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  1. I have seen your streams before and would be disappointed if you didnt season our match with some salty notes well played, after that carnage i will be hoping for midtable as i have a season of rebuilding to look forward to
  2. he smashed my team up, congrats RSTD
  3. whats the general plan for moving into BB3? will it be a few seasons before the league migrates or from day 1(ish). Im assuming lessons were learnt from BB1>BB2 so we should have an educated idea already?
  4. As long as you are hurt Badly then my mission will be accomplished ;)
  5. thank you but the real threat and seated on the throne for this game is RSTD
  6. Super happy to win my first punch award, but it was a bit of a surprise as i could not see the team totals for cas anywhere, can anyone direct me to them or tell me how they compose the list please?
  7. Rinjarni

    Signups S16

    Returning coach with old team Coach name: Rinjarni Team name: Apex Predators Race: Chaos
  8. Rinjarni

    Signups S14

    sorry dont think i will have a running PC by the time the league starts up again so will have to wait another season :(
  9. Rinjarni

    Signups S14

    Returning coach with same team after a season off Coach name: Rinjarni Team name: Apex Predators Race: Chaos
  10. can i ask if there is likely to be an extended match day when the world cup is on?
  11. looks like you have some talented folk on your team
  12. this link is non existent now, was trying to find out why 3. Least TDs conceded came to be? surprised to find it this way where most leagues go for the most TDs scored? I may of fallen foul to this but im not bitter, just interested in the thought process, if anyone can enlighten me
  13. is there likely to be an extension when the world cup comes around?
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