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  1. Oh god, I had totally forgotten that the 2+ is only for blocks and blitz. This makes Vamps pretty much unplayable surely?!? Also, I assume you can't attack thralls on the ground already so another kick for them?
  2. Vamps do not have bloodlust but Animal Savagery, massive boost!! (From memory of rulebook - more thralls might be seriously hurt as it loses the restrictions around limiting damage to just BH, but means Vamps aren't sent off or drop the ball if they fail to bite)
  3. It is a great game, especially now a lot of the early bugs have been resolved. There is a 'Turn Based' mod for combat, I cannot recommend this highly enough. The mod works great (and is being used by the developers in the sequel) and adds real tactical element to combat.
  4. Looking forward to it mate, I needed two other results to both go my way (and be real upsets) and they have done, so if I manage a win I will sneak a promotion!
  5. You will be glad to hear Dogbert has made his competitive debut this week, and caused two injuries as well! :)

    1. C2MC


      I watched the game, he was in top form! ;)

  6. Cheers guys, and thanks C2MC, was a great bit of fun and some awesome reads along the way! I am actually re rolling to chorfs this season (I have no shame!) and having a Minotaur called Dogbert because of this comp!! But rest assured @Sliceanddice I will give him the two weeks of the off season to enjoy some quality time with Lennifer...
  7. Dogbert sat in the box which Nes had paid for. There was some peasants walking around with bigs trays of meat and tankards of beer. Real beer! No sewer water added to it or anything! Dogbert wasn't sure how long it would be available so he tried to stuff as much in his face as possible before it was gone! The familiar sound of the goblin whistle went and Dogbert moved to the front oft he box to watch the match. The beautiful Lennifer was there, her gut plate shining and only covering the bottom of her giant belly. A large stain on her top which looked like halfling hot. A few stray
  8. Dogbert watched Nes turn to start to walk away. The giant minotaur charges towards him again. A flicker of fear crosses the elf's perfect complexion, then he feels himself being lifted up in a giant hug while Dogbert starts laughing. "Nes and Dogbert will be friends forever!" Dogbert was practically swinging the high elf around, immune to the winces as the elf's battered body is still aching from being slammed.
  9. First there was a shriek in the distance. Followed by more gasps and then screams. The crashing sound was all around the studio and a torrent of people were running past Lennifer and the two remaining contestants. The camera's were all still on, and the shows editor saw a bloodied and bruised Dogbert charging forward. He quickly ordered the crew to start filming. You can't buy a good mauling that is live on TV! Dogbert's face was full of fury. His head was down and horns up as he charged towards Lennifer, Nes and Lenny. The ground shook. Lennife
  10. Dogbert appreciates the positive feedback!
  11. Dogbert wasn't sure him and swimsuits would mix well! So foolishly, he decided to ask a fellow contestant for advice. Of course, not sure who he could trust, he approach Nes, surely a high elf would know what women want and how to dress? He always looked like he knew what women wanted! Nes was only too pleased to give some advice, with a sly smile as he did. "You see Dogbert, these days women like pretty boys. They want men who moisturise and get every inch of their bodies waxed! Get yourself to my local spa, I will even arrange your treatment!! Then all you need to do is stand on
  12. Dogbert sat down with a massive groan and sigh. He had just handed the tiny ogre back, and he was shattered!! How the hell did it have so much energy?!? It's not natural! But despite most of his body aching from crawling around and bending over all day, Dogbert had quite enjoyed himself!The day had started with Gnoblar Bowling. Tiny ogre had quickly gotten the hang of rolling the giant iron ball down the aisle in to the gnoblars who all had a foot nailed to the ground! Dogbert had even managed to show him his old party trick of throwing the ball from his horns, crushing a whole group of them f
  13. To call someone Frostfoot is amongst the greatest honours there are in Ogre Folklore. The ogre kingdom does not fear much. But what it does fear is the void and indescribable terror that is Chaos. But when the evil of chaos appears, the camps huddle round and remember the tale of F'Urdan Frostfoot. The great F'Urdan was not only one of the bravest and mightiest ogres of the Mountain clans, he was also one of the smartest. His village had been destroyed when he was young and his family slaughtered. He had been forced to join local militia as hired muscle. But he had made a solemn vo
  14. Not quite! The full saying is - 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a silver sixpence in your shoe' A silver sixpence was old english currency. A lot of people miss off the end of the saying and its fallen a little out of use as modern moneydoes not include a six pence coin anymore. The idea was having money in your shoe brought the couple prosperity!
  15. Dogbert was particularly pleased with himself. The four gifts had been one of his favourite tasks, he liked instructions that were clear and he hadn’t even asked for any help from the boss this time! Something old. Dogbert was a 17th generation Dogbert, and his family had been calling first born Dogberts since before Blood Bowl existed. The inheritance was usually either a load of debt or at best some tatty equipment, but his great great grandfather had been given horn caps for winning a Death Bowl Tournament in his youth. The caps were dented and too small for Dogberts horns, but
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