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  1. LJ is taking a break from OCC. The vamps will probably come back but 1-1-7 in a division I really should have had a half-decent shot at has drained the BB life from me. Brets are often hard work for me but we just couldnt get going today yet again. Multiple snakes (6 in the end I think, if you count the BL fail/pro pass/ BL fail combo which happened at least twice). Multiple turns with 1s for dodges/handoffs/anything stopped us scoring at all. My opponent also had a few turns of shoddy dice but at those points there was next to nothing I could do anyways. No perm injuries and a half decent amount of cash and the vamps are in pretty great shape. It's just time to stop for a lil while and recharge. Best of luck with all the vamp teams!! LJ
  2. Seems to me it all needs a whole lot of tweaking/balancing but its a super complex setup so they get some time...?
  3. MD8 went pretty painfully as expected. First injury being a dead lvl 4 Blodge/Pro vamp on turn2 . I had taken an extra Apoth so burned that and got BH. Next injury being a dead lvl 1 agi 2 thrall. Next was an AV bust on the leader/wrestle/tackle thrall which ate it. Niggle on my new DP and then he killed the same lvl 4 vamp AGAIN....burned the 2nd apoth which again saved the day. For some reason he opted to try and score win the game with a goblin and didnt even properly cage it so we managed to thwart that and move the ball to safety and a 1-1 draw. Finally got dodge on my block/sidestep/+ma vamp with her TD, so 1 lvl 2 vamp (+MA) 2x lvl 4s and a lvl 5. I was pretty happy with my drive for a change, managed 3 crowd surfs and stalled a couple of turns. Must get better at that...its' definitely one of my many weaknesses. Brets for my final game and they've not played yet so may add to their MB/tackle quota but looks like that should be manageable.
  4. Hmm another unthought of change with the stat changes methinks? I mean we'll take it but...
  5. Definitely not a fan of a 4+ to do anything...thats going to make them verrry hard to play and they're already quite tough in this edition...sounds like the RNG broke too, thats far too many snakes haha! Thanks for the write up. I'd be very curious to keep hearing how they do!! LJ
  6. I now have the rulebook, but not deathzone or any of the supplements, are the new Vamp rules out now then? And the only good wardancer is the dead kind so good luck with that! Let us know how it goes!
  7. Given what we're playing next, we'll see how long it lasts...lol Thanks tho!
  8. He always seems to make it work out... I think he just wants the rest of us to think we have a chance of living up to his achievements...it's some oddball psychology but I'm on board!
  9. Well we finally got a win...the dice were kinder (actually positive!) and most of the critical stuff worked without hassle...very unusual. I did snake eye on t16 and should still have probably scored a third but my brain was fried by then. Finally rolled a +agi vamp...so as long as we dont somehow get promoted yet again we might be ok. Assuming we survive the 2090TV orc team next with 8MB, a S6 block troll and 2 piling on tackle blitzers. Eep.
  10. 0-0-6 now. Not sure what else I have to do get relegated...couple of broken dead thralls including the kicker but the vamps made another lvl up and we even scored one TD managing only marginal failure for a couple of turns straight! 3 players down before I got to move this week so a marginal improvement... these damned OP elves and their innate deathdealing abilities. I know there's an award for the most TDs scored, is there one for most TDs conceded? I must be up for it this season! I get to verse Kislev next week so that could be another high scoring game...
  11. If you're not tearing your hair out by turn 5, you're a better man than I...
  12. I'm still plugging away but have zero expectations at the minute. Even my dorf teams getting beaten up by elves and similar lately. I played pretty well last game despite going 4 players down before I'd even moved (vs pro elves) but you can't fight nuffle. I'm still torn on retiring all but my Crypt team for a bit. I love the game but when you're burned out on it, it's time for a break. I figured I'd cheer myself up on a super late night working with server stuff and watched @Bantha's game this week and feel horrible for him. I'm certainly resonating with the game but 5 vamps injured in 4 turns...and 3 failing to regen as well as a dead thickskull thrall, I couldnt watch any more. We need to find ways of bribing @Pidpadnot to promote too quick...(and Nuffle for better dice)
  13. A third game of complete bullshit. I'll be retiring all my teams from all my leagues after this season. I simply cant make a single turn without complete bollocks.
  14. Not sure where my head was but it wasn't right this afternoon, made a clumsy fuckup which left me 3 vamps down by turn 3. (I Followed up with a vamp who had failed a BL so no thrall to bite... the previous turn I'd KO'd a vamp with a skull/both down result and he'd KO'd one with a hit) It was a slow painful grind of a first half. 2nd half he made 7 d6 rolls with zero fails to get a 2 dice up hill with a strip ball, and managed the pushes and then a pick up in a TZ with his agi 3 catcher and just pegged it down field. Managed to claw one back with almost 2 turns of minimal fails. He still had 5 RRs by turn 16 if that's any indication of how it went. I think i rolled 7 or 8 snakes/dub skulls... Super elves next week so that should be fun but i'm not holding much hope there either... Need to work on 1 turners, thought i had it figured for a first half equalizer, and he got a blitz so just lined up making it imposs. Meh. LJ
  15. Ended up with babe and apoth, babe may have helped. he caused zero cas. i however wrecked my own team with a constant stream of BL fails. several key turns with triple and quad 1s/skulls. We still had chances to take the game back, but holy shit that needs to stop or I'm gonna lose a keyboard... However. No perm injuries, so we'll take a 1-0 loss with that. My belief that interceptions are still horribly broken on bb2 remains as the only throw i made which would have allowed a fairly easy score was intercepted by a goblin in a tackle zone...
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