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  2. If you need a team I can make one or return with Couronne Croissants.
  3. You guys normally stream while I"m sleeping or getting ready for work (UTC-7). I like to catch them as VOD later, but I only catch them live when you do late ones (and I'm normally at work then). Looking forward to listening though!
  4. If you need a team for 5B my Bloodbathed Berserkers (Chaos - last Seasons 5A) might join, but last two games will be difficult to play because of my holidays...
  5. I would say keep to 5 vamps at the moment and possibly get another thrall. If you drop to 4 vamps for some games your team can still be effective as your thralls aren't too bad. As you've only got one Pro vamp, having 6 vamps is quite high risk. Unless you have plenty of bank I would tend to keep the thralls until they die naturally or have multiple permanent injuries
  6. 2C. Given I came straight last in tier 2 last time we played I was hoping to be dumped into tier 3 to lvl up a teensy bit more. Current team is as follows. Most teams are 1800 ish or less. Pidpads evil undead (3 DP!) and 2 of the nurgle teams the only higher TVs... My concern is a loss and spiralling expenses and a vamp death will leave me with 4 potentially, so getting the final vamp in prior should leave me with a chance to level that up and maybe give me a bit more survivability. As is I'm already giving away a Wiz to 4 of the teams. I may leave the decision until I see what I'm versing first. Thoughts welcomed...If i can get another double thrall and one more tackle the current leader bloaty piece will get cycled.
  7. Yesterday
  8. What division are you in? I generally never get rid of thralls if injured as they can still do their job (get bitten!), but it depends on your bank and bench I suppose . Having dp is worth it just to make them think twice about po. Although I've got 6 vamps now I have started putting them on the los to protect my poor thralls more and more. A safer play is still 5 vamps though
  9. Niggle dp will be a massive target. Keep him for that.
  10. Season 25 update. Congrats to @Ratamo for joining the multi-winner club!
  11. 2 dark elf 1 high elf 3 orc 2 nurgle 1 undead could be worse it seems @Ratamo did something to appease Pidpad with only elves and humans ( ok 1 undead) in his t2.
  12. Well took a few seasons out, and apparently should have stayed at least one more... fml. 3 Nurgle, Chaos, Orc, Chorf, Undead, and 2 elf teams... So much sadness.... Given the amount of death incoming (not quite as much claw/mb/piling on death as expected but it's still going to be brutal)...do I drop the niggled DP thrall and just replace or keep as a menace for those who dare to pile on? 120K in the bank with 5 Vamps... a 6th Vamp would start giving away wizards or worse still bribes (there are a lotttt of DPs)
  13. Last week
  14. Not sure... It will depend on weekly RL. Will try tho!
  15. I'd happily do an episode. - thank you for the invite
  16. Oh, I forgot about this. So @Khornightand I co-host the recap stream for the champs and tier 1. We usually stream at 1100 UTC and 21 UTC on Wednesdays. this week we're looking at the teams and the make up of the divisions. we have a few other regular contributors ( @danton, @Spydyr, @Galentio and @DreamlandGaming) but we'd love some extra special guests! let me know if you could make either or both! I've tagged people who either stream or have joined before:- champs @Woofbark, @AndyDavo 1a - @Mongloom, @mbCARMAC 1b - @Giraffe Shepard @Javelin@Kinroth
  17. Key moments - second half: The diving tackle elf stayed down even after the half-time. We got back our carrier. Both team lost a turn because of the riot. They ran with the ball till the middle of our half on the left side after a pick up, pass and catch play. To be continued...
  18. meh i just avoid him like the pest he is
  19. TBH I thought you’d be more worried about my Beast than my ballcarrier. Your Leap vs my S6 Tentacles.
  20. yeah i found him and changed it accordingly :)
  21. Ravers won 4B last season. Lost a couple of players in the process by the looks of it. Roster: https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=5251095&platform=1 As for Calling, he’s been running around with AV7 for so long now I just think of it as immunity to Claw.
  22. so this is 3b and my take on my matchups Darayawus - Pizdets! - Nurgle - -TV 1550 nurgle with 1 murder pestigor and a ag4 pest, but nothing very exciting. the 300tv inducements ill give him suck, but it should be doable BumFillups - Delft Blue Redux - Dark Elf - - we played them last season and lost due to 1 turn of elf BS, so i think i should be able to turn this one to my advantage as well Geiger - Deaths Door Knob - Undead - - 1 s6 but niggled mummy, aball hawk ghoul and a s4ag4 ballhandler this one will be a tough one Zunk - Despized - Orc - - 1st team with a higher TV than myself. ballhandling thrower and lots of guard. no real killing power, so with a bit of luck we should be able to bounce around brocCooLi - GobIins - High Elf - - mv9 ag5 catcher so thats cheating. should that one be out for our match itll be a walk, otherwise it might just be a shootout that can go either way Doomy77 - The Wall. - Nurgle - - high TV master of the draw, s4 ag5 pest, but with an AV bust so i dont think he will survive the season. I do think the matchup favors me. Leman_X_Russ - Heisemer Boyz - Orc - - lots of guard, but not a lot of special stuff otherwise. with an intact team this should be doable Ravers - Simple Twist of Fate - Dark Elf - - won his div last season with a very low TV emo team, so they must know what they are doin. 1 witch some blodge, but nothing very special LplateGamer - Orkward memes - Orc standard orc, lots of guard, BUT a ag5 thrower, wth! should be doable still - wismerhill - Boing, Boing, Dead - Kislev - - then there's us. mid TV, so i can safely go to 14 players without giving away too much TV to others, so thats a relief. 2 ag5 catchers 1 MV9 catcher 3 blitzers. 3 guard total. golden football last season and runners up for dirty git. i predict a 4-1-4 season
  23. And so the frustrating season continues. With only 2 weeks left, we absolutely have to win out to have any kind of chance to stay in Champs next season. It starts here in week 8 with the Brets of @Lasker
  24. Darayawus’ halflings seem to have gone mouldy.
  25. Darayawus - Pizdets! - Nurgle - - BumFillups - Delft Blue Redux - Dark Elf - - Geiger - Deaths Door Knob - Undead - - Zunk - Despized - Orc - - brocCooLi - GobIins - High Elf - - Doomy77 - The Wall. - Nurgle - - Leman_X_Russ - Heisemer Boyz - Orc - - Ravers - Simple Twist of Fate - Dark Elf - - wismerhill - Boing, Boing, Dead - Kislev - - LplateGamer - Orkward memes - Orc - hmm 3 orcs 2 nurlge 2 emos 1 helf 1 undead could be worse, but i predict a midtable ending with a good shot at promotion. there i said it
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