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  1. Some of my Underworld Skaven. I think I've improved since I painted these a few years back but I still love them for the little conversions I did on them. (multiple arms on the thrower, Claw on the Blitzer)
  2. Francach

    Signups S14

    PC is finally fixed, I'd like to re-apply to the league with a new team. Two Heads Up Underworld
  3. Also give Thro-Ra thick skull. They are just skeletons with a baseball glove. Why do they have weaker skulls?
  4. Ok so I've been thinking about this a lot. I know I have no power over changes in BB but it's a fun thing for me to think about. A long, long time ago tomb guardians were the same as undead mummies. ST5, MB, regen, no nega trait. Which having four of those out of the box was a bit too powerful so GW took away the MB and gave them decay instead. Which I would argue is what nerfed them too much and is what makes them so unpopular in perpetual leagues. Simply taking away the decay but not returning the MB either probably would be a fair balance. But! I am also a bit of a lore nerd and I dislike how the Khemri big guys are Tomb Guardians. Tomb Guardians are after all just elite skeleton infantry. They aren't nearly the same strength as an Ogre. So what if we replaced them with Ushabti. No decay and no regen. And we allow Khemri to hire a Necrotect which would work like an apo but only for one of the four big guys. This would increase the cost of the Khemri team by 50 and you would lose out on the occasional regen for the second half but I believe you would get less perma injuries, making them more attractive in perpetual leagues and they would look a bit more lore friendly. What do you guys think? Like the Ushabti idea? Just remove decay from Tomb Guardians? Or are Khemri just fine as they are?
  5. Well I use my blitzers for guard rather than MB. Leap them into a cage first, follow up with a wrestle lineman who does the blitzing then try to recover the ball with a catcher if possible. But yeah a lineman who rolls doubles can perform the same guard duty for cheaper.
  6. I play Kislev over in BBtactics. I started off strong with a roster of 3 catches, bear, 4RR. Then as soon as I dropped the bear and 1 catcher and replaced them with two blitzers I pretty much lost every other game. I'm starting to think that blitzers are just too expensive to be worth it. 110k for AG3, ST3, AV8 no block. As soon as my blitzers are dead I plan on rolling with 4 catchers, Skaven style, and see how that goes.
  7. If you think normal dwarves are expensive try a Beleghar Ironhammer campaign.
  8. Finally got my hands on the second book in the Gotrek and Felix series; Skavenslayer. I just had to mention that the dwarves us "Snotling fondler" as an insult and that there is a gutter runner called Blodge in the book in what just has to be a nod to blood bowl.
  9. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Khorne
  10. We are looking for someone to replace a 2000~ bash team in tier 2. Anyone except any coaches currently playing in tier 2 can volunteer. The replacement team does not have to an OCC team (it can be from opens, another league or costum built) but it can not stay in the league after the season is completed.
  11. We'll be posting the MD2 thread later today. It will have next weeks fixtures and you can arrange a time with your opponent in there.
  12. All the great olds are leaving
  13. Rookie knights can be a little overpriced but against Nurgle and Lizards that Dauntless will come in really handy.
  14. Well I listen to Hello Internet, a podcast made by two educational youtubers and they talk about pretty varied subjects. Always have them on while painting or doing dishes. The Cortex podcast would be next on my list.
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