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  1. I haven't encountered this exact bug, I think, so I can't tell you if there is a certain "magic" combination of things you can do to "unlock" the game from that state. However, forcing a relaunch of the game (with ALT+F4 or similar) is probably the way to go here. When one player disconnects, the turn timer does indeed stop (and in my experience as the player on the other end, the turn timer even goes back a few seconds when the other player re-connects). And I personally have not had any problem re-connecting (though of course there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee). One last thing: if all else fails, i.e. the re-connect doesn't work, and you are perpetually stuck, you can always ask your opponent if they are ok to reset the match, too. It sounds like you were talking with your opponent, so it never hurts to ask. They might say no, of course, in which case you are where you started, but if they are ok with it, resetting the match might be the best solution. I would say that the etiquette doesn't require your opponent to agree to a reset, especially if a large part of the match was already played, but a lot of coaches still will agree (time permitting).
  2. SEASON 31 SPIKE LINKS: S31 - Championship S31 - Division 1A S31 - Division 2A S31 - Division 3A S31 - Division 4A S31 - Division 5A S31 - Division 5B
  3. I changed your forum name to ZeBigfoot, in order to match your in-game name (as is required by the OCC rules).
  4. Unfortunately this program is on a bit of a hiatus.
  5. An amazing lifespan for a Ghoul. Rest in Peace - finally!
  6. Respect is due and given. The OCC loses one of its finest!
  7. I understand that a "Mexican standoff" situation as you described can develop under very specific circumstances. For the time being, until we implement a strict rule (and I'm not promising we will, yet), you'll have to talk it out with your opponent and come to a conclusion together. As you did with Javelin, which is of course much to both of your credit. :)
  8. @Silfuin, it seems indeed that we don't have anything written in our rules about how to handle this. The only rule that is remotely applicable is the "don't be a d***" rule, in my opinion. This is purely my opinion, but I don't want play any "Gotcha!" cards on my opponent, and some pre-game "you go first - no, you go first" shenannigans can feel a bit like playing "Gotcha!". So in that sense, in the absence of any hard and fast rules in the our rulebook, I would perhaps try to resolve the issue by discussing with my opponent the following question, from both coaches' point of view: "Well, what would your best team management decision be if you were forced to make it first, not knowing what the other coach will do?" And then that's what both coaches do. But perhaps we should address this question in the OCC rules (and you are right, it's possible that we had something about this in our rules in the past). I will open up a discussion about this with the Green Suits.
  9. SEASON 30 SPIKE LINKS: Season 30 - Championship Season 30 - Tier 1A Season 30 - Tier 1B Season 30 Tier 2A Season 30 Tier 2B Season 30 Tier 3A Season 30 Tier 4A Season 30 Tier 4B
  10. The OCC league is played on PC.
  11. Grats on the repeat, can you do the three-peat, @Haugster?
  12. One thing that will always distinguish the "stealth newbie" from the real newcomer is the number of posts. @PaloLV on 3.1k and @humbe on 2.6k, you won't be able to hide that in a hurry! As for the awards, I can only confirm that the old awards, approximately pre-2018, are gone, and we won't be able to recover them. But on the plus side, there is plenty of opportunity to earn new awards! You just need to play the game
  13. Hello Moncap, glad to see you're alive and well! BB3 hasn't been well received so far, that's quite true. I am hoping that they'll turn it around before it's dead, and that eventually the OCC will find a home in BB3. Until that happens, you are of course welcome here as well as on our Discord server!
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