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  1. wanna go monday 17:30 utc?
  2. 17:00 utc is fine by me i can do friday, saturday.
  3. I can go tonight at 20:00 utc or monday 20:00 utc. if anything happens we keep saturday 18/09 as a backup cheers el capitan
  4. @Nateguy75 hey when do you want to play?
  5. wwanna go sunday 09:00 utc?
  6. Hey man something came and I might be late or won’t even be able to play. I can hit you up when I get back if we can play the game or want to reschedule?
  7. yup lets go tomorrow 19:00 utc!
  8. @brocCooLihello my friend... Mr asparagus has order a hit on you! When do you want to do it
  9. @ will do mate when I get back from work
  10. coach name : cpervert team name:SQUICKKKKK team race: underworld
  11. Is it still open for applications?
  12. @Tys123 hey i have an wood elf team former occ team (one seAson in) that can play Jadeguardians is the name so you can check it
  13. @Ratamoyes it was a hard game for an opening of a season. Until first half it could go either way and then... ratamo brought the hamma!!!!! It was such a lethal game for my team that it actually took me several games to come and managed to finish 3rd. i believe that triumpth of yours set the tempo for the season. it was a pleasure playing with you and the rest of the guys after coming back from a long break in OCC (5 years) and i do hope we meet again, which im sure we will, but this time ill be with a new team since ratamo and a few others managed to make my team full of niglers! See you all next season
  14. cpervert

    Signups S19

    Coach name (ingame): Cpervert Team name: sacrificial goats Race: chaos
  15. im playing this game for 14 years now and i have to say its 50-50 in general... why? because lets be honest the game is about rolling dices basically rng from the field to the skills. A good player as all of you said will play "safer" and "smarter" and not take risks unless he has calculate them. He will also skill his team with a plan! but in all honesty i've seen a guy (Don Tomasso i think fro fumbble) that had a human team with 5 stats increase, or another guy that was breaking armor like there is no tomorrow (avg 3,7 cas per game, we had 10 of them) i ve seen a guy play with me with no rr on rookie humans.... only 2 turn overs ive made a guy cry after i dodged 8 times pick up the ball from 3 tz and made a long bomb with ag 5... so basically i think this game is way to random to actually think that skill will go that high. they should put a luck factor like fumbble has :P
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