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  1. You alive? Living? Breathing? Stuff..ing?

  2. I've updated the Tapatalk plugin. Check if you still have the same issues when connecting via Tapatalk. cheers, Z
  3. Hi Yarat, I'll check if I can speed up the process from McAfee to get whitelisted again. Cheers, Z Update: I ran the neccesary checks via McAfee's SiteAdvisor, you can verify if wanted (http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/orca-cola.com), and submitted a request for review so their stored results can get refreshed. Based on the feedback from the request this can take between 3-5 bussiness days.
  4. Signatures, will be needed to be setup again by the user. Awards will not reappear on the forums, they will be centralised in the 'uploader' site, where at a later stage you'll be able to add them into your signature section on the forums.
  5. The email configuration was awaiting the official Google green light before it kicked in. Sadly the notification we recieved and the actual time between the update of all linked parties were off by several hours. But all has returned to normal now.
  6. Hi guys, Officially fully approved again by Google. It could take a couple more hours until everything gets properly broadcasted and we're no longer flagged with various browsers. Enjoy!
  7. Hi Sataric, We're making use of (at this point) of the Invision Powerboard Suite for our Forums. IPB and therefore our server side is making use of salted MD5 hash. $salt being a random 5 character value generated for each user. md5( md5($salt) . md5( $pass ) ) . So brute-forcing the passwords wouldn't be a walk in the park. However that doesn't take away the fact that passwords used that are in the common dictionary lists used by that kind of brute-forcing would completely be uncrackable. As for the malicious files, while still a major threat on any site, the issue at hand on all 'infections' was with redirects. I'll get in touch later this week for your post above. Some pending upgrade tasks remain to have everything that lacks protection to be back in good shape.
  8. Hi guys, I've added the services of SiteLock to the website's hosting services. SiteLock has fully cleaned and removed any threaths that were on the server and will now proactively monitor the server 24/7 as from this point onward. Sorry for the hassle, this all is related to an overdue upgrade of the boards which currently is exposed to some potential security exploits with the version we're running. I'll try to get the upgrade done in the next 48 hours. I've also filled in all required forms that are need to be filled for a rescan from google as well as several other services that are marking our site as malicious. Based on the notifications I've received back they state a check on the status will be performed within 72 hours. I do expect this a lot sooner (within the next couple of hours). If any further issues come up, don't hesitate to PM or email me. (That ussualy goes faster than a post on the boards for these kind of things) Cheers, Z
  9. As mentioned right here Enjoy! Cheers, Z
  10. Good evening ladies, I'm glad to announce we've got 3 brand new, fresh Green Suits in the team. They listen to the names of Borke, Wismerhill and Rymdkejsaren One more change is the introduction of The Teal Council. The Teal Council will be a place where everyone that makes and/or has made significant contributions over the years to Orca Cola can opt to move into. All members of The Teal Council will still remain to have an active voice and can be consulted at any time in our admin section and on our boards. Thanks for your attention, Now I'm heading back to work a little more on the uploader
  11. I'll leave all communications (or as much as possible) to Borke He's doing a great job in filtering out and that's saving me some time to actually keep working on it However, maybe one thing to add, in the slightly longer term the site that now functions purely for the uploader will be introducing other features as well. In time taking over even what we currently use for boards too. So the new registration will become (eventually) your sole account for Orca Cola. Hope this helps in placing why we ask you to register again at this point Cheers and over to Borke again.
  12. Cheers guys. I'm sure we'll all find a way to stop this sooner or later. However by the looks of things at the moment, it looks like it's going to be a lot later.
  13. Added to the list, will send in details later this evening. Cheers, Z
  14. All coaches replied to enter so far in this thread, should have received the details to log in as well as the link. Do let me know if you encounter issues at any point. We await one more participant, and a few more lines of coding before we can kick off. But all of this is expected in the next couple of days. Feel free to upload any BB games you play meanwhile, any data we get in is adding towards the effort in identifying issue/bugs and errors. The signed up coaches will also be receiving access to the testing boards within a couple of minutes. Cheers, Z
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