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    New Team Morgue Marauders Undead
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    Technically returning coach (played during BB1 like five years ago) but probably new. Coach name: OnyshiWa Team name: Team Graveyard Shift Race: Undead
  3. As TheMuffinThief already said the main differences between all the classes are the starting point in the passive skill tree and the access to gem through quest rewards. The passive skill tree (and therefor the classes that start in the general direction) is divided as followed: North part is intelligence focused (start point of the Witch) South-west part streangth focused (start point of Marauder) South-east part dexterity (start point of Ranger) North-west part is hybrid streangth / intelligence (start point of Templar) South part is hybrid streangth / dexterity (start point of Duellist) North-east is hybrid dexterity / intelligence (start point of Shadow) and new with 1,0 is the middle, start point of the Scion which is associated to all atributes. Sor for example if you start a Marauder, the gems you will get through quest rewards will mainly be pure streangth focus, that means as the gems level up their streangth requirements go up as well, so you need to pick up streanght nodes in the passive skill tree. So if you want to play for example a Two Hander wielding Witch with the skill Leam Slam you will have trouble early on the aquiere the needed streangth to do so cause the Witch has only intelligence access early on and needs a good chunk of levels till she can effectively take streangth nodes etc. I hope that clarified it a bit. One usefull tool regarding the passive skill tree is the unofficial offline Skill Tree planer available here: http://code.google.com/p/path-of-exile-skilltree-planer/downloads/list 1.5 is the current version.
  4. They never did a Kickstarter, they just implemented so called beta supporter packages with lots of goodies. They were available during close beta and after going open beta the demand for supporter packages in the forum was so high that they introduced new supporter packages. But those are now gone too. I have no numbers but what I heard those supporter packages sealed the deal more or less. And hey for the little amount of 1k$ you still can creat your own unique Item :P and support the game. Or just go Pay To Glow.
  5. Yes the Witch is the Witch, there is no customization for her body appearence. But you can buy custom skins for armours and weapons if you so desire. But a dagger will always be a dagger and not suddenly a two handed sword, but you can add nice glow effects etc. As I said in the previous post, we call it Pay To Glow. That also counts for the footprints you leave on the ground, you can get glow effects for those too.
  6. We call it "Pay To Glow" The only "power" you are able to buy in the store are more character slots (default is 20 afaik) and more stash tabs (default is 4 tabs). Anything else are only visual upgreads for your equipment and most of them glow in one way or the other. There are also non-combat pets available for purchase. The only pruchase I made are getting mor stash tabs. 4 look like nice in the beginning but if you are serious about this game you can accumulate a nice collection of useable Items quiet fast and then 4 tabs aren't really enough. And regarding to tabs, you can also upgrade your tabs to premium tabs which come with customization. Choose the colour of your tabs or name them, which really helps to organize your stash once it got quite big and full. All that I bought during sales, tho I haven't really spend that much money. And is always an item on sell.
  7. Yes once you are demoted you are branded :p and this is permanent even after the 4 month. Existing characters cannot join a different league. You will always need to creat a new character if you want to join a league.
  8. Yes, gonna start on the Weekend in Nemesis.
  9. Playing the game myself for quite some time and if you are new to it you should concider to read up some builds cause you can do a lot of harm to your character with the passive skill tree (especially if you are playing a harcore character, also hardcore characters don't die and are just demoted to the standard league). Regarding respecing your character, basiclly you can do it endlessly. Only problem about it, you can have up to 120 passive skill points and get 18 respec points, though you can find / farm or trade so called Regret Orbs. Those Orbs are one kind of currency in the game cause there is no gold like in TL2 or Diablo (1-3).
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