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  1. Oh god, I had totally forgotten that the 2+ is only for blocks and blitz. This makes Vamps pretty much unplayable surely?!? Also, I assume you can't attack thralls on the ground already so another kick for them?
  2. Vamps do not have bloodlust but Animal Savagery, massive boost!! (From memory of rulebook - more thralls might be seriously hurt as it loses the restrictions around limiting damage to just BH, but means Vamps aren't sent off or drop the ball if they fail to bite)
  3. It is a great game, especially now a lot of the early bugs have been resolved. There is a 'Turn Based' mod for combat, I cannot recommend this highly enough. The mod works great (and is being used by the developers in the sequel) and adds real tactical element to combat.
  4. Looking forward to it mate, I needed two other results to both go my way (and be real upsets) and they have done, so if I manage a win I will sneak a promotion!
  5. You will be glad to hear Dogbert has made his competitive debut this week, and caused two injuries as well! :)

    1. C2MC


      I watched the game, he was in top form! ;)

  6. Fantus

    OCC S10

    Well, after MD 2 my TV is now 1070...... another death, as well as AV bust on a warrior and an MNG on another. Once again not facing any claw!! I am starting to think this game doesn't like me!
  7. Fantus

    OCC S10

    Will see how the end of the season looks, never say never with nuffle and this game!
  8. Fantus

    OCC S10

    I am afraid this may be my last season, my best chaos warrior, my level 5 ball carrier beast and two new beasts all died in my first game of the season.... I am down to 8 players and only have 20k in the bank...
  9. Fantus

    OCC S10

    Thanks for the kind words, was a good season for me result wise, but the death of two high level warriors and 3 various level skilled beastmen was a kicker! I have not had a bench for most of the season and only start with 11 players I think! Glad you are back int he championship mate, should eb a good match up between us! And agree, Hudd is on fire, would love to see an all beast team win the OCC!
  10. Just a suggestion, but it would be good once final details are sorted for each applicant to do an application form of some description just to give some rounded fluff? (you may already have a plan for how this is going to run, so obviously feel free to ignore!)
  11. I can confirm that Dogbert the Minotaur is officially signed up to the competition. Dogbert is a retired player who is now bodyguard to Coach Fantus and has never had a girlfriend. He is a little shy in world of love and is very anxious, but under the tutelage of Coach Fantus, we are confident this is his moment to shine!!
  12. Sounds fun, happy to offer up a charming player to the mix!
  13. Ooh, sounds like a rough season so far!
  14. Gratz mate! And I like that you timed the wedding so the honeymoon takes place during the off season!
  15. OK, so this is my quick summary review for anyone on the fence. I have never played the tabletop game and came in to this blind, other than the knowledge it was basically mechs fighting each other. Its important to stress that as I had no idea what is a good mech or a bad mech, good weapon choices or bad ones etc. Its like when a new player first plays blood bowl and goes with goblins as they sound cool. The first thing I have to say is that the tutorial is rubbish. It teaches you the very basics, but other than that you are kinda left to it. Which in some games is great and lets you play around, but in this game I found it a little daunting and confusing. I was feeling a little disappointed in the game and it felt a little too much like you were either relying on luck a lot or just that the game was very repetitive. So after a few hours of playing around I went online for some advice and found this - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1365402907 The guide is really useful (i would suggest reading it after doing a few missions as it will just help make sense of thing when you can put the context to the tips). Since reading this and getting a better understanding of the tactics, the weapon choices, the terrain etc its really opened the game up. I am now loving this game and sinking what spare hours in I can. The campaign is a little samey. but it is still a fun grind, getting better weapons, better mechs and better and pilots. I always like chasing the shiny in games so this works for me, even if it feels a little grindy. There is a lot said about animations and the delays etc, but to be honest you can trim them down. Even then though, this is not a quick game. It is not a RTS or attempting to be one. It is slow and planned and you just need to approach it in that way. Obviously in single player you can save at any point and quickly come back to it so as long as you are prepared for that, its not a problem. I have certainly not had nay missions take over an hour, so its definitely a lot quicker than a game of Blood Bowl. So overall I would definitely recommend it. The purists may well have a different view as they are comparing to a board game. But much like Blood Bowl, if you only know the digital version, those are the only rules that matter! Just my 2 cents for anyone interested.
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