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  1. Beinn is not quite the goat he used to be (he's carrying a move/armour bust and a niggle) but he's made it all the way! The very first player from the (bb2) Harassers to make it to Legend. Last advance (second ag+) means he's probably not going to retire gracefully, most likely going to die breaking into a cage, but he will be fun while he lasts.
  2. Aloha mate,

    my post hasn't been answered since april 20th by coach SPARKLY  !

    and last round #8 i saw he's conceded

    no good vibe :o


  3. Need a replacement for a Dark Elf team in tier 3, 1800ish, post here or message if you are interested. Thanks.
  4. I'm guessing the Baby Harasser's tv at 1280 is going to be on the low side in tier 4 Curse all you rerollers!
  5. midievil


    Nice to see the blog, but I was looking forward to a rebirth of the famous TRAP. How do I downvote? Not a bad looking division really for you I think, apart from the CDs.
  6. I've never bothered with humans much Zippy, must have been someone else you were thinking about. Or the fact that my WE team had a name sorta similar to the one of the long running human teams in OCC 1 maybe?
  7. Nice write up Suido, those elves just didn't have any luck that season and are now happily retired.
  8. Wow that's crazy about dwarves, I expected them to have larger representation.
  9. Can we add this to required reading for all coaches?
  10. Wasn't expecting the Royal box! Bumped my woodies to 12ff during your absence. Verbal made me pay a blood cost for winning though.
  11. Rules are VERY close to necro. Excited for this.
  12. sunk about 70 hours so far, really enjoying it. Just finished the memory unlocks!
  13. Step in the right direction, although the original Necromunda setting was awesome so not quite sure why they are ditching it. Cawdor 4 life!
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