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  1. Bantha


    Feck, my MD5 was lost somehow..
  2. Bantha


    2 Season old Pro/Union Elf Pro-Elf, yes I'm old fashion and it works with the little humor I have. The picture represent the game in MD6, where we went pro on pro. So this was like a race of agility and passing, speed and performance! Team S3 = OCC S18 Pre-Game: Away Stadium Squig and Sandwich, so no rocks and no Ref trouble. Inducement: Bribe for me and a wiz! We also connected to sound hearing each other for a change. Really Pro! In Game: So we win the toss, and decided to receive. And it's Perfect, you can say Pro defense, nothing was there to be fixed as it was Pro already, or waz it so bad poor challenge by the weaker team?? Anyhow, I do as I usually do, putting my pillows to action, pushing my opp around a bit. Still moving up and threatening with a TD.. ooh scary! They hardly bothered.. 1-0 Their run, securing the ball causing two casualties stepping good, waving hands, walk in the park. I threat the anabolic catcher Depp the Deep but nah, no danger. So they decided to score and does so due to one thing, Safe Throw.. A skill rarely used but hey, nice. A Pro move. 1-1 I'll do my shit again, but had to replan as the catcher got the ball on the kick. And fails the pass, of course, why not. The bigger pro came in like hawks and lands like a chicken (1,1 GFI) on the beak. My kicker decide to squash some eggs and removes the anabolic elf and the apo get scared by picking the wound clean from the feathers. One less AV there... Anyhow we score after that, 2-1. The bigger Elfs again decided to hurt the younger elfs right there on the LOS. I just pointed to them with my body language, Learn, FFS! Se how its done, drop the pillows and get in to the game! But no, they were probably amazed by the Pro skills getting in action. But there we are, showing off and there is a clear path to get to the ball with 2d. Just need some rolls like 2+ to pull this off. A nice bounce from that and whoopy 3-1... Well we can dream, the first dodge to cut corners skipping the GFI, failed directly and I was... No you do not need to copy that! It's not what I meant... Gaah So some moves by the real pro's and Viola.. 2-2 (Who is Viola, the promising cheerleader in the stand, whoelse?) 9 vs 11, and then the weather bitch decided to bring in some snowflakes... Nice! Pro's on Ice.. gimmy a break! So my 9 players continued to push the brothers or, is it sisters... Grrr Putting up some threat that the elit Pro Elton John pulled a jingle and bashed down my catcher in awe. And I was totally misplaced. And we checked, valued and calculated... Nope, I will not risk this. Bringing my dudes back in a hurry, it was still to easy. Elton flew in, danced in the snow, made the GFI effortless and bang, ball was free. The crowd saw the snowball and threw it back.. way back. Hey, how can they throw that far when we cannot!?! Well, it landed just beside my catcher and that caused some problems. The pickup failed and that ended first half. 2-2 10 vs 11 as some girls in my team was gathering her shit and could stare some more on the fancy boys on the other side. First turn ends with a RIP from a foul, and I just nodded, let her die, more will follow for sure. I paid back the foul with a stun, bravo Girls, at least you are trying!! Elton charges and downs my speedy catcher with a broken nail and that is lethal. So we patch her up nicely. And then 2-3. Weather gets nice again, neat. And it's 9 vs 10. I blitz I foul, nothing happens Ref giggles at my girls. We ca score, but it gets rough, we make the pass we make the dodge but we fail the GFI. Losing the ball, but luckily for me, it's quite far off even for the others so.. no attempt getting ball. So I do that instead next turn, after trying to get the monster John down but fails. 3-3 Somehow it's 9 vs 9. Threat to score is setup and I'm getting sick of that now. Call in the Wiz, fire at will! Target acquired Zap... nothing extra and my blitz fails making a mess out of it all. So with no Wiz around suddenly a cage it starting to get shaped and, I figure, lets hunt that amazing John. And get him removed with a foul.. Now, the cage breaking ability and possibility to score with the few players I had left, was not that easy puzzle to solve. So I dive in with dodge and mange, Bravo!! And the wrestling catcher hands it over to his brother catcher.. just wrong team. Darn.. I tried to cover up but it was to no avail, and 3-4 was made in the dying seconds. Oe turn left, well I did what I had to do. Tried the one turned and Bang! The pro went from Pro to Pro and 4-4 is the ending result. Fantastic game, fun fun, elf elf, pro pro. Thanks for that game mate @Borke Post Game: Winning rolled 6, FF gained. Running Roster activities Two skills, and .. two normal.. what in the seven seas! Team Skill Rolls 32: 94% Normal 1: 5+5 , picked Double 1: 6+4 Now everything can happen! The Past Season 17#2 Season 16 #1 The Race Race
  3. Welcome to T2A! Good luck now!
  4. @unglaublicher your invited
  5. Coolers.. I'll fix soon.. Align with @Kia Sidhe meanwhile regarding a game.. today and tomorrow for current md. Super thanks
  6. Like this "Support Mordheim Renegades" @unglaublicher
  7. Of course you can. So let me know if you are able to recreate the team you have here https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=3199834&platform=1 And add support in the name and keep the original. Let me know when is done so I can invite you. Thanks
  8. That is a efficient team, I faced one of those and it was quite tough, to face I mean.
  9. Just hang on there dude. Beatmen on their own are awesome.
  10. Tough to be number one. Vamp-Wise I was meaning the Tier, dude not the position as such.
  11. Bantha


    2 Season old Pro/Union Elf Pro-Elf, yes I'm old fashion and it works with the little humor I have. The picture represent the game in MD4, where I faced some Chaotic Dwarfs. So this was about surviving. Team S3 = OCC S18 Pre-Game: Away Stadium, Bonus Bribe. Inducement: much, wiz + 1 babes In Game: So they win the toss, and decided to kick. And they get Blitz. Moving up covering the ball, gets the ball with a dp Gobbo. Good in a way. I drop him with ease but he is a tricky one, and hands it over to the Bull, winks with his eye as he secures the ball. And decide to remove the player. The Ref shows the Car and the gobbo stays- I show some money and my DP remains on field, phew. So the unimaginable dance starts. Moving back, forming a cage, pushing some elfs, hurting them not. But elf is elf and cannot counter the cage. So in the fight over the cage, a CD with guard takes a foul, awesome animation actually, but Ref sees that too and Red card goes up. My purse had apparently all ready feed him so he takes the money greedily but still keeps the Red card high. But my DP works and I remove the piling on dwarf, which is insta appo'ed to my fear (it was -av so, yes of course we use apo on that). Two tries but the Ref had eye for the tricky gobbos. Then finally there was a good spot, but the guardians made it hard. Some movement to be able to score just in case, failed with a 1,1 dodge. And then there was an opening and the Bull who got the ball in Turn 1 (my turn) rushes to the score line. So close, and my catchers catch him, and he falls so hard he is removed from the game with a broken neck, ouch. As Apo was used earlier that was a good turn for one of the coaches. 0-0 first half. Next half and blitz comes up again. Moving up forcing the blitz to be hard, gets the ball. And Zap, wiz came and downed the little catcher. So the next dance of protecting the ball starts. Cage is formed but again my vanilla team can not open it whatever I do. So slowly it moves and now it is 9 vs 11. And I still cannot get through to the ball. The gobbo stands there protected and push and however I huffed and puffed the dwarfs with the guards took it all. The opening came and the gobbo danced down protected by guard and other bull like creatures. The Mino kicked in how has been quite calm, but now the harvest begun. Getting low in numbers I did what I could but I should have done more, but I could not stop the score 1-0 lead to the Dwarfs. Really bad as time was running out. My turn, I score quickly and again after some bad movement I passed and scored giving me two skills in one go... if they survive. 1-1. 2 turns left. The dwarfs throw the gobbos and the Bull ahead to opening up the possible scoreline. The turn ends with a failed pickup and I let my catcher with side step two GFI no reroll... made it. Putting up some defense it was up for the dwarf to do the dodging. It removed the re-roll at least, and two GFI was made and blitz came up with a push. Moving up on the ball to make the risk but the bounce was ok just on the side on the edge. The next push I also moved to the ball and it went out, landed in the middle. Meanwhile the Mino ripped apart my unique Guard lino, making the team even more vanilla. I called the apo of course he was so scared of the mino he totally failed to fix my hero lino. Sigh, Revenge! I made some blocking that did nothing, got the ball and handed it over. Nerves of steal took it without effort. And then a 1d blitz (needed push or better) and a dodge from tackle to win. And Huzza we did it. 2-1 Thanks for the game, sorry for the luck there mate. @Filadeus Well, we paid the price and of course the no so much vanilla takes the mvp to the grave as usual. Post Game: Winning rolled 3, FF stayed. Running Roster activities Two skills, and well..two normal skills.. what else. Team Skill Rolls 29: 94% Normal 1: 5+5 , picked Double 1: 6+4 Now everything can happen! The Past Season 17#2 Season 16 #1 The Race Race
  12. Bantha


    2 Season old Pro/Union Elf Pro-Elf, yes I'm old fashion and it works with the little humor I have. The picture represent the game in MD3, where I brother Pro's. So this was about scoring and positioning. Team S3 = OCC S18 Pre-Game: Home Stadium, no bonus. Inducement: much, wiz + 2 babes In Game: So they win the toss, and decided to kick. I took it slow here but I played on a weak day so, made some errors here and some errors there. I was not really happy with my positioning now after wards, but the dice was not so nice. Stalled until I thought to take the lead, up against wiz it's always a bit tricky. So I scored. 1-0. My brother showed me some good elf play stile and scored with leap, got to get that also, without a bigger effort. 1-1. I got a good position and moved up the team and it looked as a challenge but with Leap you never know. But the wiz was turned on an Bang did he know the was of a fire ball. Gate open Elfs downed and it was a walk in the park, picking the ball, passing to catcher, who could not catch the ball.. But the DP who has not moved got it instead. No turn over. So moving up to scoring position and handing it over but no, he still could not get the ball, so the do due got it back. Talk about good and bad. So there he was, and I made some bade moves and some bad dice, so I could not get him down to make 2-1. Instead I saw 1-2 settling the scoreboard. Second half and they start slow, just as I did. Setting up to score but keeping defense up. So I get my first cas on the catcher and moves up to threaten the ball.. They move back a bit looking for some opening. I made the move popped the ball and put up some defense on my own. Some nice moves setting up to position but fails the pickup in some tackle zones and I use that to get back to 2-2. New run and now they are down to 9 so 9 vs 11. They return the cas on my blitzer, removing my tackle, which is not helping. Setting up some nice cage now on the flank. I put up what I can to make the leap a bit more of a trouble. They then decide to switch lane, and moved out of my way as they ko'd another one on that side. Knowing what to come I tried to remove some more super elfs. Which did not work. And they move up and take the lead again. 2-3. They are now down to 8, so I make move move and score the turn after. Hoping for some magic the last one turn. 3-3 They block, backing up and no help on kick off. So, 3-3 ending with some blocking which does nothing. Thanks for the game @GaryW Well played Post Game: Winning rolled 4, FF lost. Running Roster activities Zero skills gained Team Skill Rolls 27: 93% Normal 1: 5+5 , picked Double 1: 6+4 Now everything can happen! The Past Season 17#2 Season 16 #1 The Race Race
  13. @Kjelstad you are on the top dude, amazing.
  14. Well you have the Vamps, lacking thralls but rather that than what I got. When Vamps are starting to leave faster than you can say "regen-Fail", it's time for change. And you always play with few thralls..
  15. Bantha


    MD 4 is lagging, I'll add this later together with MD5 Sorry for this, sometimes times fly and suddenly one entire week just swooped by.
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