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  1. Coach name (ingame): Ethelred Team name: Southville S&M (returning) Race: Delf
  2. Season 13 - come and join in the fun! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VKILhGpfLagiPWEyli6iukjra5qheeBJCIcJmpF4fcE/edit?usp=drivesdk
  3. Woo Hoo - Dark Elves complete. 31/7/12 https://spike.ovh/team?match_uuid=1000994065&display_team=home
  4. What do:- Boomer Ezaisson Soaren Hightower Deeproot Strongbranch & Zara the Slayer Morg ‘N’ Thorg All have in common? They are the Stars that coaches have won the Priest of Nuffle Invitational with! Do you want to test your mettle in both team design and playing skill? Join the only BB2 PC competition where Nuffle decides your star, but you choose the team supporting them. 14 day match days with 5 qualifying games and 16 team (probably) playoffs. Mainly European, but welcoming to all coaches worldwide (the 14 days give you plenty of time to schedule) Sign ups:- https://forms.gle/nCkVRG3CrdcmSfhWA 15-20 cm Resin Cup for the winner, wooden spoons by discretion. Sign up today (closes Sunday 25th April
  5. Seems like ages since I completed a race, but here we go, 50 game Vamps:- https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=2543694&platform=1 ST2 POMBer for the win. I'm an "improving" vampire coach - I don't think they are for me tbh as they seem to fail far too much and I lost a Vamp to a failed dodge in the first game (no regen, obvs) so that kind of set the scene. No pro either - my vamps seemed really hard to level, but that is probably on me.
  6. Stunty Relaunch! Fresh tv1000 teams compete to win a copy of BB2020! https://forms.gle/pTp7ipgMjijyVwPA7 for signups!
  7. Due to covid, we've just relaunched Stunty. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough, especially you @wismerhill https://forms.gle/iho7QgoVoPSzo18x8
  8. Season 27 We've managed to incorporate Pact, just about, so if you want to experiement how they do vs "proper" teams, come on in! Signup for the 27th Season of the Rock Paper Shotgun league for PC, BB2. 10 day match days, 5 game season. All rookie teams join the <1200TV feeder league. Mainly euro timezones but a couple of US & Aus/NZ types too. https://forms.gle/6A4YzmFYHsX3mdey6
  9. Season 3! Sign ups close Monday with the draw on Tuesday. https://forms.gle/4tUmZamGMZhBc3Lh8
  10. w00t w00t! Khemri completed. Here's how they ended up:- Couple of 50 games played heroes - Adem & Idris for one, then killer blitz-ra Saled played 49. Overall quite enjoyed the positioning aspect, and catching people out with break tackle blitzes. Next up 0 RR woodies!
  11. Great run. It seems in COL that all I'm hitting is AG teams at the moment, so thanks for taking the Bash Bullet!
  12. I don't know about that (being more evenly matched). The team selection always seems random - i spin around 5/6 teams and there is usually a "better" matchup with a lower differential in TV that the one that is picked. It's probably confirmation bias but I always seem to be the one giving away TV too!
  13. Haven't had a COL quitter for a while. I couldn't do one team at a time, I'd go insane! When do you normally spin, be good to meet you in COL if you're daytimes UTC
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