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  1. Örkkejä! Uusiks vaan ja Laheen jos joku vahingossa eksyy niin miuta ja nakkikassia kannattaa nykästä virtuaalisesta hihasta.
  2. I have 1810 Lizard team up for a challenge if needed!
  3. Notice that both of those trinkets give +10% stress damage. It's not the damage that kills you in the dark, its the moment when you hero can't handle the stress anymore Dark Crowns have been helpful
  4. Do you guys do "dark runs"? I'm a big fan of this. -stress & +crit trinkets, zero torches and full load of food. Money keeps pouring in but my party gets suprised often and heart attacks are just around the corner
  5. Woop woop! All rise to listen Finland's National Anthem. Excellent finale Icehockey World Championship match!
  6. Whoa, Verbal has been busy here Went to see Anal Thunder last night, punk band from my home town. It was great to see them again:
  7. Oh and Wilfred! Its hilarious. And dark and depressing. But in a funny way.
  8. True Detective, especially season one (each season is story of its own eith its own characters, places etc). Matthew McConaghey and Woody Harrelson as lead actors. Not the usual crime series you have used see in tv.. one of the top series on my list with Deadwood and Firefly
  9. And Nevermen is something new to me. I have to look into this! Thank you so much Tom!
  10. Mondo Cane is indeed something else! Mike Patton I have seen Faith No More once live and I still rate it one of the top live shows I have ever seen
  11. One of my absolutely favorite artists.... Mr. Bungle!!!
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