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  1. I must say all that creepy stuff is annoying. That whole talking without seeing who I am actually talking to is also annoying. I think I could learn Gaze. But there is only one problem. To learn that gaze thing I would have to stay in this place much longer. And actually I already know how to gaze with with elegance and arrogance. Well at least this creepy place allowed me to learn my inner strength. Ok I do not want to stay here for even second longer. I need to meet some people not hollow voices. And those creeps should learn better. The Knights who say... After week of travel I found Lasker Knights. They were standing between woods, all wearing heavy armor with squires standing between them. I see one of them is bigger and clad in black armor. As I approached them I shouted to Black Knight: Mighty Knight. Come and speak with me. I have urgent thing to tell you! The Vampires... Knights of Nu: Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: What are you doing? Black Knight of Nu: We are the Knights who say..... "Nu"! I felt strange tingling and my muscles tightened. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: No! Not the Knights who say "Nu"! Black Knight of Nu: The same. Other Knight of Nu: Who are we? Black Knight of Ni: We are the keepers of the sacred words: Nu, GFI, and Nu-ffle! Other knights started humming: Nu-ffle, Nu-flle, Nu-ffle! Black Knight of Nu: The knights who say "Nu" demand..... a sacrifice! Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Knights of Nu, I am not simple traveller, I am Blood Bowl god and demand being heard. Black Knight of Nu: No, and you shall not pass until you bring us..... a sacrifice! That knight started to be annoying so I kicked him with speed of Wardancer and punch of Ogre. Kick landed on his left arm ripping it from his body. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: I have won! Black Knight of Nu: No you are not. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Yes I do, you are crippled. Black Knight of Nu: It's only a flesh wound. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: It is serious injury, you should get apothecary or you would bleed to death. Now you will listen to what I have to say? Knights of Nu: Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! My muscles tightened again, I started to see black spots and fell to the ground. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna:No! Noooo! Aaaugh! Black Knight of the Nu: We shall say "Nu" again to you... if you do not appease us. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Well what is it you want? Black Knight of Nu: We want..... - thunder strikes in the distance - A SHRUBBERY!!!! Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: A *WHAT*? Knights of Nu: Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: : No! No! Please, please, no more! Let me think. I might find you a shrubbery. Black Knight of Nu: You must return here with a shrubbery... or else you will never pass the ball... accurately. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: O Knights of Nu, you are just and fair, and if I would return with a shrubbery, would you teach me your ways? Black Knight of Nu: One shrubbery that looks nice. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Of course! Everything I do is perfect. Black Knight of Nu: And not *too* expensive. Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Ok ok I understand. Now I wonder what should I do. I could go and find that blasted shrubbery. Then I might be able to get Knights to get rid of Vampires for not teaching me anything useful. But this might take some time so as Knights are now busy I could attack them again. It could succeed. Or I can just leave Knights and Vampires alone and go search something or someone else to teach me. As I tried all noble or mighty maybe I should learn the ways of Small. I could find some famous Goblin - Sir Borke and his Wily Warranted Whatnots to teach me or go with less mean Coach GaryW and his Gorleston Apple Greens. So what does Chris T.N.O. Primadonna needs to do now? Should he obey Knights of Nu and get them Shrubbery. OR attack and tackle them in swift strike? Or maybe screw the knights and their quest and go for lesson with Goblins or Halflings? You can decide Chris fate up there in Pool (and can upvote post if you enjoyed this part of Chris journey)
  2. SEASON 22 SPIKE LINKS: Season 22 - Championship Season 22 - Tier 1A Season 22 - Tier 1B Season 22 Tier 2A Season 22 Tier 2B Season 22 Tier 2C Season 22 Tier 3A Season 22 Tier 3B Season 22 Tier 3C Season 22 Tier 4A Season 22 Tier 4B Season 22 Tier 4C Season 22 Tier 5A Season 22 Tier 5B Season 22 Tier 5C Season 22 Tier 6A Season 22 Tier 6B
  3. #tier7 for life Tier 7 was my first tier ever in OCC
  4. OCCupational Therapy People say I can fly. Yes I can. But I do not want to any more. I always was good at jumping. I trained dance when I was young. I often jumped from one tree to the other when we were chasing each other trough treetops. I was not afraid of heights. I believed in my own abilities. I was soaring among the leaves and branches. Wind was blowing on my face. I raced squirrels and birds. Then my mother went with me to the Coach and convinced him to train me. I was always a little bit of tomboy. I didn't give a damn and I was wrestling with boys in the dirt anytime they had some mean things to say about my mother. So I started trainings. And I felt in the right place more than ever. I trained with older players. They showed me how to catch and pass the ball. What all those orders shouted by coach actually means and what we suppose to do. My job was simple, run, punch and fly. Yes fly. Some might say I was only jumping. But to all those Suni I say Puntl in their Hakka. I was flying and it was beautiful. On my first match I was nervous if I would handle all those things in real non training situations. We were playing vs Dwarfs. For the love of Kurnous, they were short. I didn't had to even really try to jump over them. We won scoring six touchdowns. Well they punched some of us quite hard but nothing our apothecary and few pints of Bugman could not fix. Couple of matches later and we still were winning. And I still was jumping. Over all of them. None of them were able to stop me. I soared high over some puny humans and slow and angry orks. Then over to many zombies to count, and even more orks. All was fine. Until that day. We were playing vs some Chaos boys, but not the usual ones. Those are easy, they focus to much on their horns and claws to care about ball. No, those ugly bastards were different. They were disgusting, filthy and diseased. It was damn hot day, sun was high and bright. We started as usual, dodging out of reach of those maniacs. Then after coach signal usual play starts. Plan is simple as mind of the goblin. Jump over, run trough, catch ball, score, repeat. Then it happened. Out thrower was unable to pass properly the ball. I don't know if it was because of heat, sun or all that stink that pitch was full of. He... dropped the ball. I hesitated only for moment and then the most blasphemous thing I ever seen run near me. I was overwhelmed by its stink. I don't know how many slimy, pulsating tentacles tried to catch me. I dodged them and tried to do what I was the best. Fly away. Soar high from this abomination. And then...I... I... tripped. Broke my wings and crashed to the ground. Seconds later I was swarmed by them and one jumped high and landed on my knee. I seen his jump like in slow motion. It was done awkwardly and ungracefully. But it worked and I felt overwhelming and stinging pain. I felt unconscious. Yes I recovered. I am able to walk, run and dance again. But I will not fly any more. Not because I am not able to. Because I am afraid of falling.
  5. OCCupational Therapy The Position Counselling Assistant Coach: Ah Mr Deadmeat. Please creep slowly my way, and please do not rot on my desk. Do sit down. Deadmeat: Thank you. Take the weight off the feet, eh? Assistant Coach: Yes, yes. Deadmeat: Lovely weather for the time of year, I must say. Assistant Coach: Enough of this elf banter. And now Mr Deadmeat, you asked us to advise you which position on pitch you were best suited for. Deadmeat: That is correct, yes. Assistant Coach: Well I now have the results here of the interviews and the aptitude tests that you took last week, and from them we've built up a pretty clear picture of the sort of person that you are. And think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that the ideal job for you is zombie lineman. Deadmeat: But I am a zombie lineman. Assistant Coach: Jolly good. Well back on the pitch with you then. Deadmeat: No! No! No! You don't understand. I've been a zombie lineman for the last twenty years. I want a new job. Something exciting that will let me live. Assistant Coach: Well being zombie is rather exciting isn't it? Deadmeat: Exciting? No it's not. It's dull. Dull. Dull. For the love of Khorne it's dull, it's so desperately dull and tedious and stuffy and boring and des-per-ate-ly DULL. Assistant Coach: Well, er, yes Mr Deadmeat, but you see your report here says that you are an extremely dull person. You see, our experts describe you as an appallingly dull fellow, unimaginative, timid, lacking in initiative, brainless, easily dominated, no sense of humour, tedious company and irrepressibly drab and awful. And whereas in most professions these would be considerable drawbacks, being zombie lineman they are a positive boon. Deadmeat: But don't you see, I came here to find a new job, a new life, a new meaning to my existence. Can't you help me? Assistant Coach: Well, do you have any idea of what you want to do? Deadmeat: Yes, yes I have, Assistant Coach: What? Deadmeat: (boldly) Norse Berserker. Assistant Coach: Well yes. Yes. Of course, it's a bit of a jump isn't it? I mean, er, zombie lineman to Norse berserker in one go. You don't think it might be better if you worked your way towards berserkering, say, via ghouling'... Deadmeat: No, no, no, no. No. I don't want to wait. At nine o'clock tomorrow I want to be in there, berserkering. Assistant Coach: Fine, fine. But do you, do you have any qualifications? Deadmeat: Yes, I've got a horned helmet. Assistant Coach: A horned helmet? Deadmeat: 'Yes, a helmet. A Norse berserker helmet. A helmet with horns on it. I got it at Buggmans. And it lights up saying 'Norse berserker' in great big neon letters, so that you can berskerking them after dark when they're less stroppy. Assistant Coach: I see, I see. Deadmeat: And you can take it off during the day time, so your brain would catch some rain. It is good to keep it moisturised. Assistant Coach: Yes, yes, yes, I do follow, Mr Deadmeat, but you see the snag is... if I now call Mr Ragnarson and say to him, 'look here, I've got a one-hundred-forty-five-year-old zombie lineman with me who wants to become a Norse berserker', his first question is not going to be 'does he have his own helmet?' He's going to ask what sort of experience you've had with maiming Black Orks. Deadmeat: Well I ... I've seen them from the sidelines. Assistant Coach: Good, good, good. Deadmeat: Lively plumpy things with short stumpy legs and small round noses. I don't know what all the fuss is about, I could maim one of those. They look pretty maim to start with. Assistant Coach: And these, er, these Black Orks... how high are they? Deadmeat: ( indicating a height of one foot) Well they're about so high, you know. They don't frighten me at all. Assistant Coach: Really. And do these Black Orks eat ham sandwiches? Deadmeat: Yes, that's right. Assistant Coach: Er, well, Mr Deadmeat... I'm afraid what you've got hold of there is an Halfling. Deadmeat: A what? Assistant Coach: An Halfling. Not a Black Ork. You see a Black Ork is a huge savage beast, about seven feet high, weighing about five hundred pounds, with masses of sharp pointed teeth and nasty long razor-sharp spikes on their armour that can rip your belly open before you can say 'Orca Cola Championship', and they look like this. (The Assistant Coach produces large picture of a mean Black Ork and shows to Mr Deadmeat who screams and falls off the chair.) Assistant Coach: Now, shall I call Mr Ragnarson? Deadmeat: Er, no, no, no. I think your idea of making the transition to berserkering via easy stages, say via fouling... Assistant Coach: Or ghouling. Deadmeat: Or ghouling, yes, yes, ghouling that's a man's life, isn't it? Rotten meat, no armour, excitement, adventure, eating livers, thrills, decisions affecting scoreboard. Assistant Coach: Jolly good, well, er, shall I put you in touch with a Necromancer? Deadmeat: Yes. Assistant Coach: Fine. Deadmeat: Er... no, no, no. Look, er, it's a big decision, I'd like a couple of matches to think about it... er... you know, don't want to jump into it too quickly. Maybe three seasons. I could let you know definitely then, I just don't want to make this definite decision. I'm er... (continues muttering nervously to himself slowly walking away)
  6. OCCupational Therapy The Dirty Git Awrite. My name is Bob, I am human lineman. Every one say to me I should be the one humble player on pitch and take the punches. But I must say it is tough. They say I have anger problems. And... Ae moment please! HEY! SHUT YER PUSS FANNYBAWS, I AM TALKING HERE YOU SCABBY DOGS!!! Yes, sorry doctor. I know I yelled. But they were talking and disrupting... Ay, Nae problem I am back on topic. As I said before those two dobbers interrupted. Everyone expect for me to be good lad, stand on that bloody line, take punches for those jobby blitzers. They get better armour and get more pay and it is us that NOT THEM WHO ARE PUNCHED BY FUCKIN' TROLLS OR MINOTAUR WHEN MATCH STARTS. Yes I know I should not rise my voice ye numpty. That is why, after all those shite matches there is something growing in ye. And after all those insults in locker room and being look up by those howlin' catchers you must let go or it will eat ye from inside. I observed I am real asshole for my own lads after those hard matches if I do not vent. So I allow myself to release all that crap. And what is even better that fuckin' walloper we call coach even likes it. And this is one thing I am afraid lassie. That I like to much that feeling when ye stomp some poor bugger and his skull crack. I am afraid if I am really good man if I like that sound to much. I still want to feel good. I want to people know I am good person, I am not some maniac who enjoys pain of others, more like with this little act of violence I am releasing that darkness I have in me. If I were to say what I value most in life, I would say people. Ekhm... People who gave me a helping hand when I wasn't coping, when I was alone. And interestingly enough, it's the chance encounters that influence our lives. The point is that when you hold certain values, even seemingly universal ones, you sometimes don't find the understanding, so to speak, that helps you grow. I was lucky, so to speak, because I found it. And I thank life. I thank it, life is singing, life is dancing, life is love. Many people ask me the same thing, but how do you do it, where do you get this joy? And I answer that it's simple, it's the love of life, it's what makes me today, for example, stomping people, and tomorrow... who knows why not, I will devote myself to social work and I will even plant... carrots maybe? Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye! HEY!!! AGAIN!! I AM TALKING HERE! HAUD YER WEESHT! WHAT YOU SAY!? AWA' YOU AND CHEW MY BANGER! I AM GONNA KILL YE! [doc side note - session was discontinued because of brawl that resulted, we will continue tomorrow or as soon as Mr. Bogglesworth will be heal up enough to be part of sessions]
  7. ODE TO LUCK Luck, beautiful spark of Nuffle, Swift like Daughter of Khaine, We enter, drunk with Bugman Beer, Heavenly one, thy sanctuary! Thy magic binds again What custom strictly divided; All coaches become brothers, Where thy gentle wing abides. Whoever has succeeded in the championship, To beat a friend's friend, Whoever has won a the OCC, Add his to the jubilation! Yes, and also whoever score a touchdown To call world his own! And he who never managed it should slink Weeping from his failure! All creatures drink of Luck From Bloodweiser barrel. All the living, all the undead Follow her trail of blood. Kisses she gave us and niggle injuries, A friend, saved in death. Salaciousness was given to the goblin And the Champion stands before Nuffle. Gladly, as His dices roll through the Nuffle' grand plan Go on, brothers, your way, Strong, like a hero to victory. Be embraced, double skulls! This kiss to all the world! Brothers, above the stadium canopy There must dwell a Cruel Father. Are you collapsing, fans? Do you sense the creator, ultimate referee? Seek him above the stadium! Above all the dices must He dwell. Let us all rejoice one last time this season with blessing or curse of Nuffle. Let's play Blood Bowl.
  8. I̶ ̷c̴a̵n̵ ̷s̷e̸e̵ ̵w̴h̸a̶t̶ ̵y̸o̷u̷ ̷s̶e̷e̶ no̶t̶.̷ Vis̵i̴o̵n̵ ̵m̴il̷k̴y̸,̸ ̵t̶h̵e̶n̸ ̶e̶y̶e̷s̷ ̶r̸o̶t̷.̸ ̸W̶hen̴ ̵y̶o̴u̷r̶ ̵t̴u̷r̴n̷ ̸w̴i̶l̸l ̵b̷e̴ ̸g̵o̴n̸e̵,̵ ̵N̶u̵f̷f̸l̵e̴ ̶w̴h̸i̸s̴p̷e̵r̴s ̴h̶i̸dde̸n̴ ̶s̴o̵n̷g̷.̷ ̵T̵h̸e̸n̴ ̷y̶o̶u̵ ̶s̶e̷e̸ ̷w̸h̵a̸t̶ ̸c̴a̵n̶n̵o̷t̵ ̴b̸e̴,̷ ̵P̴ixe̷l̷s̷ ̴m̵o̸v̵e̵ ̸w̷h̷e̴r̷e̸ ̵t̴e̷xt ̴s̶h̶o̵u̶l̷d̸ ̶b̴e̸.̶ ̷O̶u̵t̴ ̴of ̵d̶a̷r̴k̴n̴e̶s̴s̸,̶ o̶u̷t̴ ̶o̶f̶ ̴p̶i̴t̷c̶h̵,̸ ̶C̸a̵s̵t̸ ̸d̷o̵w̷n̵ ̴i̷n̸t̸o̵ ̶t̶h̵e̴ ̴H̶a̴l̵l̴s̸ ̶o̷f̷ ̷t̵h̸e̷ ̸G̷l̴i̴t̴c̶h̶ S̶o̸m̵e̶t̶i̷m̶e̷s̷ Nuffle will m̸̟͝o̸̢͝v̴̺͊e̶̤̔ ̷̨͝ his finger and your p̴͍̊l̴̼̿a̵̪͂ŷ̷͚ê̸͉r̷̨͝ will do thiṉ̵̃g̵̺̃s̸̻̎ you never imagine he will try to do. Be afraid each time Nuffle will sing his hidden song. And watch your clicks. If you want to say F̵͉̝͒ó̵̖r̶̡̩̂̈́k̶͉͋ ̸͕͍̓̓Y̴̳͂o̴̢͝u̶̹̓ ̶̞́͘ Nuffle say it.
  9. SEASON 20 SPIKE LINKS: Season 20 - Championship Season 20 - Tier 1A Season 20 - Tier 1B Season 20 Tier 2A Season 20 Tier 2B Season 20 Tier 2C Season 20 Tier 3A Season 20 Tier 3B Season 20 Tier 3C Season 20 Tier 4A Season 20 Tier 4B Season 20 Tier 4C Season 20 Tier 5A Season 20 Tier 5B Season 20 Tier 5C Season 20 Tier 5D Season 20 Tier 6A Season 20 Tier 6B Season 20 Tier 6C Season 20 Tier 6D
  10. Welcome Back to Survivor: Orca-Cola! Lets see how things look now in Lustrian jungle. Who will be this one castaway will outwit, outplay, outlast the others and take home the grand prize! As you know I am Detlef Probst. Your host and famous Altdorf Adventurer. Lets recall events of last days. In Slibli Tribe we still have right now: - Stomp, the Troll. Right now he behave quite well, probably because he is still digesting poor Lotho. - The Amazing Daryl - proud owner of The Most Unlucky Yet Still Alive Goblin award. - Freight Train - Vampire who not only injured more players than you can count but he also eliminated Carl the Confused In Quetzal Tribe there is only one player: - Eyegore Phelps - the one and only Flesh Golem In newest Tribe Panda Tribe that happened somewhere in time are - Time Fu Panda, the one and only Panda with Time Walking Power. Also we are not sure where and when he is right now. We assume he will show up in moments/seconds/years/decades/just before dinner. As side note, badger invasion that happened last week is now handled. We threw them Jimi Hendrix, and if we count this brave Blitz-Ra fight vs badgers as separate match I would say it ended 1-398 for Jimi, which was unfortunately dismantled in result. So today we have two BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS. First announcement is about Tribes. Because we are half time trough this edition of Survivor we will do the Merge and all participants will create new Tribe - Zolcath Tribe . Second announcement is also little twist. As you might not know Carl the Confused was eaten or rather drained by Freight Train. We know we didn't show this in last episode, but this special scene was censored by GBC (Goblin Broadcast Committee) as to graphic even for Blood Bowl and Survivor fans. So you also don't know that poor Carl had very successful un-living after his short Survivor career. His unfortunate corpse was thrown away into the river and floated away. He was found and resurrected by Infamous Necromancer called Suido Notsweedo. He (Carl) took new name and identity and successfully played for Suido undead team. So despite being eliminated here but because he is still able to move and participate he is ready to be back to Survivor. Lets meet Carl.. sorry now Dale Kick-it, humble skeleton, know as really dirty and sneaky git. Now lets move to main part of today competition. Oh, hello Time Fu Panda as always you are on time. We already know who will compete and now I Detlef Probst, the one and most famous Altdorf Adventurer will tell our players rules. After the Merge each player will take participation, and between three of the worst you will choose who will remain in the game and two other will be sacrificed to the Tepok (to ensure we will have nice weather for last days of Survivor). As you see here, in this basket we have couple of Kroxigor eggs we found recently. Please, now each of you take one. Your goal is to take this egg and run trough this obstacle course. Those who will arrive last or drop the egg will be nominated for elimination. Any questions? Oh, Daryl raises it's hand. Yes? Daryl - Sir, are those real spikes? DP - yes they are real. Daryl - Sir, are those real sharp as a witch's dagger pendulums that are able to cut me in half? DP - yes and those would be really nicely cut halves. Daryl - Sir, are those real spiked clubs than are able to bash my skull open with one swing? DP - Yes yes yes. Daryl - Sir, are those... DP - Enough of this. Take this damn egg and off you go. On your marks. Get set. Ready! Ladies and gentleorks lets watch how they run. Time Fu Panda does not move at all only watches his egg. Amazing Daryl is running trough traps avoiding them only slightest. Stomp decided to run after Daryl. I am not sure if he actually understood rules of competition or he tries to eat Daryl. Freight Train is also moving trough obstacles with crazy speed and agility. He tackled poor Dale Kick-it off his way. Dale stood up fuelled by anger and run after Vampire. He actually managed to catch him because Freight Train stopped for a moment to lick some blood of one of the spikes who managed to scratch Daryl. Look at this punch! Somehow Dale Kick-it knocked this agile blood sucker off feet. What he is doing! This mad skeleton dropped the egg and started jumping on the Vampire. He not only knocked him unconscious but also smashed his egg. I was wondering where is Eyegore Phelps. For the love of Sigmar. I see now that Angry Kroxigor mum joined obstacle course. She probably is not pleased about that eggs taking part of Survivor. As we see Flesh Golem rolls on the ground with her, and they are trying to kill each other. Oh boy, what a show, Eyegore was able to stand up and rip Kroxigor head off in the same swift move. And also he didn't dropped his egg! Where is Time Fu Panda? For the love of Nuffle. He somehow is already on the finish line! Time Fu Panda is first one to finish this challenge. As we see moments later Amazing Daryl and Stomp also crossed the line. Goblin is injured but alive. Stomp stopped and now is trying to figure out what he was doing. At least he is not trying to eat Daryl any more. Last one to finish is Eyegore Phelps. So this is end of this competition. Stomp, Daryl and Time Fu Panda are safe. Eyegore was able to finish race but was last and both Freight Train and Dale Kick-it lost their eggs. Also Dale Kick-it is still kicking Vampire. Stop it. Stop it. He is already dead. Well you are to actually, but he is knocked enough. Stop it you maniac. Yes I know he killed you before. Take calm and go there rest a bit. Ok ladies and gentleorks. Now you will decide who of those three unfortunate souls will be safe and who will be eliminated. - is it be Dale Kick-it - before humble peasant and now humble skeleton? - is it Freight Train - still unconscious yet still famous? - is it your beloved Flesh Golem Eyegore Phelps? VOTE UP THERE WHO WILL REMAIN IN THE ZOLCATH TRIBE
  11. Whoa, really nice painting.
  12. SEASON 19 SPIKE LINKS: Season 19 - Championship Season 19 - Tier 1A Season 19 - Tier 1B Season 19 Tier 2A Season 19 Tier 2B Season 19 Tier 2C Season 19 Tier 3A Season 19 Tier 3B Season 19 Tier 3C Season 19 Tier 4A Season 19 Tier 4B Season 19 Tier 4C Season 19 Tier 5A Season 19 Tier 5B Season 19 Tier 5C Season 19 Tier 5D Season 19 Tier 5E Season 19 Tier 6A Season 19 Tier 6B Season 19 Tier 6C Season 19 Tier 6D
  13. Because of Pidpad reminding me of Japan Rock and metal.
  14. I love this part: (new kind of inducement in BB7 games)
  15. Gobas

    Still miss ya.

  16. This is Pidpad feed.
    Does this mean we must feed Pidpad?


  17. Good evening. I'm David Rattenborough, and tonight on Blood Bowl Planet we're going to be looking at one of the most popular species. Goblins. Yes yes, we'll be watching goblins. Actually, goblins are not unusual creatures. And frankly, they're pretty boring. However, while they themselves are fairly common pests found in large numbers in many Stadiums, their rituals and lives can be much more interesting. Today we will look at one such ritual. Namely, today we will witness the ritual of Fouling. Right now we are hidden with our camera between some of the many fans we see around here. This way the goblins won't pay any attention to us treating us like the environment. Goblins may be quite common and seem harmless but in larger numbers they can be a threat threat. So let's take a look at this pack of Goblins lining up on the field. We see the older and more experienced individuals holding back, hiding behind the younger and more daring members of the pack. The younger goblins are less aware of the dangers that may lurk in the field. Goblins live in a symbiotic relationship with Trolls. As we can see, this allows them to hide behind their larger cousins so that potential predators will refrain from hunting the smaller goblins. We also take a look at one of the goblins that is standing in front. This little goblin is clearly wobbling under the weight of the primitive device he holds in his small hands. Cha-in-Sa-W as they call it, was made by goblins. They copied what they have seen in other species, which only confirms that despite their appearance they are intelligent in their own way. Now we can observe how a pack of goblins uses this egg-shaped object, called a ball, to lure potential victims near the Trolls. I wonder if they will succeed. Yes yes, watch how one of the humans was fooled by this simple trick. Wanting to take the ball away from the goblins he approached one of the trolls. Trolls may not be very smart, but a swift kick from one of the goblins caused Troll to spot the predator and knock him down with a swift blow from his huge, heavy paw. Finally, we will have the opportunity to observe the ritual of Fouling. We see how the pack surrounds, yes yes the knocked down and stunned victim. One of the older, experienced males is preparing to perform the ritual. He dances around the victim jumping up and down. This dance is in honour of the Nuffle God so as to propitiate him for a successful ritual that will bring blessings to the goblin pack. The ritualist is seen approaching the victim with a slow but dance-like step, emitting a drawn-out moan and jumping. What a beautiful beautiful jump. Yes yes. One can see the experience in performing the ritual. Look at how perfectly he landed on the victim's head. Magnificent. We see how quickly the pack dispersed after the ritual to avoid attracting the attention of one of the larger predators roaming the area, Judge. I think one of the goblins that was waiting just off the field noticed us. We must evacuate. Cameraman, quickly... We'll see you next week on Blood Bowl Planet.
  18. If someone will tell you men with long hair look like girls, he is lying.
  19. Aaaand another one (girl not Miley) Warning - video contains rainbow overload.
  20. I must say I discover lots of things because of this thread. But I will share mine stuff to. Miley Again Video might be seen as NSFW for some people.
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