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  1. SEASON 17 SPIKE LINKS: Season 17 - Championship Season 17 - Tier 1A Season 17 - Tier 1B Season 17 Tier 2A Season 17 Tier 2B Season 17 Tier 2C Season 17 Tier 3A Season 17 Tier 3B Season 17 Tier 3C Season 17 Tier 4A Season 17 Tier 4B Season 17 Tier 4C Season 17 Tier 5A Season 17 Tier 5B Season 17 Tier 5C Season 17 Tier 5D Season 17 Tier 5E Season 17 Tier 6A Season 17 Tier 6B Season 17 Tier 6C Season 17 Tier 6D Season 17 Tier 6E Season 17 Tier 6F Season 17 Tier 6G Season 17 Tier 6H Season 17 Tier 6I
  2. I can say I am quite glad with Division I ended. Two Undeaed and Necro will be most difficult as those are teams I do not like to play against. But I also have Bretonians, Skavens and Amazons and with their armor 7 I have some chance for some casualties done and precious SPP earned. While I like to win (who don't?) I am mainly focus on developing team and gaining SPP. Also if I win to much (knowing my skills rarely happens) I would skyrocket and could end in Tier 4 in Season 19, and this is something I would not to like. So I will play for win but will not risk insane stunts (like couple of dodges in row) to score Touchdown. I have team with no Thrower (do you use them? why?) but besides Thrower and Yeti (know as turnover machine) I start with all positionals (2 Ulfs, 2 Zerkers, 2 Runners, bunch of naked linos) to maximise chance for MVP landing on useful player.
  3. Hello Vampires have their own corner in this forum to talk how awesome or horrible they are doing :) So I figure out that as now Norse coach* I can start talk how our Naked Frenzy Men with Beards are doing. Norse are one few teams in OCC that never won Championship and I am even not sure if they ever been in Championship tier (and if yes it was very few times). Why? Can we change this? Right now at start of season 18 we have: Khornight - The MacLeods - Norse - - in tier 2A RytterT - Vikings!!! - Norse - - in tier 4B Kronk87 - Agents of B.E.E.R. - Norse - - in tier 5F and me as fresh new: Gobas - Wulfrik Raiders - Norse - - in tier 6A * - this is my probably third of fourth time as Norse coach. @Khornight, @RytterT, @Kronk87 How is your day as Norse coach?
  4. Winning? With Goblins? Blasphemy! Goblins are all about fun, mayhem and stupid/fun/memorable situations. Yes best coaches can win with them more than lose but those guys are good coaches anyway and lose some part of fun with goblins in the process. I am not good coach at all. But I tried to have fun in all games I play.
  5. Gobas


    Looking at table top what we might expect later after early access: - there are 4 additional maps (playmats) with different sites and roads connecting those sites (Fall, Winter, Lake, Mountain) - The Underworld expansion with two maps (Lake, Mountain) and two factions: * Underground Duchy - righteous expedition of Moles into Woodlans * Corvid Conspiracy - cunning and trickery Crows trying to hold Woodlands hostage trough terror. - The Riverfolk Expansion - rules for playing with 1-6 players (now its 2-4), Cooperation mode and Competitive Bot Play and two new factions: * The Riverfolk - aka Beavers * Lizard Cultists - known as ... Lizards (duh!). - The Exiles and Partisans Deck - An alternate 54-card deck with new persistent powers inspired by the many factions of Root, featuring new Root illustrations! - The Vagabond Pack - new Vangabonds (seven total - we have 3 now so there are 4 new ones waiting) - Clockwork Expansion - rules to play 1-4 vs Automated factions - this is probably already included in PC as we have AI mode to play in PC
  6. >my daily struggles as Blood Bowl Coach >Nuffle face when you create another CLAWPOMB Chaos Team >Nuffle face when you re-roll to another Chaos Dwarfs team >Nuffle face when re-roll to Vampires or Ogres team >When you read that in Blood Bowl 3 there will be Re-Drafting system to lower TV of teams and you will never be able to have such magnificence as was one Goblin you remember to this day >Elvis the Goblin still live in our hearts >Be you >Nuffle hates you >What to do?
  7. Gobas


    I have over 800 games on steam around 100 more in boxes (before the age of steam or just I wanted box edition). My pile of shame is quite large. And then I play mostly Table Top games on PC because I have no time to go to real people Now my excuse is Corona thing.
  8. Gobas


    I got it, played tutorial and really enjoyed it. Love how different each faction play is and how its all connected and fits perfectly to fluff.
  9. Gobas

    UnDeadly As Cuz!

    Dear Sir That new Zombie it's gift from Nuffle who is saying to you "YOU NEED MORE FOULS! TAKE THIS ZOMBIE AND USE IT TO FOUL THOSE UNDERWORLD GITS" Sincerely The One Who Cares About Zombies
  10. Dauntless on ST4 is not useless. It rarely useless but its much less useless than Iron Hard Skin on AV8+ player. If you roll random skill you already have or can't have you re-roll it. On Table Top I would find reasonable that player with No Hands can't do anything with Ball so should re-roll Catch, Diving Catch, Safe Pair of Hands, Sure Hands.
  11. I didn't realised that now Break Tackle can be actually useful for players like a human Blitzers. Sadly it works once per turn. I do not think Stunty players will take it. They need more exp to take it and probably instead of Break Tackle I would take Guard instead (to have extra annoying Guard + Defensive combo). Also just realised than all ST 2 Stunties actually now can take Strength skills as Secondary. I might understand why they added Defensive as skill (that cancels Guard) because in 2020 rules having Stunty or AG4 player with Guard will be much easier. Yes you need experience but you don't have to pray for that double on skill roll. Bdw I was torn what to think about new SPP and leveling rules. But after some thinking I like it. You can actually plan your player future and not rely on chance of getting or not double. And about MVP. That 2016 rule was easily abused to create fast unstoppable superstars. I do not like it. Now I kinda like new rules. Love that dead player and stars can't anymore steal MVP. And if Journeyman gets it you can always buy him.
  12. Fair point. I just have bad memories about going without Apothecary when I lost Ogre on first match in Ogre team. But you are right in Snots team you have cash to rebuy whatever you need.
  13. Yea, Trolls should have AV 10+ Copy Paste error. Fixed. I double checked, and yes "specialist" Snots don't have Titchy. I know you don't have to buy all of them, but point was - you can buy all of them and still be less than 1000k. Usually teams can't buy all their positionals AND have 2-3 Re-Rolls AND have big bench. Yes this is bench full of Snotlings I am also not convinced about Runnas, +MA and Sprint for lack of Titchy and Swarming. Maybe only one for TTM and to get ball after kick (because with MA5 this may take a while). But Pogo Snots I think are quite good. Pogo-Stick is now much better, its like better version of Leap. I don't know how but that might be useful even if just don't know how :) Also I just would take one each Pogo/Runner to have fun using those skills with Snots. Also I would think about Apothecary, if not from start then ASAP. Any loos of Troll and/or Pump Wagon is disaster (specially Troll). Yes they are durable and have Regeneration, thats why I think you will be ok in first 1-2 matches but I would buy Apothecary for Trolls and/or if any of your Snots rolls anything more than useful (like Bombardier who got Hail Mery Pass). I would think about taking: 8 Line Snots 2 Bombardiers 1 Pogo Snot 1 Runner Snot 2 Awesome and Outstanding Pump Wagons 2 Cute and Awesome Trolls 2 Re-Rolls 5 Fan Factor 1 Apothecary (or resign for first 1-2 matches from Apothecary) 1 Assistant Coach (now Brilliant Coaching is most common kick off Table) This gives total cost of 875k. Leaves 110k in bank. Team Value is 770k so on first match you have ~230k Inducements (you should have 200k inducements even if opponent team is little less than full 1000TV). 110k in bank is enough to re-buy Troll or Pump Wagon even if you lose and roll 1 for cash. This gives you in almost all matches in season chance to take RIOTOUS ROOKIES and have around 20 players and still leave 100k for something like Two Bribes (to keep those Pump Wagons Pumping).
  14. Yes not all changes (re-drafting) look awesome. Most of them are (skills, roster, PA stat, inducements). Also I want new miniatures even if I do not plan play with Orks/Nobility at first. Also while I know GW is huge firm I will be happy to throw cash at them for products like Blood Bowl or other non main products to encourage them to do more such stuff.
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