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  1. Sry, is there any possibility to get into the World Cup Qualifiers. Had Birthday this weekend and complete missed this opportunity?

    Many thanks


  2. I am free to play now, please write, when u can start earlier. ;)

    1. Spydyr


      I was just getting on to let you know I won't be able to play now. Just had some bad news for my wife with her family and I need to be with her for the evening now. I will be out of town Sunday and Monday will not be good. Could potentially play during my Lunch on Tuesday, which would be early Tuesday evening UTC. Can you do that?

    2. Stahlburg


      Oh I am sorry for u. I will know on monday, whether I can play on tuesday or not. Will be kep u in touch as soon as possible.

  3. OCC Northwind Raiders (NORSE) applied
  4. So I am home now and will lockj in in 10 minutes

  5. Hi wanna start earlier?

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