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  1. We are looking for a replacement in 1B. A copy of the team below would be ideal but we will also take something similar or a returning coach that should be in Tier 1. The place is for this season only (apart from a returning coach) and you can play a replacement team as well as your main team. If you are interested please contact @Breschdlengand @Borke.
  2. I think it's the two niggling injuries that push it over the line for me. I can live with an armor bust on a Blitzer, and though the two movement busts are very painful, I might have been persuaded that there's still enough value in keeping him, but the niggling injuries are just too much. He's just going to leave the pitch as soon as anyone rolls a pow against him - and that happens, it'll always happen. So in my opinion, the verdict is "fire".
  3. Just theorizing a bit, here. If I were to dream up the ultimate BB scheduling application, I'd design it as a service that can be easily implemented into the platforms that the many different leagues use (so it needs to have Discord implementation as a bot, forum integration as code that can just be put on a separate page on a forum, etc.). Then coaches can schedule their matches from within the league's usual environment, nobody is required to leave the OCC forum, for example, to schedule their OCC match. But you still benefit from the fact that all "appointments" are stored in the same database and can be viewed as one encompassing "diary" - either for the individual coach to see which matches they have scheduled in the coming week, or for the interested third party, who wants to know for example when the OCC Championship division matches are scheduled, so they can follow the excitement of the Championship battle. I think that writing such a BB scheduling application would be a considerable task. Quite considerable indeed. I'm not going to hold my breath for it.
  4. I know one plucky little player who needs to be in this. The problem is that his name must not be mentioned ...
  5. Though getting rubber punch and rubber football in the same season is probably quite rare by itself.
  6. I certainly haven't got a Lineman to Superstar so far, but maybe @Tys123has?
  7. SEASON 18 SPIKE LINKS: Season 18 - Championship Season 18 - Tier 1A Season 18 - Tier 1B Season 18 Tier 2A Season 18 Tier 2B Season 18 Tier 2C Season 18 Tier 3A Season 18 Tier 3B Season 18 Tier 3C Season 18 Tier 4A Season 18 Tier 4B Season 18 Tier 4C Season 18 Tier 4D Season 18 Tier 5A Season 18 Tier 5B Season 18 Tier 5C Season 18 Tier 5D Season 18 Tier 5E Season 18 Tier 5F Season 18 Tier 6A Season 18 Tier 6B Season 18 Tier 6C Season 18 Tier 6D
  8. I just loaded up the last save of the game Doomy and I played. We ended up at level 20. The last few fights were tough, but it was doable.
  9. I would also like to congratulate @Gimlik for incredible consistency, coming second in the OCC Championship division three seasons in a row now!
  10. A beautiful final run at the Championship, @Tupi!
  11. I am still in it! My coaching sessions this season with Kezrael have been a joy, as have the ones last season with Kinroth.
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