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  1. Silfuin


    Thanks, that explains things clearly.
  2. Silfuin


    Is there any league awards list anywhere? I tried to search but couldn't find any. Also, if I am entitled to an award how do I get it in my signature? I ask because I saw on someone else's signature an award for stepping in as a replacement, yet I stepped in as replacement in season 18 div 4a but I don't have any award. How does that work exactly? Do I have to know what awards are available and let some admin know that I am meeting the requirements? Thanks.
  3. It's only fit that equals stick together. You are just unlucky that you are the only human in Championship, but don't despair, some eventually will come up. Congratulations Raspel.
  4. Coach Name: Silfuin Team Name: Red Riding Wood Race: Wood Elves Returning team, played S22 in div 2B ending 5th.
  5. Silfuin

    Signups S19

    Reserves list is 9 players deep right now. What happens if we reach 10? Will a new division be created in tier 6, or is the divisions' structure fixed?
  6. Silfuin

    Signups S19

    Ok, let's give it a try, if by chance a spot will open up. I hope that not having a name still is not a problem. Coach name: Silfuin Team Name: -- still to be decided -- Race: Wood Elves
  7. I just realized that the Woodie team has only 10 players, therefore tv is actually 1620. If needed I can trim it any way you like. ... or just invite one of the other two teams. Preferred is Underworld, but given the level of the other teams maybe delves are a bit better. Your choice.
  8. Ok, I have recreated my old BC1 woodies team. If it's ok I'd like to use it. 1550k TV "White Owls Of Darkmyst" If you consider it not good then I'd use the Underworld or Delves generated using clan rules 1340k TV "In Warp we Trust" 1420k TV "Red Angelz"
  9. Will do this evening when I come back from work.
  10. Not teams developed in leagues, unless you allow copy of teams I already use in other leagues (BC and a private league). In that case I have a Woodie team at 1530. an earlier copy at 1440 and a Delf team at 1340. I have a bunch of teams made for tournaments, thus with skills allocated (mainly 5 normal skills and 1 double) and TV 1230-1250. I also have a couple of teams I made with CLAN rules: Delves at 1420 and Underworld at 1340, both with 1 stat increase and a bunch of skills. However I can custom build any team you want: if I need to replace a real team i can build it exactly like it was. Or I could dust off some BB1 teams. I have my old OCC orc team, but I think it is a bit high sitting at 1990k tv. I also have a bunch of teams I used to run in Crunch Cup.
  11. Is a replacement still needed? I woul gladly jump in while applying to the waiting list for next season.
  12. Got an error when uploading my match against Mrapostoli (2B MD2) The message was unspecific: "Error. An error occurred while processing your request." Not sure if I need to attempt again or what.
  13. Just wanted to report that I noticed something strange in 2b: Warpstone Connection is listed as having played 5 matches though it's still MD4 while Band O the White Hand is listed as having played only 3 matches though we have already played and uploaded our MD4 match, and it is correctly processed apparently as I am being listed as having played 4 matches, which is correct. Thanks for your amazing work you folks.
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