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  1. It is alive... Sorta...
  2. Oh dear. That missed 2+ Catch in the end was rough for me to roll. But yeah, only dice I had no reroll on, so… Anyway, prolly no more grunner after having a limb cut off last match. The head/neck. Ah well, prefer to win rather than losing, but there we are…
  3. @LordJair Are you still in biz, or did you change team for the new season?
  4. So, anyone want some gobbos in their tier?
  5. Tribble

    Signups S17

    Coach name: Tribble Team name: Gobbo Krewl Krew Race: Goblin
  6. Ouch. More artists missing in action.
  7. Just do it. You know you want goblins here as well!
  8. Yeah, 400x100 was the size to meet, but when we were more creative with the gifs, we could even go to 200x400 where the logo were still 400x100, but transparent shadows and background stuff could make it bigger (and massively cooler )
  9. Thanks for the answers. I'm trying to decide wether I should go PC or Apple for my next computer. The PC I have can't handle BB2, and I have a lot of work with photos. I guess a kickass PC could do the work, but maybe Apple as well. However, since I have problems with graphics on the PC, maybe I will have it on an Apple as well... I CAN fix it, I just don't bother doing it everytime it comes a patch for either O/S or game...
  10. Hmm, just uploaded, to 1- snotling, but looks like I'm in 1 Championship instead. Playing in tier 6. Team: Boom Boiz
  11. Does anyone play BB2 on an Apple? If so. Does it work good enough to actually play?
  12. Oh. Yeah. I dropped the mike. They dropped the ball...
  13. Wow. Obviously that sig was so state of the art, that photobucket just dropped the mike.
  14. OMG, I love that jump. Well, this was what I did. Will prolly fit in an edition of the Gazette anyway The stripes didnt actually help the pic, pidpad.
  15. Nice meebee I also started a work on a version, can't send right now :) Here is about what pidpad means about the red and white:
  16. My stupid computer still cant play BB2. But I gotta have my BB-fix, so I guess I have to buy a new one then...
  17. I've had a week without internet. So I didn't get a division. Tell me if you manage to get me into one. I haven't missed a season since 2nd when I joined...
  18. Yeah, looks like this when trying to log in... Error. An error occurred while processing your request.
  19. So BEING a goblin I fixed my own fails. Managed to choose the wrong MD in yesterday's upload...
  20. Tribble


    Well, another take on the issue :) Actually a left-wing sceptisist. Text. "But what? Stop!? What's wrong with our nice peace project now then?
  21. Tribble


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