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  1. Whoa, really nice painting.
  2. SEASON 19 SPIKE LINKS: Season 19 - Championship Season 19 - Tier 1A Season 19 - Tier 1B Season 19 Tier 2A Season 19 Tier 2B Season 19 Tier 2C Season 19 Tier 3A Season 19 Tier 3B Season 19 Tier 3C Season 19 Tier 4A Season 19 Tier 4B Season 19 Tier 4C Season 19 Tier 5A Season 19 Tier 5B Season 19 Tier 5C Season 19 Tier 5D Season 19 Tier 5E Season 19 Tier 6A Season 19 Tier 6B Season 19 Tier 6C Season 19 Tier 6D
  3. Because of Pidpad reminding me of Japan Rock and metal.
  4. I love this part: (new kind of inducement in BB7 games)
  5. Gobas

    Still miss ya.

  6. This is Pidpad feed.
    Does this mean we must feed Pidpad?


  7. Good evening. I'm David Rattenborough, and tonight on Blood Bowl Planet we're going to be looking at one of the most popular species. Goblins. Yes yes, we'll be watching goblins. Actually, goblins are not unusual creatures. And frankly, they're pretty boring. However, while they themselves are fairly common pests found in large numbers in many Stadiums, their rituals and lives can be much more interesting. Today we will look at one such ritual. Namely, today we will witness the ritual of Fouling. Right now we are hidden with our camera between some of
  8. If someone will tell you men with long hair look like girls, he is lying.
  9. Aaaand another one (girl not Miley) Warning - video contains rainbow overload.
  10. I must say I discover lots of things because of this thread. But I will share mine stuff to. Miley Again Video might be seen as NSFW for some people.
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