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  1. Hullo. I can pop in. Enter for an email.
  2. i enjoyed our game, the frustrations aside but thats Kislev BB :)
  3. looking forward to these write ups :)
  4. Match Day 3 A view from my opponent Fresh from our admin win the momentum keeps on with a 2-1 victory over Hawcas kislev fellows. This was the second installment of our Blood Bowling rivalry, the first a 3-3 draw between Thorn of the Bloody Rose and Pit Machine. Back when real legends were on the pitch, Blue Moon and Prisoner #666, bless their souls. Poor circus men couldn't take a trick, being followed by nuffle everywhere until partway through the 2nd half. Flings being flings however will take what they can get, a win, no levels and some customary fling death. Warts McGee was blocked dead, the apo politely declined to offer his services to this promiscuous young halfling after he was launched at a zombie last game, taking them both out, something about a 'death wish' he mumbled, and we move on to some scaly foes next week.
  5. Div 4c Kislev vs Necromantic With a big win game 1 I had to try keep these guys feet on the ground, and with a Circus act thats a lot harder than you can imagine. Kick off was here, and things looked grim, with two stronger than normal Wolfs on the opponents side I looked to my book of contacts and an Old Circus friend. Some call him a trickster others a Wizard. The Necromantic beast of a wolf picks up the ball looking to go left as the boys cut him off and apply pressure, Screening the ball and their lines well. This coach has done his homework, but patience is some thing I know all about. Its not long before my guys are feeling the punch, this is some thing I need to work on. As the Wolf switches Flanks I see an opportunity as my friend unleashes Lightening from the sky, Knocking the wolf out and spilling the ball. Now we have a game we can play, A swift recovery and a few passes popped out see's my side look to go in at half time 1-0. But its not meant to be as a failed catch in the end zone see's out the half. The 2nd Half starts and we recover well from a Blitz from our less than alive opponents. A quick score see us take control 1-0. As we kick off the heavens open and the rain begins to pour down. A failed Pick up and the boys are all over these Dead freaks. With preasure mounting the Wolf spills again only to see one of the Circus acts tumblers snatch up the ball and run in for a TD, only to see a stumble and a fall across the End zone. that would have been game there. My Circus had given all they can to this point and were feeling the effects of the brawl and could do very little to watch as the Undead Wolf picks up and shows his pace as he runs the length of the field to Tie the scores 1-1 on the full time whistle. So far these guys are showing promise and with 1-1-0 record, maybe They will fair better than many gave them credit for.
  6. Div 4c Game 1 vs Chaos Dwarfs The only Dwarfs have been seen by these guys is just before they fire them from a Cannon. Ok the game plan is simple. Create a show. I want fast action. I want pace. I want tumbles. Don’t get into a brawl. It starts off looking bad. These circus freaks are getting beaten up. Have they never been in a fight at school? Wait. They are putting on a show. Rolling with the punches, a well timed tumble and a take down sees Mikkali run in for a score. At the kick off I can see over confidence as my Tumblers look to try and fight. It’s looking bad. A handling error sees Nikolay leap in for a quick recovery before passing to Sergei for his first of the game. 2-0 Another fine kick and the Circus act reset their defence only to see Nikolay go down hard. He’s not moving, He looks dead. I send the Apo on as Nikolay looks up and winks. He always was the clown. My guys have done me proud ushering out the first half 2-0 to the good. The 2nd half kicks and my side look to have their first drive. A nice pick up and a good line, these guys look like they know what’s going on. The training has paid off. Yet the Bear roars like he has not been fed. With a push up the flank using their mobility the Circus drive hard and Sergei scores his 2nd and Come jump with me’s 3rd. As the Chaos Dwarfs receive the ball they look to the flank but the Circus cut them off forcing a failed pass. Victor looks to capitalise and run in for his first and his teams 4th as the ref blows the whistle for full time Final score Come jump with me 4 - 0 zugarond Zuggarats
  7. Current Team http://www.orca-cola.com//Leaderboard/OCC2/Teams/1676187.html
  8. Not knowing what to expect or where we go, I sit here making plans for some thing new. I look at my Troop and I see a group of guys who just can't cut it in the Big Tent. They are out of sorts, only last week we lost our star tumbler as he was dropped from the trapeze. If there was ever a silver lining, our Circus Bear didn't need feeding that day. So I've made calls to the contacts I know, I can't find a Circus act that will have us in all of Kislev, Ive tried the empire and I'm coming up short. Today I have made a break through. Blood Bowl. A league thats played across the lands, the Orca Cola championships. they are looking for a team to fill a league. only 2 issues with this, I swore I would walk away from Blood bowl after seeing my players pulled apart many moons ago. It still haunts me today, watching helplessly from the sidelines as I put out a group of Blood Bowl players in search of glory chasing a dream. Ive tasted that glory, Ive been to the top and lifted the Orca Cola Championship, but the nightmare still haunts me. Having to explain to parents why their son won't be coming home and then giving them hope as i explain their youngest could make it where their son failed. My other issue is, I don't have a team. The Harganeth Corsairs are disbanded and running successful raiding and pirating campaigns of the Empires coast lines. the Thorn of the Bloody Rose, My champions form days past have retired with their winnings, Carefree Wonder and Bluemoon, the legends who set and broke OCC records are running lower league teams in the Woods or Athelorn, and I have put out feelers to Y Ddiag Goch, the Lizards that came close. Ive heard nothing directly from them but words coming back are not good. How do I pay my next bill, how do I feed my Children? There is one choice. I look across to the broken Troop of tumblers and circus act called Come Jump with Me. If I'm honest I will get a season out of them, Ive secured a Tier 4 start, so its not with other rookies, but my low costs and bigger payday will cover me until next summer. These guys, have no idea what I've got them in too. I tried to explain that its a new Circus act thats made to look real, I hope they buy it. these guys have never thrown a Block, Passed a Ball or even handled one. Im going to need to tear up my play book, and re write a new. They only hope these have of survival let alone winning a game will come from an unorthodox game plan. Wish me luck
  9. We've spoken, you always have a place to put your head. peace be with you Brother
  10. i love 2 guard golems, you can put them in great places and keep them close, they will look after each other then, also your opponent will have turns where they throw dice after dice and get pushes and SF will come good
  11. Hawca

    7 days to die

    its in alpha 15 atm, and soon alpha 16, it runs smooth and works well. they are adding generators and electric in next.
  12. Hawca

    7 days to die

    haha come join me ;p
  13. Hawca

    7 days to die

    It's mine craft meets walking dead meets skyrim. So so much fun. You start art with nothing In post zombie apocalypse you have to forage for stuff and raid for supplies. Build a base and survive.
  14. Does any one play? Does any any one wanna set up a co op team Occ game
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