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  1. Sorry - if I want to get chaos edition I have to use Steam? That saves me £8 I suppose...
  2. Thanks guys, I'll take a look.
  3. Dell say I can'ttransfer the operating system license...
  4. My Dell laptop has died, having previously had the screen go (in warranty), a memory chip go (out of warranty) and now the motherboard. I'm therefore looking to buy a new laptop. After that experience with Dell, and 3 months of arguing with Mesh before my (so far fine) desktop turned up, I am not over impressed with either at the moment. Can anyone offer advice on alternatives? I mainly use my laptop attached to a monitor at home, and don't use it portably except on holiday. When I do I tend to take it by car, so I'm not too fussed about how lightweight it is, or even battery life. The most resource intensive programmes I currently use are probably Bloodbowl and Photoshop, but there's a reasonably good chance of me wanting to play other games on it and I do like to play at as high a resolution as I can. I probably need at least 500gb space to store current and future photos. I need it to run Windows 7 Pro to be able to run old programmes that are only copmpatible with Windows XP. Optimistically I hope I can transfer the Windows 7 Pro licence and software from my old laptop to my new one, but that may be rather hopeful. I'd like it to last at least 3 years in terms of future proofing. Budget £1200, but I'd prefer it to be less. Anyone got any suggestions?
  5. Thanks Panic over - found the activation email was in my yahoo mail archives, which I can get at.
  6. My laptop has died on me. I have accordingly loaded Bloodbowl onto my desktop. However, it wants to know my SERIAL to be able to play Bloodbowl. I have no idea what it was. In the absence of my laptop, does anyone know how to retrieve it? If, as I suspect, that isn't possible, assuming I do get my laptop alive, does anyone know how I can retrieve it? Failing both of those, anyone know where to buy it cheaper than the £30 Cyanide are currently selling it for. If I do get in, I have the minor problem of remembering my log in details and password...
  7. For pony! is that what you mean?
  8. I had the same problem as Hobnail on 1 KO reception and 1 KO - others were fine. Stopped me having a chance at a score at the end of the first half and severely reduced my capacity to defend at the end of the second half. Suspect its cost me the match.
  9. It went to pot when people copuldn't buy the stocks. The only reason I have lots is because I bought stocks before it went. Random chance has, as you say, led to the situation.
  10. I'm going to go to the Pearly Kings & Queens
  11. Hmmmmmm, says the VAT man
  12. When he beat me 4-0 at the Pearly Kings & Queens tournament. Once his skaven outnumbered my orcs by 11-7 I couldn't stop the gutter runners.
  13. I must say his Welsh accent wasn't very convinving
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