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  1. Book of the Game proved to be a disasterous title - it wouldn't come up on Steam even if you typed the full title in! (due to book and game being way too common, and the algorithm prioritising best sellers) So it's now rebranded and relaunched as Leman, which is the land where the action is... I'm giving away a few copies without obligation - drop me a mail if you are interested! mdhsoftware@googlemail.com
  2. It is out now and the worst of the bugs squished. One punter managed 50 hours play in the first 2 weeks!
  3. It is getting quite hard to explain what its called. Too late now though!
  4. Coming soon (1st March), and yes, it's written by me! If you are a Battle Brothers fan you may be especially interested. You may also see the odd mechanic lifted from Blood Bowl... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1661360/The_Book_of_the_Game/
  5. Hudd

    Battle Brothers

    200 hours play is your moneys worth I would say. Having all the DLC stops it going a bit samey. I've heard a few people say its only the early game that is exciting. It can be bit boring if your team gets a bit good, but I still kind of enjoy utterly smashing enemies in an unfair fight - and the special set piece locations are a challenge for any band...
  6. No one has mentioned Battle Brothers? Its a mercenary band sim. Wander about, hire some men, choose your jobs, die horribly... Graphics limited. Game-play in-depth to say the least. Check it out - it is the most amazing game in existence. The base game is only good, you will need the DLC too, so it may be expensive, but... I've currently played 1,510 hours according to steam
  7. I agree its a rarity - I get 0-2 games per season where I'm raging, which was enough to make me take a break. And OCC is not where the worst offenders are. Despite what I said above, it would actually be a shame to lessen the 4m timer. I regularly use it on tricky turns and wizard turns say. Not all the time though. Most of my turns are 90s or less. The problem for me is this games where I've been blocked off the pitch and my opponent is still taking 3.5 mins to work out the best way to foul my players... Taking 4 mins for intitial setup. Pausing on every single block to consider whether to follow or not.
  8. 4m turns is the reason I'm out of almost all my leagues. It's not just the 4 minutes, its when they start using the full 15s on every little decision too. There's no good reason for their turn timer to stop. I swear my opponents have discovered my dark secret, namely that I tilt hugely if they go as slow as possible!
  9. How will that happen? Surely a player who randomly got block is the same price as the player who paid extra spp to chose block? The first paid less SPP, but the TV is the same. (or what have I not read?)
  10. Is anyone going to select a random skill, ever? I'm inclined to keep everything cheap and pay extra spp to pick what I want. I can't think of any time I would take a random skill.
  11. All the minor changes made seem pretty good - but I can't help but feel the new long term league play rules leave a lot to be desired, especially for a format like OCC. 9 games is a very short season. Every season, trim back down and don't forget to add 20K for each player. Will OCC change format? (I think the rules were written with a rather longer season in mind - 16 games plus playoffs perhaps) I suppose we'll have to see what BB3 options there are. I know playing at TV 2000 is often not that fun, but this seems far too much to me. I'm also very disappointed that they removed the best bit of BB - the level up roll. I can just save up for whatever I want now? MB PO elves for everybody? For me, I really enjoyed playing some unique teams, changing strategy as my team evolved.
  12. I'd be surprised if the Bank rules are still there, as this was never a GW rule anyway. (AFAIK) But I've not heard anything.
  13. Hudd


    I started with Pro Elves this season too. For Linos, I will be going Wrestle, Dodge, Fend... And I think even the 3rd skill is a pure survival fantasy At some point early I'll get a Block/Kick, and some point next season will start thinking about a DP.
  14. And at least 10 different Iron Phoenix titles...
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