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  1. holy cow, never thought anyone could do what Rotten did! Well done!
  2. as i doubt Telorast will take a break soon, ill remove the goats to play some bbattle events.
  3. goddamnit! they are nice guys, really :lol:
  4. i think i got that wrong, is the league called occ reserve pool or occ reserve team pool?
  5. still working on that s Xander? :-)
  6. awesome! thanks a lot XanderV! Edit: Dang, i made a typo it`s Gnurglers Burglers with a "s" at the end
  7. Hey i would like to humbly add a request for a sig for my Gnurglers Burgler. Looking at the premades, they kinda look to serious for my taste, but i tend toward R12. It would be perfect if there is a similiar one with Snotlings looking down on someone, maybe with a raised boot. Backround should be yellow, and if you can integrate the team motto "Snot fair!" it would be genious. An other thing, as im a total paint/photoshop newb, can someone paint the backround of my original Running Goats sig blood red? :-) Thanks, Zrogan
  8. why the claw hatin? i like my team
  9. that 25 casualties record will hopefully never ever been broken or i cry myself to sleep!
  10. someday, somewhere, a dead orc is waiting... :P
  11. This includes the Holding league? Running Goats Chaos TV 2600 OCC season 2 - 12
  12. yay. Level 80 and all and every achievement unlocked. That was quite some work. but its so fun to twoshot ancient dragons
  13. The difference is that the Running Goats are Cas and Ko kings, to entertain the whole family!
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