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  1. This. This has been done in the OCC before. So I believe you should roll for 2 sauras and 2 skinks. Personally I think you should be thrown out for your language. CONCEDING A player that concedes before setting up for a kick-off where he could only field 2 or less players suffers no additional penalties. If one coach concedes the match for any other reason then the winner gains all of the loser’s winnings and MVP from this match. In addition, the loser automatically loses one Fan Factor and may not roll for a new one, and any players in the loser’s team that have 51 SPPs or more will leave the team on a D6 roll of 1- 3. Roll separately for each player with 51 or more SPPs to see if they leave.
  2. I believe not. Seems a bit unfair to extend it due to a handful of people. I have organised my game for the Tuesday.
  3. So anyone else signed up for this?. Would thoroughly recommend it. Best tournament in the world. Here is a flavour of the last tournament in Lucca Italy.
  4. In terms of merchandise for the real world, how about stuff you can use on Table Top, like a dice cup for example.
  5. hey, welcome. Nice to see you here
  6. hello Zulu501, sorry I was 20 minutes later I got my times mixed up, I can your online, im online lets get this game played

  7. Hi, Someone is trying to get a Bulgarian team together for Eurobowl. Anyone with connections to Bulgaria?
  8. Well you dress like a celt . I believe they have a team though.
  9. How will you handle if 2 teams that are eligible for inducements play each other. Say 2 halfling teams meet and they have both 1100TV leaving 100 for the chef. When the game fires up they will both be on the same TV?
  10. Actually I was trying to get in touch with him. I sent him a message on here. If you could let him know or pass me his details that would be great.
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