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  1. ok 18:00 utc then wednesday
  2. 17:00 utc is fine by me i can do friday, saturday.
  3. I can go tonight at 20:00 utc or monday 20:00 utc. if anything happens we keep saturday 18/09 as a backup cheers el capitan
  4. @Nateguy75 hey when do you want to play?
  5. Hey man something came and I might be late or won’t even be able to play. I can hit you up when I get back if we can play the game or want to reschedule?
  6. yup lets go tomorrow 19:00 utc!
  7. @brocCooLihello my friend... Mr asparagus has order a hit on you! When do you want to do it
  8. @ will do mate when I get back from work
  9. coach name : cpervert team name:SQUICKKKKK team race: underworld
  10. Is it still open for applications?
  11. @Tys123 hey i have an wood elf team former occ team (one seAson in) that can play Jadeguardians is the name so you can check it
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