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  1. I believe that I caught wind of OCC while I was playing my first season of Ukbbl, if I remember correctly from a forum post discussing the possible restructuring of the Ukbbl league format and OCC was mentioned as possible format to emulate. Being a clever boy with access to Google I was lead onto the league forums and since this was the time when I was all hyped about playing in perpetual leagues, which I had only recently discovered, instead of just spinning in the public ones I decided to give it a go. Then I hopped on to Ventrilo and been stuck ever since.
  2. Alessus

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    Coach name (ingame): Alessus Team name: Fire Emblem Awakening Race: Dark Elf New team, old name
  3. Preserving ones team is not against the rules when the match is lost. You and Maniac trying to tell other people how they are supposed to play the game and in a league, when their conduct doesn't go against the rules sours the league just a quick.
  4. I mean the Skaven do have access to one of the most destructive lores of magic against lightly armored targets, so unless the Lizardmen are bringing full Temple Guard, it'll definitely be effective against them and can even put a dent in things like Swordmasters and obviously will be devastating against Witch Elves and Sisters of Slaughter if the Dark Elves bring them, so you should definitely bring them. And yeah bringing at least a couple of units of warmachines is always a safe bet with Skaven, as ridiculous as something being safe with Skaven sounds.
  5. I'd say that Teclis probably has the hardest start out of the High Elf factions, given how isolated he is from the rest of them, with only 2 minor factions relatively nearby, both of which only control 1 settlement and don't seem to actively expand most of them time. Infact as of late I've noticed that one of them usually gets taken out really early by one of the minor Lizardman faction from the Southlands for some reason. Given that you are fighting a Lizardman faction that is in control of 4 settlements at the start of the campaign at least with me playing on Very Hard fields armies mostly made of Saurii and a minor Dark Elf faction that is lurking nearby that tends to declare war and send a relatively sizable army at just after you've defeated the first Lizardman army and try to press that advantage to wipe them out or at least get a little breathing room, the start tends to be both slow and one mistake could easily cost you the campaign or at least set you back good 50 turns and all of that is before you need to deal with the fact that you are probably only going to have one trading partner for a while, which is incidentally the major Tomb Kings faction Court of Lybaras that will most likely expand your way, meaning you'll either be further stymied in your ability to expand or you'll need to go to war with them at some point. It doesn't help that there is also a minor Skaven faction lurking nearby that once you get off your starting province and into the mainland, you'll have to start with dealing Skaven corruption spreading into your provinces. And since you are going to be fighting Lizardmen at the start, Teclis is not going to be able to take on their army lords in combat and is likely to even get seriously beaten by just regular Saurus units, so you'll have to rely a lot on the spells he has access to for effectiveness and once the Winds of Magic run out, only then commit him to direct battle, unlike with say Tyrion who could comfortably be dueling Saurus and Slann leaders all day, since getting rid of them is very important since that is the only real way you have a breaking the Saurus units, since you can't outclass them with your Spearmen.
  6. I think it's because there is this one guy who keeps telling people that orcs need to be "delenda est", whatever that means.
  7. That's why they have Wrestle, so they'll drag you down with them for the boots of the peasants.
  8. I would like to point out that 50% of all Bretonnian teams are currently in tier 1, including the team that won the championship twice in a row. Must be odd for Ogres to have to look up to see their opponents from the depths of tier 3 and below.
  9. The problem with changing the mechanics for Skaven though could have hideously unbalancing effects on the campaign, when the Skaven aren't being played by a human, since at higher difficulties they pretty much always just have 20 stacks full of Stormvermin and Rat Ogres and Warmachines anyway, with absolutely no problems sustaining them, so if they were given access to more slots in a stack, I can easily see that they'd simply just run all over the other factions due to that advantage. With the same of course applying to Greenskins and if they would get Waagh armies on top of that, then even more so. As for limits to the units that can be fielded in a single army, it could be interesting, but I don't think it would ever happen, because no other Total War has had similar limits imposed on them either, so most Total War players would probably react negatively to such a change, since a lot of the people who play Total War: Warhammer games haven't played the tabletop Fantasy Battle.
  10. It will be a learning experience for both of us. Next week sounds just fine, do you mind if I record the replay and upload it to Youtube with commentary?
  11. Btw Barristan would you be up for a quick battle during next week?
  12. Which is exactly how it should actually be, since Stormvermin aren't supposed to actually be capable of taking on elite units of other races. They are elite by Skaven standards, but Skaven standards for elites are rather low when compared to the other races. I mean the Swordmasters can deflect arrows and bullets with their swords for fucks sake. But on the otherhand, Stormvermin are, or at least should be since I can't recall off the top of my head what they cost both to recruit and upkeep, cheaper than any other races elite units and this of course extends to all other unit types too. A unit of Skaven Clanrats Spears are not going to win a fight with a High Elf Spearman unit or even a Skink Cohort possibly, but they are pretty much assured to be almost twice as cheap as that unit, which does encourage a more "overwhelm with numbers" type of battle plan than "win with skill" type, but this is where I think the Total War fails the Skaven a bit, as they are also limited to 20 max stacks and the cumulative "supply" costs of having multiple armies running around bites them hard, if they are a player faction of course, since at higher difficulties the AI can simply ignore that safely. I personally feel that they should have given Skaven the unique ability of making something like 25 max stack armies or at least given them a universal reduction to the amount of gold lost to increased supply costs. Also it should be noted that the clan Pestilence campaign is by far the easiest one among the 3 Skaven starts as there are only 2 major factions to contend with nearby compared to the 4 with both Craventail and Headtaker and you have easier access to pasture settlements which helps with the food situation.
  13. Well I mean only way to improve is to battle right? And the AI, once you start to recognize its patterns becomes rather easy to deal with on a tactical level and then it just becomes a battle of will your dudes be able to hold against the AIs buffed units.
  14. A bit of a side note here, would there be any interest by folks to watch a Vortex campaign playthrough on either Very Hard or Legendary difficulty? And if so would there be interest in people voting on which faction and leader I'd do it with? I've been itching to record and upload something on Youtube for some time now, so I figured I'd see if there was any interest here, so I'd know whether or not I'd post the videos on here, as I'll probably record them regardless. Another idea I have also been toying with would be to see if it would be interesting if we could get an OCC multiplayer battle arena going on, kinda like the Orca Cola Brawl, but with Warhammer custom battles instead. Or possibly doing a multiplayer campaign with another OCCer, like AndyDavo and Zunk on their twitch stream.
  15. Maybe you guys should try higher difficulties and/or multiplayer campaigns? Bonus points for head-to-head campaigns although I suppose those would be more fun if you had more than 2 people in and could organize it in a forum or something consistently over a longer period of time.
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