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  1. If someone will tell you men with long hair look like girls, he is lying.
  2. Aaaand another one (girl not Miley) Warning - video contains rainbow overload.
  3. I must say I discover lots of things because of this thread. But I will share mine stuff to. Miley Again Video might be seen as NSFW for some people.
  4. Love and hugs for ya. Welcome back old chap.
  5. Hello Who should I contact to order one set of Yellow Suit? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  6. I don't understand Swedish at all. But I just realised it's guy from Army of Lovers. Could someone confirm its him not another guy who looks similar (very similar) and have the same name and surname? I absolutely adore him for his music work. I do not understand why but do not condone him going into Zoroastrianism. I have respect for his work for LGBT+ community. But don't have clue what they are talking bout (shame no subtitles).
  7. I will not order from GW site so sadly I will not enjoy BB3 beta. About Legacy teams, this is IMO only as substitute before they will re-relase this teams with proper re-work (like Undead). And sadly for Vamps there was no Blood Lust in main rules so they had to use something if they wanted to avoid adding new skills in such way.
  8. I am Banana so it will be filled with Bananas (duh!)
  9. Buy the box. Hug the box. Love the box. Own the box. Be the box. This is my plan.
  10. Sadly most of those I want are on HBO Max that is only in USA (we got here HBO Go that is badly done app) or on BBC iplayer. Maybe I need to move to Scotland for couple of months to watch everything I want
  11. Is there any way to watch BBC series things while not being in UK? Besides buying VPN?
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