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  1. Unfortunately I won't have the time to do mentoring properly, so I'll have to stay at sidelines for the moment.
  2. Kiss here is the sole reason why Boys in Spandex are still around. With half the team decimated by the midway of their 1st season, their manager was ready to reroll. But then Kiss rolled 6+6 and suddenly there was some potential in the team. Kiss really is the workhorse of the team in Boys' bid to reach the champs (not likely to happen next season but one never knows). In D he's often thrown into the heat of battle or then he's blocking important avenues of advance. He's also known to crash into cage corners and mark the carrier to halt the advance and give time for the rest of the team to reform their ranks. In offense Kiss often screens critical areas, but he also carries the ball quite a lot since it's not that easy to get it out of his greedy hands. 15 TDs so far. The skills picked are my current fav vanilla skills for pro blitzers, in that order. The odd for some is JU, but I highly recommend it after dodge and tackle. Synergises well with SS and now with DT it's a very strong combo.
  3. Are you brave enough? Some elf tactics differing from the usual ones available. As per previous experience, people don't wholly adapt their style to my principles, but often they have taken something to their game. And not swallowing it all is probably sensible Even my own style is still a work in progress. And to be honest, currently I don't play THAT much, but while my games suffer from that, I think I could still backseat coach and teach a thing or two. Approach: Basically hyper aggressive, but always ready to adapt to the opposing team and the situation on the pitch. Team building plays a huge part in that ability to adapt. Chevron colums and L screens, wedges and splitting the opposing team, groups on 1 side to split the opposing team, thoughtful clock control... And the big ones for me, army of leapers and counteraggression with gangfouls To name some of the tricks I like to use. Teams: I've played with all of the teams, but the area I might be able to contribute the most is elfies, especially the passy kind ie. high elves, wood elves and pro elves. Especially pros. I've had some moderate success with different kinda teams, but with elfies I play my best. If I'd speculate, maybe 500 - 600 online matches with pros, and the other elf ones in their hundreds as well. Coaching approach: I guess adaptable. I've coached junior football for about 10 years and in many situations I prefer stop and ask method. Ie. Maybe we'd watch a replay or part of it together and then we'd go through the thought process in certain situations and I'd give my 2 cents. But other approaches are possible as well. So @Borke, need a mentor
  4. Cool. I'll be there soon to claim it I'm curious tho... How come you put your blitzers in the 3rd line when kicking off?
  5. Btw, B. You're welcome for my little elfies fouling that elf killer saurus to MNG before your match I'd say you owe me a pint
  6. Good stuff. And a nice start for the season as well.
  7. Very nice killy elf without any dodge nonsense. Grats!
  8. I would participate in DG comp not depending on which tier my pros play in (ie bring DG to tier 1, pls ). Fouling is a tactical choice against bashier teams (and every team is bashier than pros ). Trying to keep parity on the pitch and trying to get rid off the good players of your oppo. Fouling is also a rep thing. I know there's been several occasions when a coach hasn't used pile on on my dudes since he's aware of the foul that would follow. Sometimes the best killer hasn't even blitzed, since it might have left him too open for reprisal and the tactical situation doesn't afford him protection. So, doing those fouls also protects your players in some way as well. Naturally, sometimes things go horribly wrong, but it's just the nature of the beast . Back in OCC1 days Champs didn't have competitions since the line of thought was that the title was the only objective in highest tier. A line of thinking I didn't and still don't share.
  9. You might get a chance to cause that dying scream during the upcoming season
  10. Now, kids, don't do things like this. Scorpy here is a very strange hybrid of an offensive and a defensive pro elfie thrower. The start of the OCC2 version of Boys in Spandex in Season 11 was quite different from the one in OCC1 back in 2013. After 2 matches both of their catchers were dead as a dodo. At that point the only logical conclusion was to go for the coveted Dirty Git award, against no other but the totally bananas @Gobas (we ended up sharing the DG award ). The plan was to can the team after that season and try again. So, Scorpy got his block to get dudes on the ground for a proper elf booting. At the closing stages of that season he got his dodge. At that point things didn't look that grim for the Boys anymore, so that dodge was in line to build him a defensive thrower. Somehow Boys kept on getting promoted (once with elflike trickery ) and Boys actually wanted to win matches. With the bank at that time being quite scarce of coins, Scorpy was given accurate to help the throwing game since elfies tried to be at least somewhat competitive. (Actually while writing this is the 1st time Boys are actually really considering buying the second thrower.) And then the strange +ST. I dunno. It makes him a tad more independent when holding the ball and you can run the ball with him even against leapers. During defensive plays his ability to hit normal dudes without assistance has been invaluable at times as well. And then the last pick which was quite easy. Strong arm makes Scorpy a decent shooter. So, a curious mix. But a mix that works at times. But as said in the beginning: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!
  11. jounisii

    Don't Panic

    Grats, TYS. Very well done. You are the pro master. I have only won OFL European title and the subsequent world champ title against American champ with my pros, so you've got me. Again, congratulations!
  12. Yup. You do you and I dos mines. Strategic and tactical choices coaches make. I just happen to like stupidly aggressive elf play
  13. Me loves me some hyperbolism. 3+s are 3+s, for sure. But let me ask you a question... Would you leave your cage open for a... say a pro elf catcher leaping in with his wrestle to get a 1 die to get the ball down? Mes thinks it's a good enuf play and mes happen to know (quite) personally at least 1 elf coach who would take that chance every day, every turn. The chance of that play happening has worth in itself because at least good coaches have to prepare for it and they position accordingly. Often in a suboptimal way. So, the skill has worth even if you don't use it. Ofc, it all depends on how you play and how do you do your D. Just throwing in my humble hat.
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