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  1. I do with a x box pad.
  2. Closer to 2 but you can unlock sor3 characters. Runs well on my old PC, so anything within lasts few years or older would be fine. The graphics are top notch, hand drawn artwork and animation. Inspiration was street fighter 3 and you can tell. The backgrounds do remind of a street fighter game in places. Music is pretty good and the fighting is good, more combo's this time. One of the complaints is that the starting characters are not the same, Axel doesn't have a dash (sor 3 axel does) but to me a good design decision.
  3. Yep, got the PC version.
  4. Tried it also with a custom team, you can throw the bomb to HMP goblin but you have no option to use HMP once caught, only pass whatever the mouse click is call up that menu. You can't even use the star player to throw a bomb to a HMP bomber. Although it never crashed my game. I suppose it was a bug/exploit under BB1, not sure how it would ruled under TT game or even if it would be against the rules depending on how the passing rules are stated in TT. To me it is a bit of shame you can't as it is a high risk/reward move that can and will blow up your own goblins
  5. If only that worked in BB2, shame I enjoyed that in BB1
  6. GaryW

    Norfolk Hornets

    The team is still going I have a terrible record with them far more losses than wins but for me I think the debate is over on what skills are the best for catchers For me it is easy the first skill up unless a +AG or +ST or double is leap! Just makes them hard to pin down and always a scoring threat. Dodge next then either block or wrestle depending on how many have survived by this point. I do play Blood Bowl like every dice is 6 and a Pow but one thing I am proud of is their fouling record, this team is sitting in the top 10 of all time expulsions beating @C2MC Ogres
  7. GaryW

    AG Bomber

    Had a +ag bomber on my team in the old BB1 league here for a number of seasons. Worth keeping but HMP bomber is the holy grail.
  8. GaryW

    WoW Classic

    I am enjoying it, just taking my time. I don't expect to raid, I never did when I did play in vanilla/TBC, but may be nice to try it once or twice. Actually got a good PUG for a Dungeon tonight!
  9. GaryW

    WoW Classic

    Any one else playing?
  10. If your feeling flush there is crusader kings 2 (if you don't already own it). There is total Warhammer conversion for it that is rather good. Unfortunately the last time I looked it is having complete overhaul to get it to work with latest DLC/patches but should be complete soon. You can play as any race/faction. Had some fun playing as the spider goblins :)
  11. GaryW

    Blood Bowl 3

    An interesting read, doesn't explain much of what they are actually doing but must be some PhD graduates who are fans of the game. Must be pretty cool to get some funding to do this kinda of research. I wouldn't say never on a good AI on any game. I have seen some recent trends in indie games that are using random generators for world generation. I guess there is alogrithim that is now taught at university or is well known in the programming community that a lot of indie developers use. Once some clever people have worked out a set of code for a smarter AI these will be used everywhere. As there is no point in reinventing the wheel once it is widely known. I do remember seeing a news report years ago where a university taught a computer to play football, it started of not been able to play at all and leaving the computer alone it figured out how to play. It was just dots on a screen but still pretty neat.
  12. GaryW

    Blood Bowl 3

    Kinda off, but the rule set for blood bowl is 1 or 0, or pass or fail if you will. To get the AI to play a game would surely have to based on a probability. As for the universe, you could perhaps boil that down to something and nothing, or 1 or 0. But that is philosophical debate belonging else where. And the less said the better of current political situation ?
  13. GaryW

    Blood Bowl 3

    I'll try :) Using my example of a traffic light sequence. Just a quick explanation a PIC is a microcontroller, a chip that is a processor that has ROM and RAM all built in, a mini computer if you will. Used in loads of devices from washing machines to alarms. There are many variants available. Basically you start the program by waiting (polling) for a switch to be pressed, or in a game your mouse button. Once pressed it will execute the next line of code. In a traffic light sequence, if I remember it correctly, the light will start at green, using a LED, you hit the button, your next line of code is to put a delay of few seconds, the next line is to switch to from a green LED to a Yellow LED, then next line of code is a delay again before switching to the final Red LED. Some more lines of code are needed to follow the sequence back until you end up back to the beginning again with a green LED and the processor then waiting for you press the button again. In a game such as BB, you have set sequence you follow to implement the action you wish to take, which you all do naturally when you play table top. That sequence is pretty easy to program, you can write that out in flow diagram if you wish before you code that and is supposedly good programming practice to do so. With modern computers, that sort of programming is pretty straight forward, if you take chess which again has easily defined rule set, these where programmable on the earliest computers with ease. AI programming is whole different kettle of fish though. I have no experience of how you do that, but if you take something like the film I Robot you could do it on a probability. I.e in that movie the robot chose to save Will Smith's character rather than his son, as the probability was higher. That will be very hard to program a computer to play a good game of BB. Heck it took super computers to play a good game of chess to beat a grand master! I will say much of the graphics work is not really handled by the actual processor nowadays as we have dedicated processors for that now, but the main cpu still has to tell what the graphic chip to draw etc. But modern CPU's are so quick it might not be that big strain on it. Hope that make sense :)
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