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  1. Just as a postscript he survived the chaos gauntlet but many of his teammates did not, so he will be retiring alive after this season. Oh and I took leader because it was a normal and I didn't really feel fend or pro.
  2. Well, the Carteret Cavaliers namesake and star blitzer has managed to survive long enough to become my first legend in Blood Bowl. As the team's only surviving original it makes sense he has 132 more spp than his next closest teammate! He started his career hogging MVPs like a good Bret but once he gained strength he solidified his place as the team's main blitzer. The late double for mighty blow was simply the cherry on top. Unfortunately he got niggled in week 8 of last season and he faces 4 chaos the next 4 weeks so surely his days are numbered.
  3. I almost feel sorry for dwarves, at least there are plenty of the horrible variety.
  4. Coach Name: BDawg Team Name: Carteret Cavaliers Race: Bretonnian
  5. Ha ha then I retract my previous statement. Well, seriously I guess it's better to have them in this lazy way then not at all but Willow is the world's slowest war dancer.
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere on the official forum they said it is nurgle instead of khemri, no idea how they can't even get the graphic right.
  7. Anybody got a pic of what Bottol, Quetzal, and Willow look like in game? I'm actually mildly impressed they've put wierdos like them in the game.
  8. It's ever better if they caused all this by accident. Well, they're getting plenty of free publicity on reddit at least.
  9. The only thing holding me back really is the belief it will be on sale during the holidays. I mean if it was a perfect game I guess I would be an early adapter but really giving them a couple of months of bug fixes and saving $15 or so seems like a win-win.
  10. Dolfar's skill set is so confusing even he doesn't know how to use it! Also, I wonder if they'll add back the 20 TV they took off Eldril and Dolfar now that pass block will work? Honestly 130K Dolfar is probably fine but Eldril doesn't really need a buff.
  11. Just add the chainsaw star players, with the broken way cash is handled now (and that free bribe stadium enhancement) we can probably get some of these legends carved up real good.
  12. Couldn't help but have a little chuckle when I saw this blurb under Cyanide's latest video (high elf vs. orc). "Orcs teams are very well protected, with a high average armour value. The reasonably priced cost of their players and the strength of their Blitzers and Black Orcs allow for really offensive tactics. A little bit less versatile than Humans, Orcs still offer a certain variety in their game that is not given to other equally strong races." So reasonably priced they decided to up blitzers by 10k despite no particular demand for it.
  13. I'm a veteran of League of Legends, I'm used to weird bug fixes and strange interaction thanks to some famous "spaghetti code". At least they're trying, I'll be more impressed when they crack the mystery of coding pass block.
  14. Brettonians just seem so awful on paper but it just seems to work on the pitch (and no I'm not talking about the video where the agi 2 sure hands peasant scores a TD.) Maybe it's because you can start with 4 wrestle and 4 block and having fend on your cheap fodder is not a bad idea. I just don't know I'm not convinced it can work at high TV though, the blitzer/knights are supposed to be so awesome but it takes a double to be good at anything and it seems like a waste to use the passing access for anything other than one leader. Also I kind of wish they had gone all out and named them peasan
  15. Hey are you doubting the elven god that is Dolfar? He's actually undervalued considering he has 5 skills! Never mind it's one of the stupidest combination of skills I've ever seen. Anyway there's no good reason he's available for Brettonian other than being a scrub, but I guess they wanted to not exactly copy the Human stars. (Seriously though get Puggy Baconbreath in the game that guy is a champ.)
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