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  1. Awesome, awesome, calling Awesome! And I just had a thing I have not seen before. Blitzing the ball keeper, Lust kicks in, which is ok as thrall assist for the blitz, down he goes. Ball bounces to the thrall who gets the ball.. Darn. Biting and Turnover has he drops the ball.. Well well
  2. This stuff will make you @Kjelstad a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus! Just like your team! Congrats!
  3. Hoho.. congrats pal.. Superb! I won mine but shaded by your spectacular feature of course! Hurray!
  4. You are close to win again so... or it's the "other" edge you are talking about .. I just played MD8 and won again, feel there is something horrible building up here. So, entering T5 with rookies and facing somewhat skilled teams, I did expect punishment all over the place. I think it will come next season then, as I'm heading there, one loss only this season, might be 7-0-2 if I lose the last but it will not affect the end result. Two Move 7 Vamps so far. happy with that.
  5. What! That sounds not sane at all. Do you have some thing that strength that. That was news for me at least.
  6. I'm not going super bash here. But at least from turn1 or second half turn 1 I might use the guard. And then also later. It's more to get effects on str4 thralls which is the goal. The MB vamp scored 3 cas on orc team. One was a goblin though. But it also helps there. Must try it I thought.
  7. So The Dark Brothers moves on. Rolled the skills in wrong order. So now I have two strength 4 thralls instead of 2 strength 5 vamps.. Took Guard for vamp to support the strength 4 thralls. Will be interesting to see how that will work. My first guard vamp ever.
  8. @Kjelstad indeed, ag 5 means a lot, but I made it without so, you can do it also! I had my fist apo this game (yes the second), talking about that, saved it/him/her/etc and saved .. last blitz of the game, (it turned out to be) both down and as I was playing Ogre, it was turnover. My Thrall who claimed enough to skill, went dead, apo dead. So much for that, but lucky thing in it, it was on a thrall. Anyhow, I know have Three skilled vamps, Block Dodge Move+1 I just cannot turn down that. Did not count spp, but it was not amazing still 2-0 in T5 with rookies, this will not last long now.
  9. I had the same feeling falling through the Tiers like a stone. Lost vamps after vamp. Thralls wasted all went down, down. So I switched, tried some Elf and now looking back at my old team.. they do actually not look that bad. It's like bad games and it goes wrong all we see is the bad part. Double 6 hurray! And yes never use apo on anything else than stat-burst or RIP. Unless it's the championship it's about.
  10. Unless you actually choose to be a beggar
  11. It was a 4-2 game and was almost making it 5-2. https://spike.ovh/match?match_uuid=1000a05e43 Vs skaven not much dmg but some passes and the combo made it nice. Was 3-0 until one Turner kicked in.
  12. Md1 and 26 spp, quite ok for a rookie vamp team. So now I know what's in store for MD2-9. At least I had one good game.
  13. I can do that with any kind of belt, right. I started with 4 Vamps 4 RR, and was shuttled to 5C, meaning not an easy start. Will be interesting
  14. I can do that with any kind of belt, right. I started with 4 Vamps 4 RR, and was shuttled to 5C, meaning not an easy start. Will be interesting
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