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  1. First foul attempted MD7 - Sent off First dodge attempted MD7 - 1; 1 First KO roll with 2 Babes [2+] - 1 I love being 2 men down against Elves and a TD by Turn 4. Also; obligatory about to score; need to dodge; fail with RR. About to score again on T16; fail the GFI, because the game won't let me turn a 2-0 into a 2-1. Seriously 7 games in a row of getting diced has to be a record right? A blocker leveled and rolled 11 so that's +AG so he can dodge ect. A Peasent got an MVP and leveled rolling doubles and so took Guard.
  2. I was 1 turn away from a Equalizer TD against Necro. Shame a Riot happened and made me lose a turn; eh? Also I had a visit from the with their 1/1296 chance; failed important 3+ Dodges with Dodge twice and my opponent made a lot of 1D blocks which never backfired. On the bright side a Peasent leveled giving me my 2nd skill on the entire team after 6 games. Block. About sums it up that I ended with 0 RR's while Necro had all 3.
  3. Game stars with me getting a High Kick. 1+1 [Catch RR]. Then I fail the pickup. 1. Then I fail pickup again. Takes 5 rolls to get the ball. I'm about to score; just need to blitz this Blockless lineman. 50/50 chance per dice to knockdown; 2 pushes. 25% outcome. OK; I can still score with a 50/50 dodge and I have a RR. Surely I won't fail two more 50/50 rolls in a row. That's 6.25% chance. Let alone if you combine every single play I've tried to make to score over the last 4 games backfireing. The chances must be astronomically low for it to happen again... *TURNOVER NOISE* *Elves make perfect dice rolls to lob the ball acrss the pitch and score* *Elves proceed to outbash me because of course they do* Make first GFI in the game; 1. Reroll; don't roll a 1; but Dubskull the block. Blitzer gets stunned off it too. Elves score a 2nd TD because of this; despite them failing 2 unessecary GFI's and dropping the ball; because I couldn't punish it due to aformentioned Dubskull stun. I do manage to equal u the pitch at least. Elves then make a 1D blitz on my Blodger carrier and of course 1 die a pow and stun him. Meanwhile I have to throw 5 2-die blocks on the LoS to get a single not-skull or push. Of course; this leads to Elves being Elves; especially on an emptying pitch with more room. 3-0 5 in a row. AND I STILL ONLY HAVE 1 SKILLED PLAYER AFTER 5 GAMES. I'm off to get Wimserhill's Ogres killed by my bad luck now.
  4. Kick off: Favorable Quick Snap to Orcs; scatter is massive and right on the LoS so they get a touchback too, and don't have to pick up the ball; a challenge for Orcs. First 4 successful Orc blocks 4 Armour Breaks 3 KO's Playing 3 players down from Turn 2. Orcs score with a totally unessecary pass which could have easily backfired and cost them the TD altogether. But of course; opp is lucky! 1/3 KO's recover. So still down 2. At one point I fail 3 3+ rolls in a row... And then 2nd half; after only passing 2/5 KO rolls between the TD and Half; I'm only 1 player down. Orcs get a Perfect Defense because of course they do. And then Death+KO+Injury all in the same turn; I'm back to -4; which basically means 'You can't play Bloodbowl' as a anything but an Elf or Skaven. Oh; and he gets this in a streak of 4 armour breaks in a row. Then gets another injury the next turn. -5! And there's another one! -6! Why do I even play Blood Bowl? It's evident I'm too unlucky to win. Can I get ONE game where I don't get horrendously diced? Because this is actually getting utterly stupid now to the point where it's making me worried that Wimserhill's Ogres are all going to die to my luck. I don't think I've been at the point where I'm immediately ending the turn because there's no point standing up or doing anything at Turn 9 before. I EVEN ROLLED A BLOODY 1 ON WINNINGS AND MVP TO DEAD Yay for only passing 36% of Armour rolls, thus getting Stunned, Injured or KO'ed 64% of all blocks! 4 matches in and I have literally 1 skill.
  5. Instructions unclear. Rolled even worse. Lost 2 players in the first 3 blocks. Only had a 33% KO recovery rate... with a Babe Only injury I inflicted got Regened Failed more dodges then I passed Rolled dubskulls twice in the same turn [Not Quads; but Double Dubs still] Vampires literally only lusted twice in the ENTIRE GAME. [They only have 3 Vampires on the roster] No I'm not kidding: You'd expect at least 5 Lusts in 32 rolls. Went into the 2nd half down 1 player and 1 TD; and promptly lost a second. Got outbashed by Vamps despite having more AV Pretty sure I used more Re-Rolls than the Vampires did... with the Vampires having 4 per drive and me only having 2... I got a High Kick on my side... only for the ball to land on a Peasant anyway and cancel it out. Failed the only important GFI I tried to make the whole game. 2-0 loss. 3rd nuffling in a row. Starting to think the problem wasn't Groggy being cursed but the coach. D6 Rolls: Suk Bois: 1 - 21 2 - 16 3 - 26 4 - 21 5 - 18 6 - 29 Me: 1 - 19 2 - 16 3 - 12 4 - 13 5 - 17 6 - 15 Yep; most common 6 for the Vamps; 1 for me! I rolled 7 Defender Stumbles and 11 PoWs the whole game; while rolling 21 Pushes and 13 skulls... Seriously. Especially when you look at my luck in my prior team as well, I think I might legitimately be in the running for unluckiest git in the OCC.
  6. Couldn't break AV7; while I got outbashed by Elves [Despite having the AV and skill edges...]; failed 4/4 pickups in the first 7 turns; failed 4/5 KO rolls; got sent off on the 2nd foul attempt [Failing to make anything stick]; and started the 2nd half down 3 players despite being the guy with a bench. First block thrown in the 2nd half killed a peasant putting me 4 down. It's hard to win any matchup 4 players down; except maybe with developed Elves or Skaven against a lack of Tackle. Pretty much a 'you don't get to play Bloodbowl' game. 2nd Half the Elves literally did whatever they wanted, vanity passing in their half to farm SSP. That's how bad it was. Did get to murder one while he did this however, giving Pepin III a level. Lost 1-0; it only wasn't 2-0 because the Elf coach didn't even start trying to score until T13 because he was too busy Vanity Passing, and because I'd scored a Kill and a KO by then with his ponceing about I was actually able to hold out 2 players down. And even then that was because he failed his Pass roll. Oh; the Elves passed 66% of Armour rolls. I passed 50%. My team is mostly AV8; his is entirely AV7 bar 1 Blitzer. That about sums up the die. Pepin rolled a 9; so I gave him Dodge. Was rather tempted to go for Leader since Breton RR's are pretty expensive, but maybe that can be for Blitzer 2 or 3 or even 4. Oh; and amusingly despite shelling out 20k for a 2nd Babe; the Elves took 0 KO's all game.
  7. Small update; we're facing the Lavender Bandits tonight. It seems that someone [It was the Orcs] gave them a really, really thorough beating MD1. They're down 1 Blitzer [Who leveled as well] to a MNG; a Thrower to an AV bust and a Lineman to an AG bust. This means the Pros will only have 2 Positionals, a single Blitzer and a single Thrower [Unless they use their 80k to fire and hire a Thrower], while they'll also have 3 Loners. This is kind of why I think Pros are the weakest Elf flavor. Their linemen are MA6 AV7. High and Dark have AV8; while Wood have MA7. Pro Elf Linemen are simply the worst, and as an AV7 team, you'll usually be fielding more of them than you'd like due to Loners. Also they only cost 10k less than Wood Elf Linemen, and I'm pretty sure +MA is worth more than 10k; so they're overpriced in comparison too. [That said; they have 2 AG over a Peasant who's 40k; but they have Fend so...]
  8. I felt pressured by the Elves behind me due to the Blitz. I wanted to get the ball further up the pitch and thought they'd overextended themselves. I was afraid of having my Wrestler get sacked and the Elves touchdown on like; Turn 3. I am aware that's a weakness of mine, I tend to get too aggro and rush to score. Either that or feel pressured by the other team too much so try and make a break for it. I was fairly confident about the pass. Even a miss would have landed in a cluster of my own players; and I believe it was 3+ throw with a Catch player. And yeah; Elves clearly wore the wrong shoes. They failed dodges; I failed blocks and fouls.
  9. Match Day 1 was against Speed bois OCC. I start out receiving, on the Elf's choice. This dosen't bite them on the butt, as I can't really do much damage. They also get a Blitz; which puts a lot of pressure on me. I seem to make a break; but the Elves dodge out and POW my carrier, and from there there isn't too much I can do against MA8 Blodgers with a ball. The Elves go 1-0 up on Turn 7, but not before I try a 100% foul on a Wardancer... and get the Peasent sent off only for a Stun, and then try a 92% foul and fail it. I'm actually down 1 player as the pitches reset as the KO the Elves had recovers and I have a Send-off and a CAS Blocker. I get some damage on Turn 8, 2 KO's and an Injury. However, 1 KO recovers. Still; as the Elves lack a bench, I'm up 1 now. Nuffle comes around and gives me a Blitz on the 2nd half; allowing me to KO another elf. They then proceed to fail a dodge pretty early and choose to not RR it; which leads to me surfing a Wardancer [After re-rolling a dubskull] and putting huge pressure on the ball carrier. The general flow of the game from this point is: Elves fail dodge I either acheive nothing of note [pushes; general downs]; get myself sent off on another Wardancer foul without even breaking armour on a 70%+; and roll more dubskulls. This all ends up in a moshpit right on the Elf's TD, where they manage to succeed a 1die dodge->Blitz with a lineman on my Blitzer; after I roll a dubskull on a block to try and free him; to free the ball... and then their Wardancer snakeeyes a dodge and takes himself out... Then one of my Blitzers manages to pick up the ball, makes a single GFI and scores on the final turn. Definitely a game where Nuffle was playing pranks on both teams. No-one got any levels as far as I am aware.
  10. So; as promised; here we go. Leaving behind the cold steppes and wolf-stench of Norse for the cold steel and Peasant-Stench of Brettonia. I have little idea about specifics of the Bretons, but I usually play hybrid teams so I should at least be competent. It's time to find out if it was just my Norse dice that were cursed or if my hilariously bad luck will continue! Will this team end up with it's Peasents inexplicably as their best players like Groggy Ice before it? Hopefully not. Anyway, the Masters find themselves in a division most unbefitting their social status. [But befitting their TV and such] 6B. Zulu501 - Totsugeki Raigeki - Dark Elf - - Jjape - Torilla Tavataan - Dwarf - - Svalaidh - Speed bois OCC - Wood Elf - - Premium Rooster - Very Friendly Elves - Dark Elf - - Z3t4 - I Rossi - Chaos - - raikaria - Masters of Francia - Bretonnian - - Ahsoka - Suk Bois - Vampire - - Coyote-zgz - Long shot Rangers - High Elf - - Engelbert Hex - Lavender Bandits - Elven Union - - Nuknid - *Censored* - Orc - Well ain't this a diverse lot of gits? The only repetition is 2 Dark Elf teams. Although half the division is some variety of Elf, we have all 4 flavours. The Elf Thunderdrome should be interesting to see which of the Knife-ears comes out on top. [Obviously; the Brettonian crowd are rooting for their Wood Elven neighbors] And equally interesting to see which flavor of Elf the Dwarves give the biggest beating to! But we have some Vampires! Quite excited about them because I don't think I've actually drawn Vampires in my time in OCC1 or 2. Obviously; as out-of-the-box; my Brettonians are easily the most flexible team out there. Aside from perhaps the Dawi, we come packing the most starting skills [And the Dawi Tackle is literally useless against most of us at this point anyway]. I'd recon we've got a bit of an edge the first few games at least. Sure am glad I'm here instead of 6C, which has managed to get 3 Chaos; 2 Nurgle; Goblins; Ogres and; for good measure; some 'Zons and an Orc team. I feel sorry for the lone Woodie coach in that mosh pit. Season Record: 0W/1D/1L All-Time Record: 0W/1D/1L Current Roster Stats: -Coming Soon!-
  11. I never covered MD8 because that game was laughable and contained literally 4 turns of me rolling straight 1's in a row. MD9 was Norse v Norse. Both aiming to retire. As such; it was a bit of a cluster. I lost 3 players by Turn 2; as is tradition; and lost 2-0 due to being perpetually down on pitch and my time-honored tradition of being about to score and then rolling snakeyes at the worst possible time. At the end of the game there were about 6 players left on the pitch. Unfortunetly; I had 1 lineman and an Ulf; while the other Norse had two Ulfs; a Runner and a Thrower. Also; they'd have had a Yhetee if it didn't foul someone and get sent off because we were kinda clowning at that point since we were both fully aware neither of us gave a damn about our teams. 4 players died, including the other Norse's Killer Zerker; who Quadskulled and killed himself. This actually matters; since it puts me #1 in the Bounty Hunter standings! [I mean technically; my lineman punched him in the face] The Yhetee retires with about 22 games and 0 Cas. Contrast the other Norse's Yhetee; who was on his first game and got a CAS in 2 blocks. Oh; and there was literally a point where I rolled 1,1,1. And this wasn't the 'I'm about to score let's roll snakeyes' moment either. I hope you guys will come back next season for the new team; a bunch of Bretons led by someone with hardly a clue about Bretons! Maybe having key players with AV8 will make me a little more Nuffle-proof. Maybe not having a completely useless Big Guy will help. Will I continue to roll 1's whenever I'm about to score? Will a new freakish player rise like Wings or my AG5 Amazon Blitzer from Janiva who I can't recall the name off the top of my head? Will I roll more than 2 doubles and 1 stat on my team for once over a long period?
  12. Might be 30 minutes to 50 minutes late to our match. I'm streaming a clan match, they usually last longer.

  13. What about me? Provided I don't end up in the same tier as you; I have OCC Ogre Experience myself with All Ogre the World.
  14. About the only experience I actually have with Bretons is playing against your Bretons in the seeders Pidpad If I recall they kind of bodied my Norse. Turns out Fend counters Frenzy and Wrestle counters Block! Anyway, I've decided I'm going with the Bretons. Masters of Francia, with a theme of Old French names for the Filithy Unwashed Masses and those higher up on the ladder of feudalism get names of various rulers of the various Francias. Also, what about Wrestle Peasants? They can wrestle down for the DP one to stick the boot in; and makes them better at being annoying as they can bring down Block pieces. That and the unwashed masses are perfectly at home dragging people into the mud. [Also knowing me I'd go for Pro Peasants before considering firing them; especially if I go for Wrestle... my Pro Linemen were the 2nd best players on my Norse team and I think I prefer Pro more than any non-Vampire coach here] I've got a 12 player roster; 4 Blockers [The guys who get Strength access in the event I mixed the names around]; 2 Blitzers; and 6 Peasants. 2 RR's and an Apo. I do find it a bit odd that the main Handlers get Wrestle; which makes them rather easy to bring down. But they do get Passing access. Is Dump-Off a thing here; so they can pass the ball away before they go down on a Both Down?
  15. Don't give the enemy the satisfaction; die by breaking your own neck!
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