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  1. Ooops. I had done the boring bit, but the on switch did not get switched. It has now been switched.
  2. I mainly target players when I pirate. I don't kill many, but do rob quite a few, sometimes via hatch-busting, sometimes by asking politely. It does track on to the target though. You just need their shields down.
  3. So, anybody playing? I'm trying out various careers at the moment. Started with some trading/bounty farming, then did some pvp piracy, now out 1500LY from home looking at a pretty nebular. I think I'll go back to piracy soon. That was fun.
  4. When did we play? I vaguely remember it may have been with my "Pro" Elf replacement team. I'd also be the first to say that the coach rankings aren't the best way of doing things. It doesn't take the quality of the team into account (ie. rerolling to underworld causes you to drop sharply), and it overly punishes coaches that persist with a team which is crippled for the fun of it. The team rankings, on the other hand, give a pretty good indication of which teams to look out for. They're much more meaningful as they will give a pretty good indicator of the team's current ability taking into account team quality and coach ability. Even they have a bit of lag in them - for example Thorn of the Bloody Rose (the current OCC champions) are 6th, and two teams in last season's division 1 rank above them (though they finished 2nd and 3rd). Clearly not flawless, but a pretty good guide.
  5. I sometimes wonder whether I should just get rid of the case sensitivity... I'm not sure why it's even there. Should be fixed next time it updates. Thanks Gobas! I promise I didn't cook the books!
  6. Ooops. Season 23 was being counted twice for everybody. I blame somebody else, though it's probably my fault... Should be fixed in an hour or so.
  7. Sorry for the slow update. I had thought I'd done it. I had not.
  8. Sounds like part of the OCC global conspiracy to me. Either that, or Swedish humour...
  9. Part of the confusion is your failure to define exactly what you mean in the first post! As somebody said, 50/50 is a valid answer if you say that against a worse player you win 50% of games because you're better, and 25% because you're lucky, giving you 75% win ratio. When I was voting I went for the win because you're better vs lose because you're unlucky ratio. Against an average player I'll say I'll win 80% because I'm better, lose 20% because I'm unlucky.
  10. It's 40% if you include draws as "half a win", 30% if you count draws as "not a win". 2878-1138-1672 to the higher TV team in OCC at the moment.
  11. Never actually tested it, but I'd be suprised if it was >500MB.
  12. It's very subjective. If I were to play somebody who read the rulebook this morning and had never played/seen a game of bloodbowl in their life, it'd be something like 95-5. If both players have played >100 games, then it depends more on TV. At high TV I'd put it at 80-20, low TV 70-30. There's just much more danger at low TV due to lack of basic player skills. Sadly it's hard to the OCC stats to judge this, as the players who do well naturally play against higher skilled players as they continue. Even then, there are players who have played >100 games who really aren't very good. I guess the best measure is against the "average" coach. What win % would you expect? 80:20, to me, suggests about 70% wins, 15% draws, 15% losses.
  13. Now updated for S23. 16556 matches currently in the system.
  14. It is with sadness we announce that Lee is to retire. He got punched rather hard in his last game, and has decided that he's getting too old to be a bloodbowl player (that, and he now has a rather dodgy collar bone). As Lee's Lizards would not be the same without Lee, the team has decided to follow him into retirement. Lee's Lizards are famous for being the few teams to win the OCC more than once. They should have won it three times, if it were not for the tiebreak rules not being the tiebreak rules that would have allowed them to win a third time. Mass deaths caused them to plummet out of division one, a long break ensued, and on their comback, handbagging continued too be rather frequent. Despite this, were it not for the fact that they were retiring, they would be back up in division 1 again to compete next season. Lee's not giving up bloodbowl completely though. He's decided to enter coaching. He's teamed up with Lazshix, the strength 6 saurus (who has somehow managed to avoid being banned for excessive doping), to fund a new team: Lee's Norsemen. I think he might have taken one too many hits to the head as that name is about as unimaginative as you can get. The team, at retirement: http://bbm.jcmag.fr/BloodBowlManager.WebSite/RosterDetails.aspx?rosterId=560302&leagueId=10292〈=en-US
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