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  1. Hello Bob! My move 8 was lost with the retirement of the team. It was also BB1. Started a new vamp team but they have vacation now. Let's see when the lust for blood gets high enough to come back. Good luck all!
  2. "...And that was Kylie MiniOo with Head Spinning Around. Famous half time mockery when home team have bashed the opponents out of the senses." "Really catchy, as the Elf-runner would have said!" "Very funny Bob!" "But it was already famous when you were alive, Jim, notch notch." Bob bursta out in laughter. "So you are in that mood this morning Bob, well well. Good to have you here this morning anyhow." "Next up is the tune of the week!" HoHo Bob is laughing , "If you would have said Tune of the weak, it would have been that Goblin Prince, with the track Purple Brain" "Euhm, you have been up all night eating mushrooms again have you?" Bob continues, "But it became the one beat all ghouls just love. The record that was played the most in the graveyard shift." "Now, the next one is a golden song, reputation goes even down in the deep mines . Louis StrongArm, What a wonderful Game" "Ohh, that is a nice one Jim." Bob, nods is head in agreement. "Did you know, when he was a star still playing the game, he was the best thrower for seven season in a row." "That´s nice Jim. To bad he lost his vision when that Nurgle puked on him, right in the face." "And that chaotic venom burned out his eyes." "Indeed Bob, Yes, that was sad, but then he turned to music and supported his team blindly singing songs. Supporting the game he loved the most. Namely Bloodbowl" "Well, lets just turn it on!" Some Chrispy sound, and some crunshes... "What are you doing, Jim!" "Play the tune now, leave the chips" "It´s the record Bob, it´s not me, it´s that old." I see Ents of green Red haired Blitzer too I see them blow For me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful game I see skies of blue And goblins flying low The bright blessed throw The dark scary drow And I think to myself What a wonderful stab The colors of the rainbow So pretty on the field Are also on the faces Of people dying by I see friends shaking throats Saying, "How do you do?" They're really saying "I foul you" I hear rookies crying I watch coaches grow They'll learn much more Than I'll never know And I think to myself What a wonderful game Yes, I think to myself What a wonderful game Oh yeah .....
  3. Sounds like a bit of aging, just even faster. That would be detroying the entire beauty with the game. Well, lets see how it will land when it lands.
  4. Ahh, I do not read it, it´s so much that are Open, how it will be feels like it can turn 180 degree and turn out totally different.
  5. Just like the first round (OCC1).. I could not start them until week 7 i think. @Doomy77 what was that with no high TV any more? Not possible to have multipel skills anymore or it is counted different? I have not followed it at all
  6. I saw myself die your last game.. shrudder. Nice Regen though.. and nice game! I could not follow it all but, nice win.
  7. @Suido interesting, very interesting! Thanks for the info! Keep it up.
  8. Hehe.. its bloodbowl man. I survived and made some judgement wrong because it was hopeless as you understand. But he was nice and second loss so far I will not complain at all. Making a better progress than expected anyhow. Thanks for watching though.
  9. Greetings! Sounds awesome! There is also a place where if you'd like to share the painted one. BR Brother B aka Bantha
  10. The question needs to be asked with the understanding of what you face. So who as teams do you face or perhaps who do you not face? What and how are those teams build or how are they not build? That leads to the answer, what shall I take.. With out the knowledge the answer is probably based on what you like instead of what you need. Do I need this or that? Well how do you play? Pro will always be good. Thralls and skills, I had ag4 thrall on 124spp.. Very useful. It helped to be less dependent on vamp actions. End of the world when he was lost. No. DP is a very good skill for vamps at least in OCC. Because the environment is less.. forgiving. In lower parts it is not needed, and kjell made it twice without it in top.. But it helped me not only killers but one timers/turners. The problem higher up is its more Unhealthy. Four vamps are good. But Mng etc means you have three. Which is not so good. So 5 is good to have when it happens.
  11. I'm also in trouble.. Started in 5A.. now in 3B.. one season of experience. How did you put it.. Eeeep My guys does not have leap. But my team apparently have it already.
  12. Hmm, Golden Football with Rookie Vamp team, that's a new one.. Happy about it though
  13. Awesome, awesome, calling Awesome! And I just had a thing I have not seen before. Blitzing the ball keeper, Lust kicks in, which is ok as thrall assist for the blitz, down he goes. Ball bounces to the thrall who gets the ball.. Darn. Biting and Turnover has he drops the ball.. Well well
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