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  1. A third game of complete bullshit. I'll be retiring all my teams from all my leagues after this season. I simply cant make a single turn without complete bollocks.
  2. Not sure where my head was but it wasn't right this afternoon, made a clumsy fuckup which left me 3 vamps down by turn 3. (I Followed up with a vamp who had failed a BL so no thrall to bite... the previous turn I'd KO'd a vamp with a skull/both down result and he'd KO'd one with a hit) It was a slow painful grind of a first half. 2nd half he made 7 d6 rolls with zero fails to get a 2 dice up hill with a strip ball, and managed the pushes and then a pick up in a TZ with his agi 3 catcher and just pegged it down field. Managed to claw one back with almost 2 turns of minimal fails. He still had 5 RRs by turn 16 if that's any indication of how it went. I think i rolled 7 or 8 snakes/dub skulls... Super elves next week so that should be fun but i'm not holding much hope there either... Need to work on 1 turners, thought i had it figured for a first half equalizer, and he got a blitz so just lined up making it imposs. Meh. LJ
  3. Ended up with babe and apoth, babe may have helped. he caused zero cas. i however wrecked my own team with a constant stream of BL fails. several key turns with triple and quad 1s/skulls. We still had chances to take the game back, but holy shit that needs to stop or I'm gonna lose a keyboard... However. No perm injuries, so we'll take a 1-0 loss with that. My belief that interceptions are still horribly broken on bb2 remains as the only throw i made which would have allowed a fairly easy score was intercepted by a goblin in a tackle zone...
  4. Somewhat under-developed Vamp teams first game vs these... https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=4473826&platform=1 Have 160K TV inducements. 13 players (5 vamps). Usually I'd be all over the wiz, but I'm still more interested in survival... so seriously considering Apoth and babe...
  5. Ahahah welcome to the most frustrating and also OP team in BB! I've not achieved anything on any league least of all CCL but I'd say the team looks great but needs 2 tackle, one preferably on the MB vamp. I also love sidestep. I've seen Andy Davo play with a frenzy thrall and i dont hate it. A DP thrall isnt bad. Probably recycle thralls if they go beyond 2 skills unless its something special.
  6. Hahahaha! that did make me chuckle.
  7. Furthering my proof that pidpad is out to kill all my teams... we somehow went from 7th place in 3A and are now in 2A...with several teams with 2K+ TV... eeeep
  8. The Dark Elf dice early game were so horrendously bad....they had literally no chance. The chaos AV/injury rolls were very good and it looks like you've got 4 teams all on the same points... !!! So grats @Kjelstad?
  9. I ended the season with a 2-2 draw vs the top Pro Elf team in the div. Totally fluffed my drive and my AV/injury rolls were godawful for the first quarter of the game. The chainsaw failed multiple AV breaks vs AV 7 even twice on itself...lol At 2-0 down I wasn't expecting much but managed a quick score for 2-1 and then they missed a potential blitz on the carrier who was alone at the back and I managed to gang up on his thrower with 2 thralls and score... mwuahahah. The 1turner attempt was foiled by forgetting to throw the ball before the pushes and the inevitable interception. AV bust on a vamp was apothed to MNG and then regen landed anyways. Took some more thall stat busts but nothing critical so have 5 healthy ish vamps and 9 thrall for the opening game of next season. The S5/Block Vamp even got the mvp and so now is Blodged up. It's a 15 man squad now I think but I'm seemingly always having at least 2 thralls MNG at a time so it seems to work... Ended up mid table so I guess I'll stick in tier 3... right?
  10. I've not had any expectations since MD2 this seasons so erm...I'll be doing my damndest to get a result as I'm not a good loser...we'll see!!
  11. Another 2-1 'win' over a basic ish Orc team and we got the cash to replace the blodge/pro s3 niggled vamp so on to the rebuild.... The Orcs wrecked us first half and should have easily handled the game but attempted to score on a blitzer with no rerolls and spooned it into the crowd, which tossed it far enough up the pitch for us to score... I did apoth fix a dead thrall on t14 which i probably oughtn't have, especially as his killer was back on the pitch but it all worked out... Expect some grief next week versus a very well played pro elf team who are gunning for top spot. I always seem to get extra murdered by Elves for some reason so we'll be taking this one cautiously! So from 0-0-4 and it looking very grim, we're now at 3-1-4 and the basics of a team again...
  12. Ugh that sounds horrendous. I'm still trying to get my head around those sorts of games, my brain tells me i need to just extract, keep safe and wait for less dangerous hits or just let the game go, but my mouseclicking finger just sends everyone in anyways.... sounds like the str busted thrall gets dauntless next...?
  13. Todays match vs Humies started pretty horribly btw - rolled a double 1 on the fan factor roll and he got 11 so ended up with +2, and we had a pitch invasion as he kicked to me... took out 8 of 11....hahaha 2-1 win in the end... we took yet another dead thrall and my blodge thrall got av bust. I'll probably hang onto that one for a bit as it'll now be a big target... and one i dont mind getting murdered... Of course the S3 / niggled vamp got the MVP and levelled, so now has blodge/pro. I made 100K winnings and was 10K short of replacing so it'll stick at least one more match. Next match is against a halfbuilt Orc team, they've got enough MB/tackle to worry me. The 'killer is max lvl but is m5 and av8 and has 2 niggles with piling on... I will be kicking that if it drops somehow...I really need a DP lol. Replaced the dead thrall to keep my fodder count, so if i can make 50K winnings next week....
  14. Casual MD versus an odd lizard team this week who fired a couple of healthy Saurus after MD1 to become the new trending 'meme-team' I guess. Wasn't focussed on stalling and just chilled, ended 2-2. No injuries and made 21SPP out of it which I'll take! Block/Sidestep vamp got double 5 on the lvl up and as much as I wanted to blodge this one up, I can't resist my first Move boost. She also got the mvp so 15 SPP to blodge... hopefully I'll figure the 1 turner out at some point as that should be doable with m7/sidestep... Typical Human then typical Orc team, with the last MD being a sick pro elf team. Back up to a 14player team, still need to fire/replace the s3 / niggled vamp but only made 30K this week so that'll have to wait. I'm a bit tempted to fire it but it's not causing spiralling expenses at this point and I dont think is giving a wizard away so it should be safe to keep, other than possibly stealing mvps...
  15. 2-1 win over the chorfs so our first points of the season. Totally undeserved but we will take it. The niggled dodge/pro vamp took -str but we can't afford to replace it so ball retriever and light work only till we get some winnings.... No level ups but edging closer on a couple... Oddball lizards next who randomly fired all but 1 Saurus after md1 for no reason... as long as the krox doesn't behave we might have a chance...
  16. Appreciated. I will have another watch through and the kick advice definitely makes sense! Not sure I even remember the ball pressuring so i deffo need to revisit it. Many thanks!!
  17. Appreciate you taking a look! The majority of the KO rolls were 2-s if I recall. Haven't been making enough cash to replace the players sadly. Didn't have the inducements for 2 basic thralls and am not spending cash on inducements where poss. He was kind and didn't murder anything t16 when he could have before scoring the 3rd so that was nice. Got a tackle vamp again now. Despite only minimal spp we did get 3 lvls. Aiming for 2 vamps and a thrall with tackle if we ever get that far hah.
  18. I genuinely challenge any of you to watch my current weeks match and provide any tips on what i should be doing. As far as I can see it , another complete dicefucking. I'm kinda tired of it.
  19. But you didnt! Great work hanging in there regardless!!
  20. Well the pesky Brets did their thing and won 2-1. I definitely made a couple of mistakes and feel I played fairly well but the attrition caught up with us again. That and the constant stream of snakes and double skulls. 3 double bloodlust fails and 3 double skulls... Ratamo's dice were also plagued with some 1s also. I swear the RNG is just an ass...lol No perm injuries but we're down to 11 again for our 3rd Bret game out of 4 matches. Thankfully the fouls were mostly ineffective and the ref caught almost everything. I'd say yay it's the last but we have lizards, chorfs, killer humies after that so.... No levels again but some SPP creep towards them. Really badly need some tackle...
  21. You didn't even tag this as a spoiler! Hah!
  22. My horrendous dicings appear to be easing slightly although this weeks game looked rough for a bit. The Dark Elves we were facing had no MB but did have 2 S4s, enough sidestep to be a pain in the ass and a couple of guard and blodge everywhere. With no tackle it was always going to be crap, especially with 3 vamps. We lost 1-0 but we made him earn it so it felt a lot better than any of my games have for a while. I'm still making stupid mistakes basing players who are all about the bash when I should be minimizing hits and had something of a mental breakdown turn 13 or so when I should have been able to push for a score. I did make a T16 attempt that got all the way to the endzone and got tripwired... I got the cash for the 5th Vamp and a thrall to take us to 12 players. I'll replace the niggled Vamp at some point but I need the others to get going ASAP. Got Ratamo's Brets who are 17 1 1 or something insane. He's down to 11 players as a Wrestle/DP is MNG. He still has one DP tho... and a bribe stadium. The Bret blitzers look typical with blodge on all 4, and smatterings of tackle/sidestep and even diving tackle. He's got one blocker with wrodge/mighty Blow but thats the only MB on the team. With the 5th vamp added we're giving away 170k TV which is going to be a pain i suspect. I presume he'll go wiz, or maybe induce more linemen with DP... Should be a decent match, I badly need a couple of tackle in the fold and to start scoring again.
  23. i should have skipped on this season after some horrendous luck in every game i play atm. Tried some CCL and literally cant go a single game without taking multiple death/stat busts so gave up on that...lol 3 snake eyes in the first two turns. Managed to pro the pickup and then fail the pickup again so it wasn't technically a snake but... Only failed 9 blood lust rolls out of 33 but 4 of them were double 1s and caused a removal. We still managed to score on turn 3 despite being horrifically down on numbers already and were down to 5 by turn 5. Wiz almost managed to stall the first half score but almost every hit he took caused a removal. one dice non tackle, non MB hit on my lvl 5 vamp killed it and regen failed. had already used the apoth on an early MNG vamp to save the match. i guess i need to stop doing that if its not a stat bust/death... The first 3 or 4 hits he got vs the vamps injured each which as i was limiting him mostly to thralls annoys a lot...not like he had piling on or claw... Also took a niggle on another vamp. Did get a level up but I'm already kind of done with this season The only plus being one of the vamps with block did get a double 6 lvl up... so i guess yay?
  24. Oh you guys and your stat boosted critters... #greenEyes! The fact very few of my OCC teams get stat boosts is one of the reasons I'm thinking of adding some guard. not all of them but a couple. My dorf team did get plenty of move boosts but most of my teams here, doubles are even rare... I do want a MB/tackle vamp at least. Piling on wouldn't be a last level for one i suspect. I can't handle 6 vamps on the field... so that isn't likely :)
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