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  1. Hello Mr. Admin,


    my opponent didnt turn up today (1B) and I got to get some sleep.

    Ill try to rescedule with him. 

  2. Borke


    He's certainly very special, in more ways than one. Looking forward to your tales of the final dive!
  3. Borke


    That's a pro report on a pro match, @Bantha!
  4. I'm also thinking of picking up Tabletop Simulator, which I hadn't so far. It would open up a plethora of other board game options.
  5. That's rough, may he find a nice retirement!
  6. Borke


    Looks like we could be heading for an epic Pro Elf showdown on MD6, Bantha - I'm looking forward to it already! Pros rule!
  7. And the first Divinity: Original Sin has also been conquered by the heroes known as Doomy and Borke! Delightful as the second one, more tongue in cheek in places. Definitely worth the effort. One of the next games on the list may well be Wasteland 3.
  8. Indeed. OCC teams are not allowed to play any matches in between OCC seasons. Thematically, the OCC is hardcore, and there isn't any "me time" for the players to relax
  9. We are looking for a replacement coach for division 1B, willing to play a "recreated" Dark Elf team for the remaining two matches of the season. Please send a PM to Smiling Tom and myself if you're interested.
  10. A very nice killer. I hope I never meet it!
  11. And Underworld Goblins with Horns. I'm actually fairly optimistic about Underworld with the new skill up rules. Getting a few specialist Gobbos will be a lot easier (while recycling other Gobbos that you use random mutation skills on). So your Wrestle/Two Heads/Horns Gobbo + Two Heads/Guard Gobbo combo could be a pretty reliable thing. I'm also not as pessimistic about the exchange of Linerat + Gutter Runner for Thrower + Blitzer, because you can build a Linerat into a pseudo-Blitzer with just one double (which you can guarantuee now).
  12. I never played the first D:OS beyond a 5 hour start, years back, but after the D:OS2 campaign with @Doomy77, I am really looking forward to this one as well. Cooperative multiplayer is something I enjoy a lot, I've now realized, and it's certainly a nice balance to BB2
  13. I've never caught on to Emos either, but I have watched them being played in very capable hands back in the BB1 days, and they can be formidable. Just not very Elfy.
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