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  1. I know one plucky little player who needs to be in this. The problem is that his name must not be mentioned ...
  2. Though getting rubber punch and rubber football in the same season is probably quite rare by itself.
  3. I certainly haven't got a Lineman to Superstar so far, but maybe @Tys123has?
  4. SEASON 18 SPIKE LINKS: Season 18 - Championship Season 18 - Tier 1A Season 18 - Tier 1B Season 18 Tier 2A Season 18 Tier 2B Season 18 Tier 2C Season 18 Tier 3A Season 18 Tier 3B Season 18 Tier 3C Season 18 Tier 4A Season 18 Tier 4B Season 18 Tier 4C Season 18 Tier 4D Season 18 Tier 5A Season 18 Tier 5B Season 18 Tier 5C Season 18 Tier 5D Season 18 Tier 5E Season 18 Tier 5F Season 18 Tier 6A Season 18 Tier 6B Season 18 Tier 6C
  5. I just loaded up the last save of the game Doomy and I played. We ended up at level 20. The last few fights were tough, but it was doable.
  6. I would also like to congratulate @Gimlik for incredible consistency, coming second in the OCC Championship division three seasons in a row now!
  7. A beautiful final run at the Championship, @Tupi!
  8. I am still in it! My coaching sessions this season with Kezrael have been a joy, as have the ones last season with Kinroth.
  9. Say hello to my trio of Superstars! Johnny has played 36 matches and scored 18 TDs. He recently suffered an armor bust, but got rewarded for hanging in there by rolling +ST on his next level. Elton has been the backbone of the team forever. He pulls off the craziest plays and generally acts as a terror to the opposing team. He claims he doesn't really feel the difference between AV8 and AV7. Samuel is the quiet superstar. He just hangs back, biding his time, only to suddenly spring into action, risking life and limb for th
  10. Hello Mr. Admin,


    my opponent didnt turn up today (1B) and I got to get some sleep.

    Ill try to rescedule with him. 

  11. He's certainly very special, in more ways than one. Looking forward to your tales of the final dive!
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