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  1. Ahh Yes all new - the Stormtroopers are dead.
  2. Coach name: Jester77 Team Name: Tombstone Thunders Race: Khemri
  3. Sad to see Skeletor go, he was a outstading player. I hope you can recover Waleed!
  4. Well I am not sure about that, he will be one skill short until legendary, any why not guard when he is st4.
  5. But that also means not blitzing with claw pomb, which is not the case with Hudd
  6. Grats Hudd, well deserved. With your above statement in mind, why did you take a +st on a BM? Remember you had one when when we met in REBBL, were you also are running a all goat team. The St makes him more expensive than a CW, with one more mv on the cost of one av. Just to understand why you did not buy just a single Warrior if you wanted a st4 guy.
  7. Undefeated season nice Waleed and back to tier1- great news I hope you can build the rest of the team and make it to champs next season.
  8. Yeah - indeed 😉 you still got my vote though.
  9. I hope you luck soon turns around Waleed, maybe gaining the PO will help you with Nuffle
  10. Pictures of Egeskov and Frederiksborg, Egeskov have some really large gardens and lots of stuff to do as well, was there last year and I live in Hillerød were Frederiksborg is Located.
  11. Haha- that was a nice summary- but you forgot our lovely castles - I think a 7 yo would have an amazing time with places like Egeskov Slot.
  12. Kiin Kiin is excellent and not so pricy compared to other michelin restaurants, and is only one of two Thai-rest with a star in the world - beside the food is excellent they way the present is a really adventure (maybe therefore the call it the theatre-menu) Søllerød Kro is an amazing place as well and more traditionel restaurant but is very pricy.
  13. I think you forgot all our Castles, naturwise, I do agree with you- but places like Frederiksborg Slot, Egeskov Slot etc and their gardens are wonderfull places.
  14. Sad to see you losing another two players Waleed. I hope you will recover fast. Maybe a season in tier2 will help out at least.
  15. The rotter comes after the match and can join like a loner but for free, and not during the match like a zombie, for a Necro and Undead team. Don´t know if that was the case? Or he did just not show up after? Then it would be a bug imo, they way you explain it.
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