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  1. nice one Waleed... Being married is good; getting married is a pain though!
  2. Yeah - I used to use Photobucket, but it was a right faf by the end!
  3. You don't find them - they find you! Offer them tea with plenty of biscuits...works for me! Unless it's Verbal - then it's tea, biscuits and lots of alcohol!
  4. Hey Waleed... Watch out for Anraka: I've been a big favourite Vs his Ogres as Chaos (developed) and Wood Elves (in the WCQ). I honestly don't think I've beaten him once...you have been warned!
  5. Oh my gosh, you even wrote reviews and got through the three films! Good lord! I'm heading over to the (pity/ respect) like button now!
  6. me and the wife (a while ago) played cards to determine which film we'd see without the kids. The wife won. We watched Sex and the City (Pt1). After about an hour, I went outside for a cigarette - forgot I'd stopped smoking. No one was really around to sponge off, and yet I still stayed outside to consider not watching the film was better than watching it. About another hour later, I needed a 'long toilet break'...(did manage to sponge a cigarette that time!). And, before anyone starts, I've got through some other films of this genre - but this was the worst!
  7. zippy75 Orcs OCC Moog's Atomic Raiders 40+
  8. I quite like Pro Elves/ Elf Union... Couldn't see those on the list! Bah! Edit: just seen it under 'elf'!
  9. @Pidpad I just have to pop in and say 'well done Pid-Pad'! Keep flying the Bretonnian flag! (there are still some idiots players that think Brets aren't much good!).
  10. Tell him I said hello...he's my favourite player... But he's also poor; you should win!
  11. I'm sure Sting could work that into a song somehow... Whoo, oh I'm a lager fan, I'm a legal lager-fan... Nah - still a shit song by a shit *solo* 'artist'. **Note the word 'solo'**
  12. yes you can! Because I like lager - and I like...
  13. totally not your fault: in MM, you're playing to win. In a league, you're just trying to keep the Blitzers alive until they get Dodge! Because in MM, you just make a new team unless you win your first game - or get some Stat-Boosts!
  14. oh no, I'm not asking for a ban...it's just there for us all to laugh at (him!) Personally, I found it hilarious as he'd make several totally unnecessary GFIs - then, eventually fail one and begin another rant!
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