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  1. LordJair


    Will look forward to watching that later. Brutal as always... And I think your viewers know and understand the rage...thanks to you, my wife doesnt think I am quite as mad now...suffice to say we have strict rules to just avoid me at all costs during games...
  2. Miss the good olde days of BBM, is there any way to view a teams former/retired/dead players?
  3. I did lose the MA6 blitzer. We've taken 4 deaths in the last few games, thankfully the apoth "fixed" two of them... the Roller is annoying as its so expensive and making gold with higher TVs is a pain...but it will be back! Ended up going "safe-ish" with Dodge. Everyone's gunning for my runners so he'll need all the help he can get, and it might help with the inevitable dodges for TDs... He can have sidestep with his next double...
  4. I've got plenty of grab, 2 half decent slayers, one with Jugs. We just lost the deathroller (to a 2 dice I choose block)! Ma8, Kick off return but with AV7. If he was AV8 I might seriously consider Leap... I still like the idea of the 1TTD...lol Dodge makes the most sense, but guard might help also. I also love sidestep, sure feet and sprint... Ugh! Going to give it a couple of days to think about it, but thoughts welcomed! LJ
  5. As long as every double is 'leap'!
  6. Still?!?! I thought I'd shown you guys the light!
  7. I know the BB server only keeps a week or so of replays...I dont suppose these are stashed anywhere at all so you can check on an opponents playstyle....used to love the BBM tool for pulling in the occasional game and being able to watch whenever...
  8. Scraping the barrel to be streaming this one aha. My pitiful Dark Elves have managed 1 actual win in about 12 games or so and still got promoted due to admin wins...
  9. I'm still learning BB2...so we're good to add Stadium enhancements to our teams? I thought I'd seen they were banned somewhere then noticed one of the teams in my div has one...i don't even know what's available but i might have some cash to burn...aha
  10. Was waiting for the leaderboard to update and noticed the fixtures etc also appear to be down. That a normal state?
  11. You can zoom through with the + button repeatedly till hits max speed, you don't have to watch at normal speed lol...
  12. Done...and thanks for sharing Dreamy!
  13. Doing my usual research on the teams ahead. 4B - Snootz does not have a goblin team, unless he's playing a new team or has an alias. Crunky Chops - Snootz - Goblin - In game Snootz only has 2 dark elf teams.
  14. They do realize there actually is still a market for it if they actually fix what's been requested of them?
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