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  1. anyone planning to use signatures i created any further, should find oneself some hosting place until end of november, when i am going to take down my hosting. I am outta here. Its been a pleasure!
  2. aye. but i should play it singleplayer first.its been about 25 years since i played it last time. when the bundle came out, i found that i own most of the games already. thought i can't be wrong with buying the base game + expansions for 1$. even if it was only about memories from good times
  3. i just bought it. have not played it so far. did not know there was an issue. but if you want, we may try one day
  4. or just choose the 1$ stage to get Talisman very cheap.
  5. feedback is always appreciated. i changed the font for the second one, because i used the same font in the orcidas & altdorf ad. and i had to change the size/rearrange too, due to the new background needing more central space. when it comes to choosing a font, readability is first thing to consider. then, of course it should fit the style. I tried several fonts with no success. and i really did not like the idea to use the same font again for a third time. Just imagine it to be Slaanesh - they do have style
  6. might give the text arrangement some additional work, and maybe move the picture a few pixel lower. but not sure right now.
  7. So you want that kind for all the game sponsors, or just that special one?
  8. I imagine it would have been too troublesome to write 19k+ posts for a new account?
  9. something like that maybe? Picture might not be the best choice. However, i did not bother to build something else until i know if its along line what you were thinking about. "Pay your Buffalo Bill" because they never forget to remind you about your debts. Not even in their advertisement.
  10. No promises about banner creation, as this place here is meant to create forum signatures for OCC teams (the 1 picture allowed below your postings - 1000x130px max size). We aim to make our home (The OCC forum) more colorful, not each ones game. i honestly never fiddled around with ingame banners. i am sure there were custom banners around in the web for bb1, have not seen any for bb2 so far. if you find a description about how to do it, then i will have a look into the subject. As i am no native English speaking person, i might have gotten you wrong. Am not sure if you want banners inside the game, or banners for sponsors to use outside of the game. And where would it be? On rare occasions, i have done signatures and other things for outside-occ purposes. but it really depends.. (and i need to know max. dimensions in case its not for the OCC signature position)
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