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  1. md3 vs gobas and his dorfs ........ onto the next with a lot less TV
  2. This was the reply Danton gave me via discord and it worked! I believe you have to uncheck Automatic Synch in the Steam Cloud settings. Then you delete the Blood Bowl 2 folder in your Documents folder. Then you launch Blood Bowl and log in. Afterwards you can reactivate the automatic synch.
  3. For some reason i cant log into the game anymore. It gives me an interenal server error. reinstalled steam and the game, but it still happens. Any clue what it might be?
  4. Well... Nuffle is definately setting something up for MD3 vs @Gobasand his dorfs... @Hamanito was on the short end of Nuffle stick this MD... Sure he made 1 rookie mistake on his T1 (not putting TZ's on the ball and then failing the pickup), but after that his dies went rather cold and mine just flaming hot. Fouled 1 wight MNG on t1, on t3 i took out 3 ghouls. 1 by foul, 1 by blitz and 1 by surf with said blitz. his Ko roll total this match was 2/9. so in the end i won 4-0 lvld 3 players (2 throwers, 1 got block the other big hand and the blitzer, who rolled +agi). i bought an apo and can buy the 2nd blitzer after the dorf match, but i figured an apo would be better for that :) i can buy bomber for md3 which is nice...
  5. Its only fitting that I face Khemri on MD1 as it was a Khemri squad that i faced last match i played. and its even better that its vs @Francach as its been quite a while since we played vs each other. md report will follow after our beating game ended with 3 injured 1 dead(blitzer, so that hurts a bit) and 4 Ko's on my side took things easy and not to serious so lost 1-2 onyl sad i wasnt able to foul a lot but MD 2 will be vs undead and my TV will be 890 as i cant replace the blitzer yet and wont buy apo before ive replaced him. so at least ill have a bribe then :)
  6. not really a mix, just the 1 tv 1500 vamp team in 5a :) i kinda like that for my UW squad :) and a chorf team in 5b (poor 5b coaches)
  7. I started in the SSC
  8. Right Divs are out: 1 orc If i get them early theres a chance 2 undead If i get them early theres a chance 1 emo loss 1 necro If i get them early theres a chance 1 khemri could be doable 1 woodie loss 1 vamp with TV 1470!! 1 frak vamp rest dodge or blodge. inducements might make the difference 1 dorf loss predicting a 4-2-3 season
  9. @Pidpad Wismers Redemption Squad
  10. 18 months ago Wismerhill awoke in a dark, dank, pit after being hauled off of the pitch after his short lapse in impulsecontrol. The OCC minions didnt waste time to strip him naked and throw him in the deepest pit they could find. Ofcourse this was the normal and just action taken against a coach who ran off the pitch before the end of a match, so he didnt feel unjustly treated. He did feel naked without his red/green/teal triple layer suit, but somehow the nakedness felt liberating as well. Luckily there were numerous rats in the pit, so over the course of a couple of weeks, feeding on rats and sucking liquids out of the mouldy rocks, he started planning his return to the OCC. When his brooding was over he climbed out of the pit (yes it was very easy, but he felt comfortable in that pit for a bit) and his plan started to unfold. Over the next 16 months he slew monsters, learned how to use signs to cast spells, got a tadpole put into his eye, and revisited the lands of Azeroth to raid dungeons and kill more monsters. The plan was to learn all different ways to kill/maim/end different species and learning ways to teach this to bloodbowl players. Then 2 months ago the time was right. He came back to the world of Blood Bowl and started the procedure to select a team of brutes to put the things he learned in practice. Orcs were too dumb, elves too smart for their own good, undead teams just deadly dull and chaos teams just didnt listen at all. In the end it came down to either amazons or underworld. Wismerhill then remembered his weeks in the pit eating rats and thought itd be nice to have a snack at hand during matches so selected Underworld.
  11. returning coach coach name: Wismerhill team name: TBD Race: TBD
  12. Hello there fine people of the OCC! my name is Wismerhill and i am here to tell you all about this weeks contestant. She would be here herself, but she is uhm pre-occupied So our latest contestant is named Desdemona, a beauty beyond beliefs. She entered this competition on false beliefs. She thaught she came here to show of her talons and almost got boo'd of stage by some crazy felons Hearing what this was acutally about she started singing angelic and loud She sang the first thing that came to her head It just so happened to be the best song in the world I looked into het eyes and it was easy to see One and one make two and two and one make three it was destiny Once every hundred-thousand years or so, when the sun doth shine and moon doth glow Needless to say, we were all stunned When she saw we were all stunned she went into a beautifull bloodsucking frenzy and drained all the judges before bolting out the emergency escape The question is: Do we need to hunt her down to stake her through the heart? or Do we need to hunt her down to go to the next round?
  13. Well.the E3 got cancelled, so maybe also all the plans?
  14. Nice. Check the team and recreate it and let @bob152and me know when
  15. Hello, we need a replacment in T2, a TV 2kish nurgle team or something similar will fit. You can also remake the team that gets replaced. Do note that playing as a replacement in T2 means you wont be elligible for promotions and the like. please post here or PM me and/or Bob152
  16. although I love our OCC orc, id rather be a chimp with a prodstick
  17. still working my way through the books on the Black Company bij Glen Cook. thoroughyl enjoyable
  18. that one is truly hilarious!
  19. damn 3,5 years. I do hope you burn the suit rather than keep it unwashed for a next green :)
  20. This seasons most liked MD thread was written by @Rymdkejsaren The winnning thread was he kicked of the amazing journey the Ragtown Rascals made ths season. A big applause to the rest of the fluffteam for creating another great seasonworth of MD threads! All hail RK and gratz on winning this:
  21. sorry guys, played a couple of games and i am not ready to play vamps... 1 more season of the cursed woodies, then a break for S16 and who know whatll happen for s17
  22. well, i am playing woodelves now and Nuffle has told me that was a bad idea. might as wel indulge the great one. so new team
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