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  1. New editions are always welcome! Please sign up here https://orca-cola.com/index.php?/topic/35634-willing-to-be-a-blood-bowl-tutor/ and give us a short summary of yourself, your BB history, preferred races etc.
  2. New season is soon upon us and it is time to figure out who is still there to help me @Borke and @Bouffon keep this baby alive. @Juriel @Rymdkejsaren @Bouffon @Gadajs @Borke @Bantha @brocCooLi @Kjelstad @Hudd @Valentin @crimsonsun @jounisii @Ratamo @JamesJenks92 @razta No matter if you want to continue or not, please do let me know! Also we have the first signups already, so some helping hands would be really welcome
  3. That is for you two to decide. Start a conversation and see where it goes.
  4. @dolbain since we are already quite a bit into the season, I think its ok if you can sign up again next season too. Normally I want every student to have a full season, so if its possible (always dependent on mentors being available) I would like you to experience a full season of the mentor program.
  5. @dolbain you are in luck! We got a great ork coach for you in the form of @razta! He offered to help you out a bit!
  6. Hello @dolbain sorry for the some what late response. So you have been playing for quite a while, but it seems there is still some fundamental issue. What is going wrong? Are you getting constantly outbashed by teams you should beat? are you having trouble moving foward and scoring? Do you take a more unique approach when giving skills or do you follow the more typical (guard, mighty blow etc) level ups for the blitzers and black orks? Any information on what you think is going wrong or where you need help would be appreciated.
  7. Sorry man, jounisii has been out for a while, had a replacement already in place but turns out that one is AFK too.. @JamesJenks92is willing to help you! He will get into contact with you. Again, sorry for taking so long and failing to find a mentor for you properly.
  8. @Ratamo you are actually needed! We have a crazy candidate that wants to get better at Kislev! If you have the time could you please contact Joey Wevs? He has played 200-300 games overall, and Kislev are his favorites but this would be his first season in the OCC with kislev!
  9. Thank you for the info, wasn't aware he skipped.
  10. @razta since @crimsonsun doesn't seem very active at the moment, I wonder if you could take his place and help out our new necro player a bit! Let me know if you have time and are willing to take him under your wing!
  11. @Valentin since @jounisii does not have time, would you be willing to take the darkie coach under your wing?
  12. New Season, new allocation! To any coaches, please confirm with me if you are ok with taking the student! Magnus the Pink is playing Gobbos and wants to improve overall when it comes to kick off formations and wants to know some in depth goblin tricks when it comes to fouling or playing them properly. @Juriel you have experience with almost all teams. Sadly we don't have a dedicated goblin coach, so are you willing to try this one? Magnus is under no impression that gobbos are a competetive team, he just wants to improve overall to have more fun with them! Knife Ear is playing Darkies and wants to improve with them. @jounisii you are an experienced elf coach, so I thought of you. Knife says he has problems scoring consistently and ends up with too many players in base to base contact at the end of his turn, leading to higher amount of casualties. Could you help him? Barvey Hirdman is playing Nurlge, so of course I had to think of our highly esteemed and nurlge one trick player @Gadajs . Barvey says he needs to improve on kick off formations and just overall game strategy for his half and then executing on that strategy on a turn by turn basis. He says his favorite teams all play very different styles so he is unsure how to play and applies a very abrupt playstyle. I think you can help him, given you love the stinky nurglites so much! AbeFroman is new to the game, says he has been playing for roughly a bit over a month. He wants to play and improve with necromantic and is searching for a mentor that he primarily can ask some questions @crimsonsun could you take this one? Kezrael picked skaven as they kind of are an agility team. He is also still very new, plaiyng since March, and needs some basic advice, such as around 1 turning, hitting and overall gameplan. @Borke as we don't have a dedicated skaven coach, I was hoping you could take this one! Thats all so far, again please do tell me if you can or cannot take the student under your wing for this season!
  13. heyho @Barvey Hirdman, sorry was out of town so getting back to you a bit late. If I may ask, what race are you playing in the OCC? Feels like there are a lot of things you want to improve on, so I wonder if we could list some key points you want to improve at. As far as I understand, you want to improve at: - kick off formations - planning your turn -planning your half Is that a fair summary?
  14. Hey there @Magnus the Pink! The season is almost over, so you will have to wait a few weeks and I would slot you into the program once it starts again with the next season. So overall I gather you do have some experience and are comfortable with more than just the basics of BB and are looking for fine tuning gobbos and offensive/defensive kick off formation? And its good that you seem completely aware that gobbos aren't going to be a very competitive team. Albeit we do have some great gobbo coaches like @Gobas that pride themselves by winning elsewhere, for example by doing 16 fouls in a game!
  15. I like him! A fake AG 5 wardancer that wants to fight! What would you last level up be? strip ball?
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