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  1. Update! I have just received word from our host that what you see now is the final restoration of our forum. All lost posts (again: between app. Wednesday, January 26, evening, and Friday, January 28, morning) will not be restored. The good news is that you can start posting again as normal. If you made any important posts in the last 1 1/2 days, you need to make them again.
  2. The company that is hosting our forums was the victim of a DDOS attack during the night from January 27 to January 28. The server our web site runs on was affected and they haven't been able to restart it, yet. What you are currently seeing is a backup of our forum from Wednesday evening, January 26. On this version of the forum, all posts of late January 26 and all day January 27 have been lost. We don't know yet whether a full restoration of the forum is possible. If/when we know more about this, we will post about it here (in the announcements). In the meantime, we suggest that you only make the most necessary posts and keep them short, because everything you post right now might be lost if/when a full restoration happens. Thank you for your patience!
  3. Really nice reports, thank you for posting them!
  4. A hearty welcome from me as well! The watercooler area is usually a bit quiet, that's why I am only seeing your post now. I hope you will enjoy your stay here - despite what Nuffle might throw at you on the pitch
  5. In this particular case, we were able to fix it by re-creating one of the teams involved from scratch and then having that team play dummy match, the result of which we completely admin'ed to be the exact result of what it should have been after the initial match. But that's not a solution that can be applied usually, it was only available here because the teams were brand new and this was their first match. I can't give an answer therefore for future cases, just that we'll see what we can do when the situation presents itself.
  6. I don't think I remember any legendary Elf Thrower, though @Tys123 might have had one at some point perhaps?
  7. Great to see a new Pro Elf among the legends, may he live long!
  8. Congrats, Kjelstad! And so the Vamps suck you back in and make sure that we get to enjoy your company for at least another season
  9. I think you will find that it was one single Goblin who went above and beyond that day!
  10. At this point, this might very well be the case - although we could always play matches (because who doesn't like that) and then afterwards count them as a 2-1 win
  11. SEASON 21 SPIKE LINKS: Season 21 - Championship Season 21 - Tier 1A Season 21 - Tier 1B Season 21 Tier 2A Season 21 Tier 2B Season 21 Tier 2C Season 21 Tier 3A Season 21 Tier 3B Season 21 Tier 3C Season 21 Tier 4A Season 21 Tier 4B Season 21 Tier 4C Season 21 Tier 5A Season 21 Tier 5B Season 21 Tier 5C Season 21 Tier 6A Season 21 Tier 6B Season 21 Tier 6C Season 21 Tier 6D
  12. Great report, @Nurdell! It was a pleasure, I hope we meet again in the future :)
  13. That was a great run, Count Mathas, you squeezed every little bit of value out of that team - congratulations!
  14. We are looking for a replacement in 1B. A copy of the team below would be ideal but we will also take something similar or a returning coach that should be in Tier 1. The place is for this season only (apart from a returning coach) and you can play a replacement team as well as your main team. If you are interested please contact @Breschdlengand @Borke.
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