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  1. I would like to get back with my Chaos Dwarves after one season break. Last time I was in Chamionship Coach name (ingame): JJape Team name: Hatricola Race: Chaos Dwarft
  2. that was utterly out of order m8 and i resent u doing that even tho u were 1-0 up and i was down 4 players already and my dice rolls were absolutely ridiculous...well played tho m8...well played....this is my honest opinion however u may take it...have fun

  3. im good for 20.00 tonite or tomorrow ok m8....funky means good, cool etc etc :)

  4. Reading team blogs, matchday-fluff (especially this season) and competition intros, I know there is one thing everyone in OCC unanimously loves - dwarves! And here is a legendary one - with such original skills as one would expect . I present to you - Mörkö-Juna (the Boogie-Train) With apt amount of matches to reach the legend status, he has spent most of his time piling-on away. Despite numerous bootings, he has escaped unharmed - unlike rest of his team. Somewhere he picked two touchdowns, probably after catching bouncing ball after blitz.
  5. Nice match read. I think you played well, and were close to draw, as I positioned somewhat poorly on T14 - I definetely was out of position, despite having clear player advantage. But the dodges worked out for me.
  6. It´s rare to get valuable players down in a position, where you can spare some elves to assist the foul. Next round the play is most probably somewhere else. And during time of this match, I still had deep bench. But anyway, always nice to read match reports. I will keep following this.
  7. Well, there is still less claw in 1A than in previous season 2C. Good thing I have zombies in stock.
  8. No problem, I understand that in a league big as this, making just one expection can lead into unexpected consequences in the future. Better to have this spot filled by someone with team that can continue (Kayeka), if possible Now that I have more or less achieved what I wanted with the team (get to Championship, and get a Legend), I will probably stop with my Chdworves after this season. Getting the legend already in last match of last season was a bit surpise (got MVP in addition to standard casualty-spps:s). Nevertheless, I intend to play for the Title with all I have this season (got unexpectedly close last season). And maybe it will be even better to not have too many other teams to distract myself. Too bad Zons are not in BB2, I have wished to try them for a long time.
  9. Out of curiosity: is it an absolute rule with no exceptions, that the replacement team cannot continue in the league in the future seasons? For a completely hypotethical example: let`s say a coach would bring amazon team here, and would find that the team more enjoyable than their current team, and would want to continue with the new team instead of bearded midg their current team in the future. Would it be possible to continue with the amazon team in season 35 (old team naturally not to be seen in OCC again)?
  10. Wait, I am the only chdworf coach in the whole league? And Amazons are that popular? Funny, really, because I have been thinking to reroll to amazons for a few seasons already. I will probably do that after this season (or move to BB2), but first I will try to do something about the rat-infestation that plagues the championshop
  11. Hello, I think I have accidentally uploaded MD6-match (in 1A) twice. Is there a way to remove upload? Reason behind this: My opponent in MD6 (Everblue) contacted me, and said upload from our match is missing. I checked, and we both had one match missing, so I thought "guess I forgot to upload, better do it now". But after uploading, noticed there actually was previous upload, and realized my missing match is due to one game being admin-win (might be the same case with Everblue). Sorry about the trouble, next time I will check my uploads before (I had really forgotten I had done this before, it was really late when our match ended, and I was tired).
  12. Last season in Championship vs. Smoked`s Decayed Renegades, one of his extra strong Nurgle Warriors managed 3xskulls -> RR -> 3xskulls. First time I see that. Too bad most of my important players were already depitched at that point, and I could not really capitalize on that.
  13. I happened to try this reset password function - did not work. After pondering some minutes and making some guesses, managed to get hit my previous password, so the password reset is actually not necessary anymore.
  14. After getting hobbo (and losing him) and cdworf to superstars, Entropy Stomp get their first Superstar-bull. Though not the main blitzer for the team anymore (lacking clawpomb), a critical player nonetheless, adding much needed speed to the team. Guard was the latest skill choice, giving the team a much needed mobile assist against stronger bash. Attis leveled to superstar by sacking the nurgle ball carrier and killing him in the team`s first championship match. The pestigor regened, unfortunately, and Attis thus still has a disappointing zero kills during his career. In fact, despite being the second most experienced player in team, he holds the lead only in only statistic - passing yards, by a massive 14 passing yards gained
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