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  1. I stand corrected. Is kinda sad that such creatures of Nuffle won't wander the fields of Blood Bowl ever again.
  2. Another non-trivial change: when you declare your pass, foul or blitz! action, you have to declare the target of the action when you announce it. and skills like Dump Off can be used as soon as such blitz is declared (if the target is a ball handler with Dump Off skill). This sounds good for Dump Off and might see some more use, but also feels like an indirect nerf to Minotaurs and Bloodthirsters (and any other "new wild animal") player, as you can not waste your blitz actions to reposition em anymore if there is no target in range for the blitz.
  3. FAQ is up and there is a HUGE change that went under the radar to many (me included): We now can use as many rerrolls per turn as we have. The limit of 1 per turn is no more. The only limit standing is that 1 particular roll can only be re-rolled once (be it by skill or team rr) https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/12/08/discover-the-latest-rules-in-blood-bowls-new-faq/
  4. My advise is to join the team but don't over commit yourself. First season roll with the team, take care of one of the easy assignments that your normal schedule allows you to work with (to post MD threads you have to be able to ditch 1 hour or so on Sunday mornings, to close the match day requires to be 100% available around midnight for Tuesdays or very early Wednesdays). You will certainly be teamed up with one or more other red suits, so should be able to cover each other's bases if needed. I would not go into side competitions because you really don't know how much time it will be for you
  5. Got the necro Spike! while waiting for mine and Professor Frönkelheim is kinda bonkers. Basically a 130k inducement that allow 1D3 players gain a random mutation for the game, and after it you roll 1d6 for each. On 1 they get MNG, on 2-5 nothing happens, on 6 the mutation gets permanent. I can see this being used on zombies quite often.
  6. seen A-khorne full card and I love it. Claws, Dauntless, Dodge, Frenzy, Side step, no hands, stunty, Titchy, Loner (4+) 80k, All teams Special: can rerroll failed Dauntless rolls I can see this as the reason why Tier 1 teams won't be allowed to hire star players in TT tournaments
  7. Apparently, the beta access will only be given to those that order straight from the GW website, those of us that go through a FLGS can forget about it, basically.
  8. By the text of animal savagery, it looks like you can declare your action to be hypno gaze and thus becomes a 2+, 2+ thing.
  9. so instead of 2+, 3+ now is 4+, 2+, making harder the roll that has harsher consequences if failed.
  10. I really don't understand why they have decided to ruin the vampires like this. Basically hypnotic gaze has become wildly unreliable as you will always have to roll savagery on 4+ in order to even try it.
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