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  1. My REBBL Dorfs are going up against a monster Vamp team... check this lot out!!! https://rebbl.net/team/2501048 I can see me getting 6 Vamps as they're surely going to die at points - but I dont think I'd want to have 6 on the field at the same time!! Orcs for my OCC Vamps this week. They've got some mighty blow now and I suspect it'll be a bit rough but I've usually done well versus those that just know how to cage and murder, so we'll see.... I dropped from joint to to like 4th with one loss, the div is super tight. I'm going to try and lvl the 5th vamp
  2. My evil plans foiled....2-1 loss to dark elves. The first 2d block on their ball carrier needed the knockdown but even after that i thought i'd blocked him in well enough. Damned sneaky Elveses... I probably pressured too hard as usual. Should have been 3-0 but for the trip-wire...i then pulled off for some elfy bullshit myself with a thrall dodge, pick up, 4 or5+ pass (he also failed the 5+ intercept) and then my thrall caught it, 2GFIs and a handoff to another thrall who then also made 2GFIs and we literally got the ball from my endzone to his in t16...lol We're lo
  3. MD6 - vs some very scary looking pro elves... tried probably too hard to rid the world of his agi 5 / mighty blow(!) catcher and almost paid the price... 1-1 in the end so we're 3 wins, 3 draws and somehow top of the division. Managed just one level up on the 4th vamp and his first skill is .... tackle... the Dark elf team next are going to really grief me with no tacklers so hopefully I'll get lucky and nobble a Witch or one of the others.... we'll see! Still to get a kicker.... mvp went to a random 0spp player again...
  4. One more levelled Vamp... still being boring and going block on these...will get creative after the basics
  5. 1-0 win for the Vamps vs a struggling Khemri team. I totally hosed up second half as he caged extra carefully, being a couple of players down, I failed hypno enough to not be able to break in but we slowed them down enough to force them to stretch and create an opening. 6 block dice vs a block thro-ra ended with a skull/both down from a block-less thrall...and giving him a chance to throw/score. He made the 5+ throw but failed the catch. I then rolled enough 1's to be unable to get tackle zone on the ball....his skelly picked up and then failed the trip-wire test
  6. 6 Vamps with not enough snacks sounds like a recipe for disaster? :) It's hard to throw any games too!
  7. How you all feel about turning one of the vamps into a thrower type? A waste?
  8. 4-0 to the Vamps MD 4. Humans rolled over. Lost another thrall tho. Trying to keep at 13 players before buying the next vamp... 3 Level ups, 2 on the same vamp. Blodge for him. Another thrall with a double - so went with dodge on him. Was super torn on that as i quite like thick skull... My rolls were nuts... very little failed, altho i did double bloodlust and almost fluffed a crowdsurf... Khemri next... we'll see! LJ
  9. There is something to be said for 'sucking' first season... that' i'm aware aha
  10. MD3 and I screwed up after playing fairly well most of the game and just literally pushed his ball carrier into the end zone...I have absolutely no idea what came over me lol. He got super lucky and my blocks vs ball carriers 2nd half were abysmal. he also picked up in the rain 3 or 4 times second half lol... Rolled a double on a thrall so went Leader for 5 RRs. Just have to keep him alive now...lol 1 win 2 draws isn't looking great for a top spot but everyone has dropped points...so there's still hope... Nooby ish humans next with a blodge catcher and on
  11. Turns out we can get to these.... GoblinSpy keeps them https://www.mordrek.com/gspy/comp/20270/match/1981127 Just have to copy them to replay folder. Sadly I can't see any way to actually play them unless you can find the league/schedule it was played in game which is more effort than I'd like to put in. Goblin lets you see the step by step plays on the site tho....
  12. Well I can't complain about MD2...managed a 1-0 win vs the Khemri player who put on some crazy pressure Second half after a blitz and the ball landed 2 or 3 squares into a flank.... Did end up scoring with a Thrall after I broke his drive and I didn't dare try with to score with a vamp with my bloodlust/handoff rolls. If I get an opportunity to score and win games it's happening regardless for now lol. Turn 13/14 looked pretty damned bleak but we made a great escape and got away with it... 2dice up hill to push my ball carrier back towards my zoneline and a 3 + dodge p
  13. I guess I should share some also. MD1 was vs Halflings with the chef. That was quite a horrible experience. I've been on the other side of that...lol Managed to sack the ball early on their drive and it looks certain for a TD and my new glasses told me i was getting up a thrall and it was a vamp, who promptly snake eyed blood lust and had to make some insane move to bite a thrall and cost me the TD (altho I should still have scored but Nuffle has been continually cursing my teams after playing Dorfs for a few seasons....) I'm getting used to the new glasses now so hopefully no m
  14. I killed the Underworld, primarily with a vague hope of being in the same div as a new coach I know from RL but that didnt happen lol. I may return to Underworld at some point. Playing Vamps this season... :>
  15. I've gone with that. We'll see! :)
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