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  1. Anything you please, being a rookie team in a rookie tier, everything is game
  2. As per title, we have a spot opening next MD, and it could be for a fresh team eager to jump in the competition.
  3. Frenzy AV7 linos. Now that's a brave team if I have ever seen one. The 4 Minitaurs are cool tho, specially the mini.
  4. A year later, boyz are back. 4B divishun, 3 unfaithful orcs 2 geckos 2 pointy elves 1 pointy dorfs 1 herd of goats Vel, nut bad for boyz for first match in about a year vs. sum pointy elves. Game lost at T4, give or take, so kids decided to stretch muscles and give a go at some plays instead of playing ball. Much fun kicking elves in the floor, but nid pointy sticks in boots, all show, no bite. Sum lads haf bigger tummies and that's gud, better padding. Skinny Toottas ded cuz him not angry nuff, no coins to get a new rookie so dis is great start. Still 8 lads touched by Gork and Mork, and NAID iz bettah at helpin' uthers
  5. Good: release pushed to Q1 2022 Not so good: "no plans" to include redraft in the initial launch
  6. Dedonlegs: Gork and Mork be praiz'd. Vi found the exit of dis cave OUCH: Dat was nut cave, Dedonlegs, Dat was prison. Dedonlegs: Whatevah. Vi ut. Can see Sun and Moon and am OK vith even Morrslieb smile. Dis fresh air. Vi orks, no white skinny elves. Vi not made for dungeons. Vi mate for jungles. And Blood Bowl. Beltawhola: Ztop talking like shaman, Dedonlegs. That iz not ur jub. And keep running, Dos guards vil find out vi ar ut. So, after some seasons in jail for awful performance, I see the only real orcs in the OCC landed in a division with plenty of fake orcs and jailers. At least we get some snacks to roast, tho skinning those saurii ain't easy with silex tools. Diz not gud. But can always stick to our motto. Smash first, push second.
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