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  1. Mate - I just had enough! After that miss click it all went down hill.... I just suddenly thought....wtf am I doing here? I haven't enjoyed this game in the slightest for months, prob since S27 and tonight was the last straw. Like I said... nice wifey, sofa and Daredevil is the way forwards! I have loads of other stuff to do also and ditching the computer games for a while will be a good call, and I'm finding it just eats up to much of my attention. It was childish to quit but, hey what the hell! Hope your dice are kind mate and thanks for the help etc. D
  2. Bye all! Thanks for the fun times - deleting my account tonight. Moment of clarity - BB < than sitting with my lovely wife chilling and watching Daredevil!

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    2. zippy75


      Wayward Pines was very good

    3. Glokta


      Limitless is pretty watchable

    4. Ramtut_III


      Jessica Jones!

  3. Cheers all! Thanks for the good times, I had some real fun on occasion playing BB but have just had enough now. Like all addicts I had a brief moment of clarity, I would rather chill on the sofa and watch Daredevil with my lovely hot wife, do work on my professional exams or go do some sport! I had lots of fun doing the fluff and with the guys on the forum but the tedium and bad luck of the game ground it out of me in the end - I'm not made of strong enough stuff, and tonight's crappy game was the final straw..... but at least this time it was was just average bad luck and a missclick! Happy dice guys may Nuffle be kind to you all. Cheers D
  4. Bye all! Thanks for the fun times - deleting my account tonight. Moment of clarity - BB < than sitting wife my loveley wife chilling and watching Daredevil!

  5. 2/5 pick-ups (not in TZ) with and AG5 player, any one beat that yet this season? Cost me the game.

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    2. Dee Von Doom

      Dee Von Doom

      But were they AG5? Very harsh tho!

    3. Gropah


      Ah saw your AG5-specific comment too late. No my Ogre is only AG3 ;) I'm not sure I wouldn't have lost anyway, but 7 bonehead really put a dent in ones game plan. It's not even the non-block, it's the losing of TZ and assist that really hurts.

      But I digress. Good luck with your pick-ups in the coming games!

    4. Bantha


      Your lucky.. watch my last game vs Larkstar..

  6. Totally agree.... talk about re-inventing the wheel. I'd have been delighted to throw money at some new stadiums, players, custom kit (home and away strips) and all sorts of other DLC goodies. Obv they wanted to make it all shiny to 'lure in' new players but its a certain fail for me at the moment.... I'll pick BB2 up when I have a better machine, the tea,s are out, the bugs fixed and its cheap on Steam...... which is a bit of a fail IMHO Wish it wasnt so.
  7. Ok, will have a go tomorrow . Thnx D
  8. Bumpo! Please can we have the S29 version? D
  9. Epic result well done +1
  10. MD1 and its 1-1 in Ogre town

  11. Sweet Thanks for that MeeBee +1 and gold D
  12. ^^ Yeah - did it last season, but missed a week of the Off Season due to being away and am flat out at work... will try to do a bit more fluff this season at least.
  13. The Cauldron crew are going to have to admit defeat on the season review...the missed a week in the off season and are all working very hard :(

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    2. Javelin


      Ya, anything you provide is great. I imagine its pretty time consuming and you just can't be expected to always have time!

    3. mrapostoli


      DVD great job!

    4. Chubberson
  14. The weather one is made of win for elf teams.....
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