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  1. I concurr with Mr @bob152 Definitely some odd decisions by the ref and his assistants, I'd be curious if there were any high stakes put on the spread for the numbers of sendings off by goblin betting syndicates before the match
  2. New...ish coach to the league (about 9 years away from OCC) Coach name (ingame): abu_abdullah Team name: StoneFoot Stomperz (OCC) Race: Chaos Dwarves
  3. Sheffield, then Leicester, then Sheffield then back to the midlands once again
  4. Howdy folks, Stopped Orca Cola several years ago, and just checked out your page for old times sake and saw you've moved over to BB2... so consider me very much interested again. Will read the beginners threads, and find out when next season starting / how to sign up. ...Do you still have an award for dirtiest coach btw?
  5. Hmm interesting, loved this game when it was out and even bought it off ebay a year or so ago.
  6. ok hypothetically, if a coach was dumb enough to play a match, thinking he's be able to upload it later... then found it wasn't saved in replays for some reason... How would said idiot be able to find his game and hard fought win to be able to upload?
  7. cancel the above, just seen the messages in forum
  8. Anyone else getting BBM issues? Got a match in 30mins and cannot log in
  9. there is enough cultural borrowing in the warhammer universe over it's history to make it run a long while if they want to and we've already got the Bretonnians, So how about a Tilea team made up of mercs perhaps? Albion with blue painted pictish warriors? Araby? Cathy and Nippon to capture a share of the middle and far east market with an assassin player available? OK they're just human reskins with the odd different player but probably sell if done well enough. though I think a pygmy team running around with blow darts, though being hilarious would be a little non-PC in this day and age.
  10. no that is true, I can understand a level of mistrust in this game over such problems. I now have a new modem / router and not seen any issues since so should be sorted from my side from now on.
  11. yeah I fouled him a few times, and told him if he was going to be this much of a girl he should have played elves
  12. Having a day off work today and had weirdest BB match in Nagg this morning, Chaos v Chaos Saw the match up, only 10k difference, ok good match here we go! bring it on! He then see's my team, I only had three clawed players, throws a tantrum and says he's not going to quit, but not playing, so end turning each turn and proceeds to wind me up through out, calling me a nasty guy, sadist, etc So I did the only thing I could, treated it as free SPP, lots of free passes, killed / injured several players and scored a few times but all the while he's winding me. proper weirdo. Managed to resist the turn 16 foul though, thought that would be going too far
  13. Just pre-ordered and took Lizardmen, thought another elf team would be overkill at this stage.
  14. what the hell is the little winged goblin thingy in the Chaos team at 1:25 during the latest video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMfC-scXF0 Also want to say the Bretonnians look pants, think they're going to be my least favorite team already, and I'm not just saying that because Henry V is my favorite Shakespeare play... though if we can rename stadiums I may be calling mine "agincourt"
  15. update this morning, some new features added as well as sisters of sigmar edit. my bad, misread their page, it's thursday update, tomorrow.
  16. Having spent similar sums in the past myself, should have learnt my lesson but still went and bought man o'war and the high elf, dwarf, empire and bretonnian fleets from ebay, cost me a small fortune as no longer in print.
  17. Bloodbowl, necromunda (original version) and dark future. think I might be tempted back into Bloodbowl and away from rome 2 if turns out to be any good. will keep popping by your guy's forum once in a while to get an update on this game.
  18. Hi mods, Just checked on my team, and it is sat at awaiting confirmation in the holding league, maybe you guys been busy and not got around to it but don't give me stomach ulcers worrying about my beloved little stomping babies.
  19. ok, lets be fair here... don't we think if the world really did go to pot then there will be an awful lot of people behaving exactly like this?
  20. I'm cool with that, and Luxemburg as well whilst we are at it, but what has that got to do with the price of cheese?
  21. mine to, both AVG and also firefox itself, firefox is going as far as saying it is a reported attack site and i can only enter 'at my own risk' after clicking through
  22. dude, that is fighting talk... total war is my favourite game series, just counting down the days until rome 2 comes out.
  23. if you've still got it installed give it another go, starting in ireland, then build up... you learn the complexity of the game that way.
  24. wow... how did I not know about this game before? You deserve an award but I don't have any, but I'll make sure you all get a citation in the court papers when my mrs puts in for a divorce over all the time I am putting into this game.
  25. oooh nice though apparently the muslim expansion "sword of islam" allows polygamy ... so get around this problem according to wiki. edit. just finished downloading the demo off steam, lets take a look!
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