball again next turn and managed to KO their str3 ballcarrier. Sound Technician Kobylov picked up the ball and handed and moved next to Brodsky who were in range of touchdown. But Brodsky snaked catching the ball... Lizards moved to base the ball quite nicely and we knew we would have hard time on scoring. Kobylov failed dodging to pickup the ball and as i realized we would have needed 6 to manage to do it due diving tackle it was bad call. Probably should have tried pushing one skink on the ball and hope for good scatter. Lizards managed to get the ball and cage around it. Hemlock dived into the cage, but failed to stab. Hemlock were KO'd right after. We managed to find way to the ball once more and sacked it with Rado Orelik. As ball scattered out of their cage Brodsky tried picking it up, but this wasn't Brodsky's day. Lizards picked up the ball again and this time Ivanov decided to attack the ball. We could have gone for 2d block with Rado Orelik too but as we were fixated to attack with bear we attacked with bear. We couldnt find pow and used reroll for it and still couldnt find it. We took both down and ball was loose again. This time Rado Orelik catched the ball! Lizards sacked the ball easily and KO'd 3 of our players including Rado. Ball scatter was perfect as it landed right in front of skink in scoring range. Luckily for us Nuffle intervened and lizards failed one pickup and GFI on scoring line because of it. I had mistaken Kobylov who were on opponents side with Brodsky which meant he was one square short of scoring range. First round ended 0-0 Second half: 4/7 of our guys woke up and 0/1 opposing side woke up. Our tackler and Producer Brodsky were still KO'd and as they are quite crucial for us we knew we would have hard time. We decided to go for fast score as we had Agility5 Kobylov on the field. Weather changed to Very Sunny which really makes our time alot harder. We divided our forces on different sides which meant lizards could only base them all. We made long bomb with Kobylov succesfully (+5 )and managed to catch it on touchdown line. 0-1 for 50 Shades of Leap on turn 10! 2/3 our guys woke up (still no tackler) and 0/1 from lizards. Fans liked what they had seen this far and gave both teams rerolls. Lizards had fielded their MA10 skink (which i was unaware of) and they wen't for oneturner. Nuffle threw failure in their dice sequence (and again near TD line on GFI) but wanted them to succeed. 0/1 and 0/1 woke up from KO. Kick was so high that we got guy under the ball. We tried booting their saurus as their Kroxi had miracolously been stunned which failed. We sent again one our guys to their half and as we coudn't get anything properly done they managed to base the ball. But as we had handed it off to Brodsky it meant that Kobylov were free. We gave the ball to Kobylov who leaped away and passed to ball on the hands Set Designer Bolshakov who were standing on TD line... Or we would have done it, if we could have managed to do that 3+ pass with reroll. Damn this weather. And fun fact is that we actually rolled 2 and 2 which would mean in normal weather it would have worked. Lizards secured the ball with their sidestepper next to the sideline so we decided to leap into their half cage from 3 different routes and could have blitzed that MA10 skink out of the field. But as we snaked first possible move we wanted to do we didn't do it. Lizards caged the ball again and we leaped into the cage and once again managed to pop the ball free. Kroxigorr catched bouncing ball as we couldn't but we luckily managed to down him with uphill blocks. Ball was free twice on same turn!! But Brodsky managed to snake picking the ball up.... Lizards picked the ball up and we retaliated and managed to sack the ball again! Brodsky managed to leap towards the ball and picked it up. He then proceeded to pass the ball on hands of Kobylov who managed to catch it. We don't have any rerolls left. Turn 16. All we need is 2+. 2+ and 2+ to make it to touchdown. But as Nuffle is cruel he threw failed GFI and ball landed on their touchdownline. Lizards couldn't reach the ball and the game ended 1-1. MVP landed to Hemlock. Who made 0/5 on his stabs, truly not the MVP we deserved. Not any levelups for us this game. Brodsky is 1 SPP short from his 5th level. Bribe was left unused, our squad should really learn how to foul. Next up is @CarlBlitz and his Necros. Luckily for us they are short of Flesh Golem on next match, BUT they get ton of inducements against us. We gotta get our winning streak going on again. Is this that game? Is this that game? Will wolves claw trough our ranks? Will Brodsky play the ball next game? What will they induce? Was Hemlock worth the 170k (not this time)? Will there be memes soon!?
  26. A new Star is born, Childebert de Broche - One of the best allround players I´ve witnessed as Bretonnian coach. He´s got speed, he throw passes, he dodges, he scores, he hits hard & he´s everywhere.
  27. Cor, didn't know that. Tried this as the 4 RR Team, the lean team, the Lucky ST level up team.... ...for my Chaos nothing has worked...so now aiming to get the Minotaur and full squad :). Never used a Minotaur competitively: use done once, in BBCE, for an Exhibition Match.
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