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  1. rught... sinterklaas wanted to make a mark in his first game so he scored 4 TD's completed a pass to the 29/31 catcher for a TD and got the MVP.. lvl3 catcher got +MV sinterklaas got: block and fend when elves elf and orcs dont orc, they win 5-0.. only downside is the -AV on the dodge/DP lino 10 elves and a loner for MD8 vs the dorfs... MB and guard spam.. will have roughly 200k inducement so will go apo and bribe
  2. incredible a 1-0 win... given the oppo mostly rookie team, his wizard failing, his overall decision making, it shouldve been 3-0, but 5 snake eyes, sure after some elf BS to get to the scoring position, and some very fortunate moments (bounces, etc) he was a 5+4+ away from a draw.... FU nuffle. catcher lvld rolled double so got NoS 3rd catcher got hired (3rd so far) Tv 1600 now.. but dorfs, orcs and khemri left, so much of trimmin g ahead
  3. md5 done: guard lino and wrackle lino MNG 61% dodge succes rate 33% Ko return vs 100% pickup 90% gfi 83% bonehad 72% armor 57% injury somehow it was still only a draw a 1 for winning MD6 is vs a mostly rookie necro team, so thats a loss for sure
  4. Hello there fine people of the OCC! my name is Wismerhill and i am here to tell you all about this weeks contestant. She would be here herself, but she is uhm pre-occupied So our latest contestant is named Desdemona, a beauty beyond beliefs. She entered this competition on false beliefs. She thaught she came here to show of her talons and almost got boo'd of stage by some crazy felons Hearing what this was acutally about she started singing angelic and loud She sang the first thing that came to her head
  5. I was wrong. it took 2 turns and ended in a 1-2 loss the catcher i bought after last match died in T3 a dodge lino lvld (MNG for next match) and got DP I am gonna stop to play to score and will just play to foul for the remainder of the season. that way I might survive mentally
  6. facing @Francach and his UW squad with 350k inducements in a couple of minutes. Prediction: for 5 turns or so things will look ok, then he will be fortunate in 1 turn which will turn the game around and lead to a 1-3 loss for the woodies
  7. MD3 happened. 0-3 loss vs emos. looked ok till t3, then a lucky sack on my wd (all blocks on WD were pows btw during the game) ball bounced perfect for the mos. I just went on a fouling spree after that. got a lvl on my mb wd so he learned to tackle. guard lino is out mng. TV 1500 va 1150 UW next MD, so I guess I know thatll be a loss as well
  8. Well.the E3 got cancelled, so maybe also all the plans?
  9. Nice. Check the team and recreate it and let @bob152and me know when
  10. game was fine till T6, was 1-0 up and then my oppo couldnt fail a roll. lost 2-1, only lost 1 dodge lino, didnt get enough to replace, so a loner for MD3 totalling my TV at 1490
  11. Hello, we need a replacment in T2, a TV 2kish nurgle team or something similar will fit. You can also remake the team that gets replaced. Do note that playing as a replacement in T2 means you wont be elligible for promotions and the like. please post here or PM me and/or Bob152
  12. although I love our OCC orc, id rather be a chimp with a prodstick
  13. Right, Blizzrad all game so @Ugh (Oook!) started with bdbd rr into skull bd, so i thought id found a soulmate. T3 I needed a GFI (3+ with RR) for the TD, snakes. BUT in a stunning turn of fortune, I got the d6's I needed, my elves stayed on the pitch (bar 3 KO;'s) and won 3-0... what??? catcher lvld for SS and I got the coin for a tree.. Back to 11 rostered players and TV 1510...
  14. Right, MD1 is about to start. 12 kislevites and 160k in indicuments vs 10 woodies + a loner. lets see what happens
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