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  1. Now, the real question. Will he be a legend for longer than his aniki that lasted just 1 turn XD.
  2. Perhaps... But who else has enough legends to have that problem?
  3. New Legend Wooo!! Aaaaaaaaaaand he's dead in his first game since making legend. Oh dear, what a pity, nevemind, carry on. I guess I'll just make another...
  4. You both made the right choice and insulted nuffle. Expect him to die asap.
  5. Thank you! At long last I managed to unbuck the trend of taking the vogue greenskins/vamps/necro teams that actually take skill and clawpombed my way to the top! Now I was gunna RR goblins, but with BB3 on the horizon you all get the pleasure of more of the big bloat boys 'till I can start a snotling team
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand he's ded. Others have already filled his warm shoes.
  7. Here we go again, although I think I put it wrong last time... Robato wasn't the meatgrinder, this team is. Probably as we are the most odious team to play with 3 clawed piley on things and all the other nasties one wouldn't wanna see on on their opposing team.
  8. If you want somehting gimmicked you could try hobgoblins.
  9. Well... there was a certain distinct smell missing from the legends section First things first, died quite a while ago... but still he was a terror to many till he got killed early into our first Championship Run. 6 Monkey D Luffy Pestigor 6 3 3 8 200.000 238 Fastforwarding in our current team, his replacement: I'm not one to wax lyrical about what he's done/been through. He is the meatgrinder and he revels in all your naughty vocabulary
  10. Some coaches (aka me) loves the pile on but don't bother with the jump up... they're mv7 so you can easily get away with it/you rarely have the luxury of basing ur opponent for the extra hit. Also, mb is the way to go on the blitzer even if it's a double, the quicker he can get his claws the better.
  11. More nurgle is what awaits, but major gratz are in order for the fantastic feat.
  12. [OCC] The De-Bollockers (also sent to meshuggah on discord)
  13. I think I'll take dorfs then... @Kazman29 when in doubt roll on it: https://www.random.org/
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