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  1. Hey, tnx for visiting my space :) yeah reloading was the first thing i did, but no luck this time. Shows me to not write long stories in 1 go :) ah well, there's always MD5-9
  2. f*k me. i just wrote the most epical match report, but then smashed the wrong buttons and now its gone....
  3. and just like that Nuffle throws you a bone.. vs @Szurke291 and his -360 lizzies. he took a chef that tooka whopping 1 RR the entire match. almost everything worked and with no wizard i could freely move and so the skills kicked in (on the players that is) 5-0 win ag5 dodge catcher rolled double got NoS guard catcher got + mv TV 1700ish now with 12 players... And i have the gold to buy a Wiz stadium. But do i....
  4. Ah so the Wiz was used. Mustve been when i was getting a drink then.
  5. md3 vs 11 emos a wizard a bribe and a babe I had serveal succesfull sack attempts, but hte ball rarely landed fortunate. I was en route to score 3-2 when total elf BS worked, the ball went OOB and then landed out of reach for me and made the 2-3 TD possible. 2-3 loss where i was winning the game till turn 13. i outplayed the opposition, but from t13 on he could fail nothing and everything went his way. he didnt even need to use the wizard to win. No more need to play for top3, so I can focus on Dirty Git again, that feels liberating blodge catcher got sidestep and bear got block, so theres that wp @BumFillups
  6. MD2 vs @Andal and his TV 1660 ( i think he sacked 2 skinks), so we get a wizard and its 12 vs 12 couple of block MB suari, a ag4 skink, some DT, itll be fine.... while getting on the field the Kislevites are somewaht confused as they sense something familiar yet not familiar, as is the cold blood should be running through their veins as well. This does distract them during the entirety of the match as they cant shake the feeling off. He wins the toss and opts to receive which is fine by me. We get a perfect defence, but the ball cause offfield. LoS blocks get 1 stun and a foul (rolled double, but Sneaky Git skink) is a KO, the lizards build a cage of sorts So we can leap in, sack the BC but cant pick it up. This scenarios repeats itself for a couple of turns. Skink gets ball, I sack the BC, but cant get the ball.. Meanwhile the bear starts pushing a saurus to the edge of the field. Desperately the saurus tries a 2die uphill when he is on the edge but skull sit and the bear injures him. Halfway the first half the skinks get their hands on the ball and runs in the TD. Kickoff and we build a nice sideline cage in comes a random skink with a 1die block with no skills skull-rr-pow.. sigh at least we get to surf that skink for an injury. we get the ball and run it away. not far enough though as the dodging BC gets sacked and stunned. To have shot at a TD the bear need to push a saurus but get BDBD and fails the loner.. 0-1 halftime Why not use the wizard in this bit you say? well, there never was a moment where i figured a succesful wizard would lead to a TD and I wanted to safe him either my offence or his defens after my fast score in the 2nd half... Oh im a sweet summer child... The 2nd half was exciting for about 2 turns. I had 2 shots at a TD a 3+ catch 1-RR-2 and a 3+ pass which fumbled after that it was failed pickups, missed leaps vs knocked out Kislevites, etc. i dit manage to stop the lizard scoring their 2nd TD, but that was all there was to do. so 0-1 end Bear is 1 spp away from lvl 14 players next match vs blodged up emos with 2 loners and 300k inducements
  7. Ill have written mine up tonight😉
  8. So MD1 vs @Varrus and his rookie Khemri he took Sethekk, a Dp skellie, a bribe and a RR I won the toss and opted to kick. The kick was short and in his left field, perfect On his T1 after some blocking and getting a TZ on the ball on of the TG did what they do. 3die block with skulls and BD's Rr'd into 3 BD's. Turnover The sun was bright, but i opted to ignore that fact throughout the game. Its usually the best tactic and works wonders vs Diving Tackle and the likes as well. Just dont acknowledge the existence. Short story shorter, My AG5 catcher got the ball and another players scored. 2nd drive started worse, but i got enough shots at the ball to get it loose with my AG5 catcher doin the work, so 2-0, although Sethekk did try to make it hard for me with his Stripballing 3rd drive more of the same, so 3-0 4th drive couldve been 4-0, but 2 snake eyes in a row, or as the Khemri call it: Double Assps, the ball was taken onto my half for the first time. During this my blodge catcher got niggled, but brought to MNG and a lino got MNG's as well. I had 1 shot at the ball, but it wasnt enough and with 2 GFI's on t16, the Khemri scored the 3-1 some points to take home: Dont arrange a match when you have 90 minutes to play, construction workers in your house needing stuff etc AG5 is as good as it sounds not facing a wizard is great rookie blitzer got guard rookie catcher rolled double, so guard as well I did buy a 14th player ( a lino), so i have 12 next game next game is vs @Andal as his 1720 lizards, meaning ill have a wizard and a bribe, still its lizards, so can go any way
  9. Yup i mixed you two up, but still you had a couple of championship season
  10. Lol md1 is VS OCC champ Varrus and huis rookie khemri.. giving away 550 inducements. Lets hope my skills (on players, not me) can make the difference
  11. Yep, if my leap dice are with me and your boots Stay clean VS me, i might even be top half by the end of the season!
  12. nope, you are in 5A
  13. Nah I think @Andal is a returning coach, so he will have 1 season on his team @Vlakenhol is unknown , but I think (s)he might be the one who volunteered to get in T4 instead of T5.. silly him/her
  14. Elarion - Urga Thora - Lizardman - - #2 5d last season. TV 1270, couple of block saurii TYS123 - Ghoulsish Goons - Undead - - #3 5b, but winning dirty git and bounty hunter. TV 1470 mostly due to a very large bench, used to make a lot of fouls.. Andal - Cold Blood Champions - Lizardman - - Cant find this team anywhere, must be a returning team BumFillups - Delft Blue Redux - Dark Elf - - #4 in 5D couple of blodge and 2 AG5 elves wismerhill - Boing, Boing, Dead - Kislev - - TV 1550 13 players fully intact Kislevites szurke291 - Full Makákók - Lizardman - - 1370 lizzie team, no real outstanding players frick you - Mens go for balls - Wood Elf - - 1260 blodged up welf team, lost 0-5 last season, but that was because i took the loss in order to try to win the dirty git contest, so maybe we will get a real match this time. Pointblank93 - Necro Machine - Necromantic - - 1360 necro with a scary wolf, rest is pretty much what one would expect Vlakenhol - The UnDeli - Undead - - no info on this team Varrus - Sekh's Machines - Khemri - TV 1000 new team who got randomlyt rolled in T4 instead of T5 GL @Varrus Not too bad i guess. Will be giving away a lot of inducements till i start to lose players
  15. 3 lizards, all forms of undead and some elves for me. No bashy chaos, chorf, nurgle or orc..
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