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  1. I̶ ̷c̴a̵n̵ ̷s̷e̸e̵ ̵w̴h̸a̶t̶ ̵y̸o̷u̷ ̷s̶e̷e̶ no̶t̶.̷ Vis̵i̴o̵n̵ ̵m̴il̷k̴y̸,̸ ̵t̶h̵e̶n̸ ̶e̶y̶e̷s̷ ̶r̸o̶t̷.̸ ̸W̶hen̴ ̵y̶o̴u̷r̶ ̵t̴u̷r̴n̷ ̸w̴i̶l̸l ̵b̷e̴ ̸g̵o̴n̸e̵,̵ ̵N̶u̵f̷f̸l̵e̴ ̶w̴h̸i̸s̴p̷e̵r̴s ̴h̶i̸dde̸n̴ ̶s̴o̵n̷g̷.̷ ̵T̵h̸e̸n̴ ̷y̶o̶u̵ ̶s̶e̷e̸ ̷w̸h̵a̸t̶ ̸c̴a̵n̶n̵o̷t̵ ̴b̸e̴,̷ ̵P̴ixe̷l̷s̷ ̴m̵o̸v̵e̵ ̸w̷h̷e̴r̷e̸ ̵t̴e̷xt ̴s̶h̶o̵u̶l̷d̸ ̶b̴e̸.̶ ̷O̶u̵t̴ ̴of ̵d̶a̷r̴k̴n̴e̶s̴s̸,̶ o̶u̷t̴ ̶o̶f̶ ̴p̶i̴t̷c̶h̵,̸ ̶C̸a̵s̵t̸ ̸d̷o̵w̷n̵ ̴i̷n̸t̸o̵ ̶t̶h̵e̴ ̴H̶a̴l̵l̴s̸ ̶o̷f̷ ̷t̵h̸e̷ ̸G̷l̴i̴t̴c̶h̶ S̶o̸m̵e̶t̶i̷m̶e̷s̷ Nuffle will m̸̟͝o̸̢͝v̴̺͊e̶̤̔ ̷̨͝ his finger and your p̴͍̊l̴̼̿a̵̪͂ŷ̷͚ê̸͉r̷̨͝ will do thiṉ̵̃g̵̺̃s̸̻̎ you never imagine he will try to do. Be afraid each time Nuffle will sing his hidden song. And watch your clicks. If you want to say F̵͉̝͒ó̵̖r̶̡̩̂̈́k̶͉͋ ̸͕͍̓̓Y̴̳͂o̴̢͝u̶̹̓ ̶̞́͘ Nuffle say it.
  2. SEASON 20 SPIKE LINKS: Season 20 - Championship Season 20 - Tier 1A Season 20 - Tier 1B Season 20 Tier 2A Season 20 Tier 2B Season 20 Tier 2C Season 20 Tier 3A Season 20 Tier 3B Season 20 Tier 3C Season 20 Tier 4A Season 20 Tier 4B Season 20 Tier 4C Season 20 Tier 5A Season 20 Tier 5B Season 20 Tier 5C Season 20 Tier 5D Season 20 Tier 6A Season 20 Tier 6B Season 20 Tier 6C Season 20 Tier 6D
  3. Welcome Back to Survivor: Orca-Cola! Lets see how things look now in Lustrian jungle. Who will be this one castaway will outwit, outplay, outlast the others and take home the grand prize! As you know I am Detlef Probst. Your host and famous Altdorf Adventurer. Lets recall events of last days. In Slibli Tribe we still have right now: - Stomp, the Troll. Right now he behave quite well, probably because he is still digesting poor Lotho. - The Amazing Daryl - proud owner of The Most Unlucky Yet Still Alive Goblin award. - Freight Train - Vampire who not only injured more players than you can count but he also eliminated Carl the Confused In Quetzal Tribe there is only one player: - Eyegore Phelps - the one and only Flesh Golem In newest Tribe Panda Tribe that happened somewhere in time are - Time Fu Panda, the one and only Panda with Time Walking Power. Also we are not sure where and when he is right now. We assume he will show up in moments/seconds/years/decades/just before dinner. As side note, badger invasion that happened last week is now handled. We threw them Jimi Hendrix, and if we count this brave Blitz-Ra fight vs badgers as separate match I would say it ended 1-398 for Jimi, which was unfortunately dismantled in result. So today we have two BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS. First announcement is about Tribes. Because we are half time trough this edition of Survivor we will do the Merge and all participants will create new Tribe - Zolcath Tribe . Second announcement is also little twist. As you might not know Carl the Confused was eaten or rather drained by Freight Train. We know we didn't show this in last episode, but this special scene was censored by GBC (Goblin Broadcast Committee) as to graphic even for Blood Bowl and Survivor fans. So you also don't know that poor Carl had very successful un-living after his short Survivor career. His unfortunate corpse was thrown away into the river and floated away. He was found and resurrected by Infamous Necromancer called Suido Notsweedo. He (Carl) took new name and identity and successfully played for Suido undead team. So despite being eliminated here but because he is still able to move and participate he is ready to be back to Survivor. Lets meet Carl.. sorry now Dale Kick-it, humble skeleton, know as really dirty and sneaky git. Now lets move to main part of today competition. Oh, hello Time Fu Panda as always you are on time. We already know who will compete and now I Detlef Probst, the one and most famous Altdorf Adventurer will tell our players rules. After the Merge each player will take participation, and between three of the worst you will choose who will remain in the game and two other will be sacrificed to the Tepok (to ensure we will have nice weather for last days of Survivor). As you see here, in this basket we have couple of Kroxigor eggs we found recently. Please, now each of you take one. Your goal is to take this egg and run trough this obstacle course. Those who will arrive last or drop the egg will be nominated for elimination. Any questions? Oh, Daryl raises it's hand. Yes? Daryl - Sir, are those real spikes? DP - yes they are real. Daryl - Sir, are those real sharp as a witch's dagger pendulums that are able to cut me in half? DP - yes and those would be really nicely cut halves. Daryl - Sir, are those real spiked clubs than are able to bash my skull open with one swing? DP - Yes yes yes. Daryl - Sir, are those... DP - Enough of this. Take this damn egg and off you go. On your marks. Get set. Ready! Ladies and gentleorks lets watch how they run. Time Fu Panda does not move at all only watches his egg. Amazing Daryl is running trough traps avoiding them only slightest. Stomp decided to run after Daryl. I am not sure if he actually understood rules of competition or he tries to eat Daryl. Freight Train is also moving trough obstacles with crazy speed and agility. He tackled poor Dale Kick-it off his way. Dale stood up fuelled by anger and run after Vampire. He actually managed to catch him because Freight Train stopped for a moment to lick some blood of one of the spikes who managed to scratch Daryl. Look at this punch! Somehow Dale Kick-it knocked this agile blood sucker off feet. What he is doing! This mad skeleton dropped the egg and started jumping on the Vampire. He not only knocked him unconscious but also smashed his egg. I was wondering where is Eyegore Phelps. For the love of Sigmar. I see now that Angry Kroxigor mum joined obstacle course. She probably is not pleased about that eggs taking part of Survivor. As we see Flesh Golem rolls on the ground with her, and they are trying to kill each other. Oh boy, what a show, Eyegore was able to stand up and rip Kroxigor head off in the same swift move. And also he didn't dropped his egg! Where is Time Fu Panda? For the love of Nuffle. He somehow is already on the finish line! Time Fu Panda is first one to finish this challenge. As we see moments later Amazing Daryl and Stomp also crossed the line. Goblin is injured but alive. Stomp stopped and now is trying to figure out what he was doing. At least he is not trying to eat Daryl any more. Last one to finish is Eyegore Phelps. So this is end of this competition. Stomp, Daryl and Time Fu Panda are safe. Eyegore was able to finish race but was last and both Freight Train and Dale Kick-it lost their eggs. Also Dale Kick-it is still kicking Vampire. Stop it. Stop it. He is already dead. Well you are to actually, but he is knocked enough. Stop it you maniac. Yes I know he killed you before. Take calm and go there rest a bit. Ok ladies and gentleorks. Now you will decide who of those three unfortunate souls will be safe and who will be eliminated. - is it be Dale Kick-it - before humble peasant and now humble skeleton? - is it Freight Train - still unconscious yet still famous? - is it your beloved Flesh Golem Eyegore Phelps? VOTE UP THERE WHO WILL REMAIN IN THE ZOLCATH TRIBE
  4. Whoa, really nice painting.
  5. SEASON 19 SPIKE LINKS: Season 19 - Championship Season 19 - Tier 1A Season 19 - Tier 1B Season 19 Tier 2A Season 19 Tier 2B Season 19 Tier 2C Season 19 Tier 3A Season 19 Tier 3B Season 19 Tier 3C Season 19 Tier 4A Season 19 Tier 4B Season 19 Tier 4C Season 19 Tier 5A Season 19 Tier 5B Season 19 Tier 5C Season 19 Tier 5D Season 19 Tier 5E Season 19 Tier 6A Season 19 Tier 6B Season 19 Tier 6C Season 19 Tier 6D
  6. Because of Pidpad reminding me of Japan Rock and metal.
  7. I love this part: (new kind of inducement in BB7 games)
  8. Gobas

    Still miss ya.

  9. This is Pidpad feed.
    Does this mean we must feed Pidpad?


  10. Good evening. I'm David Rattenborough, and tonight on Blood Bowl Planet we're going to be looking at one of the most popular species. Goblins. Yes yes, we'll be watching goblins. Actually, goblins are not unusual creatures. And frankly, they're pretty boring. However, while they themselves are fairly common pests found in large numbers in many Stadiums, their rituals and lives can be much more interesting. Today we will look at one such ritual. Namely, today we will witness the ritual of Fouling. Right now we are hidden with our camera between some of the many fans we see around here. This way the goblins won't pay any attention to us treating us like the environment. Goblins may be quite common and seem harmless but in larger numbers they can be a threat threat. So let's take a look at this pack of Goblins lining up on the field. We see the older and more experienced individuals holding back, hiding behind the younger and more daring members of the pack. The younger goblins are less aware of the dangers that may lurk in the field. Goblins live in a symbiotic relationship with Trolls. As we can see, this allows them to hide behind their larger cousins so that potential predators will refrain from hunting the smaller goblins. We also take a look at one of the goblins that is standing in front. This little goblin is clearly wobbling under the weight of the primitive device he holds in his small hands. Cha-in-Sa-W as they call it, was made by goblins. They copied what they have seen in other species, which only confirms that despite their appearance they are intelligent in their own way. Now we can observe how a pack of goblins uses this egg-shaped object, called a ball, to lure potential victims near the Trolls. I wonder if they will succeed. Yes yes, watch how one of the humans was fooled by this simple trick. Wanting to take the ball away from the goblins he approached one of the trolls. Trolls may not be very smart, but a swift kick from one of the goblins caused Troll to spot the predator and knock him down with a swift blow from his huge, heavy paw. Finally, we will have the opportunity to observe the ritual of Fouling. We see how the pack surrounds, yes yes the knocked down and stunned victim. One of the older, experienced males is preparing to perform the ritual. He dances around the victim jumping up and down. This dance is in honour of the Nuffle God so as to propitiate him for a successful ritual that will bring blessings to the goblin pack. The ritualist is seen approaching the victim with a slow but dance-like step, emitting a drawn-out moan and jumping. What a beautiful beautiful jump. Yes yes. One can see the experience in performing the ritual. Look at how perfectly he landed on the victim's head. Magnificent. We see how quickly the pack dispersed after the ritual to avoid attracting the attention of one of the larger predators roaming the area, Judge. I think one of the goblins that was waiting just off the field noticed us. We must evacuate. Cameraman, quickly... We'll see you next week on Blood Bowl Planet.
  11. If someone will tell you men with long hair look like girls, he is lying.
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