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  1. Oh ok. Thanks for your quick answer. I mostly play Blood Bowl to manage and personnalize them, so I'm not into playing one that's not mine and that is going to be deleted. I hope you'll find someone!
  2. Heya, is there still a slot available in T4? I'm already playing in T5, but I'm likely to start another team next season. Could I take advance and register a new team to fill a slot if it's possible? Cheers
  3. Heya! I'm a returning coach, and I'd like to run a new team : Coach name (ingame) : Mr_Ogorki Team name : Da Bootshop Race : Nurgle
  4. Hello OCC, Is there still room in the reserve list? I'd like to return with a (almost) fresh new team. Coach name (ingame): Mr_Ogorki Team name : Da Bootshop Race : Nurgle King regards
  5. MD4 : VS. Zulu501 Amazones (Sugar_n_Spice) Matchup looks pretty tough : no tackle skill for me, 4 blodgers and 2 guard to face. Deeply counting on my Troll tentacles and some lucky block rolls... The zones start to attack, but the creepy squad have none of it (some scandalmongers would say they ran before the first whistle blow) and penetrate into the opponent pitch side. But the amazones don't really matter about it and easily repel those cheaters. Nevertheless, one forgotten gob keep sticking the ball carrier, slowing down the 'zones progress. After bypassing the ad hoc UW los, composed by a lazy Troll and few goblins busy to foul a Blitzer who had the kindness to fall down, the bikini warriors looks more aggressive. They stick to my players, stamping to death my guard skaven lineman on their way ..... but my apothecary brought him back to life (smells like black magic) and the murderer is sent-off by the referee. Scared by this savagery deed as much as this evil ritual, my players dodged back, trying to save the most time they can. Finally, the amazones can't score at T8 and I attempt to block the ball carrier, without success. End of first half, 0-0. It is my turn to attack now. I am now 11 players to 10, with the optimistic ambition to widen this gap. The ball goes kicked in the air... and the amazones immediately rush before my players can move, pressuring all my los. They even find a way between my formation to set a catcher below the ball fallout, but there is too many players around and she didn't. After some blocks, I succeed to pick the ball up and take away from the battle area. But it is a huge mess, the 'zones compacting my players to make possible blitz actions on my ball carrier. I lose the ball, quickly picked up by a goblin and I set off a move to finally quit my half side. But he get nastily blitzed by behind and injured. A new fight for the ball control begins. Meanwhile, a goblin stand out ; dodging away from amazons blocks, he strolls, fouling in his path. He didn't know at this moment he will probably be the gob for the job. After some bounces, the ball is picked up by an amazone thrower but still next to a gob. He pushes her next to the touchline, and she finishes in the middle of the crowd, punching her to KO. In the fray, a spectator confuses his initial target and the ball, sending that one right in the middle of the 'zones pitch. A Premature Scamp, the fouling genius, seize the opportunity and after dodging, pick the ball away and run as far as he can. A blitzer tries to catch this silly gob, but no... he gets away and score!! 1-0 to UW. The 'zones are reduced to 8 players and have 4 turns to score. But, guess what?... Another blitz event! The invasion is quick, 27,4 Pounds Baby killing a linewoman by the way. The amazones fail to pick up the ball, then my skaven thrower. The ball is finally caught by a catcher who starts to run away. But the timer is close to the end, and the amazones can only make a TD possible by a pass... which failed. The ball is recovered by my thrower and gave to my killer blitzer who run across the TD line! End score 2-0. No Burping Baby get a level up, I took him Leader (finally a third reroll)! 27,4 Pounds Baby get a level up too, I took him MB as my team needs to hit harder. Next match, I will face a chaos team with a block goat and an AG4 other one. I will have some inducements as my guard lineman had to take one week to regain his composure after being back among the living. I have now 150k gold in the bank, as I'll have 12 players for the next match, I think I can conserve it for the stadium upgrades (I need the Enefel shrine asap).
  6. Yeah, that troll is hungry for points! Happily I got those tentacles and a guard lineman to block those dodging shrews Thanks, nice tuto you made, by the way (there is all you need to know about starting with UW, +1).
  7. Season 4, 5B division : Crypttos - Black Squirrels - Dark Elves - - : L (0 - 1) Viajero - Lousy Dodgers - Elven Union - - D (2-2) Dirgia - Badtown Heroes - Elven Union - - W (2-1) Zulu501 - Sugar n Spice - Amazon - - W (2-0) Microcuchon - Kaos Mega Crush - Chaos - - W (4-0) Valentin (aka v.3.1) - Blood Society[OCC] - Dark Elf - - L (1-2) brocCooLi - Restaurant Robbo Rotter - Nurgle - - W (3-0) Soulforged - Life is Boring - Undead - - W (2-1) Khuno Tridentis - Potamoi Peltasts - Elven Union - -
  8. Heya UW addicts! With the launch of Legendary Edition, I decided to reroll in season 4 with a fresh creepers squad. I haven't a huge experience at coaching Underworld but I really enjoy them! Furthermore, I think the additions made in BB2LE compared to BBCE can greatly benefits to their competitiveness. I also take any creepy names that cross your minds for my replacement gobbos Here's my starting roster : - 1 Troll - 2 Blitzers - 2 Skavens Linemen - 2 Skavens Throwers - 7 Gobbos - 2 Rerolls - 1 Apoth Good points : - The utmost skavens players you can have from the start. - 3 players on the bench. - Will conserve a low TV. Bad points : - Only 2 rerolls. - Have to rush "Leader" on a skaven thrower as first skill to overcome the lack of plays consistency. - If first matches turn to a slaughter for your skavens, it may turns out pretty ineffective. Nowadays team : - 01 The Larvas Keeper (Troll) : -Tentacles- / -Claws- [LVL3] - 02 27,4 Pounds Baby (Skaven Blitzer) : -Mighty Blow- [LVL2] - 03 Her Daddyz Eye (Skaven Blitzer) : -Wrestle- [LVL2] - 04 No Burping Baby (Skaven Thrower) : -Leader- / +1 MA [LVL3] - 05 Dodged Cesarean (Skaven Thrower) : [LVL1] - 06 Left Siamese Part (Skaven Lineman) : -Guard- [LVL2] - 07 Right Siamese Part (Skaven Lineman) : -Guard- [LVL2] - 08 A Premature Scamp (UW Goblin) : [LVL1] -1 MA - 09 Delivered by a Nostril (UW Goblin) : -Two Heads- [LVL2] - 10 An Evaded Foetus (UW Goblin) : [LVL1] - 11 Mankystreetz Manhole Son (UW Goblin) : [LVL1] -1 MA - 12 Amniotic Junky (UW Goblin) : -Two Heads- [LVL2] - 13 Out Vitro (UW Goblin) : [LVL1] - 14 Fulgob (UW Goblin) : [LVL1]
  9. You are right, Break tackle isn't the best example :/
  10. Exactly, the "Châtaigne" can also be good as a dessert :)
  11. Let me introduce the second superstar ever of the "Golden Hornet Henchmen", the smart and subtle Golden Hornet himself! His stats : - Matches played = 23 - MVP = 1 - TDs = 3 - 4 kills, 33 cas, 25 KOs - 70 rush yardage - 2 injuries, 3 time KOed Despite I tried to avoid it, I finally took PO for his 5th skill. Please Nuffle, don't force me to pick Thick Skull :/
  12. The "Golden Hornet Henchmen" have the pleasure to introduce to you their first super star ever!... Aka the unofficial ball carrier of the team ( the official is for sure the Golden Hornet himself ) Hornet's Progeny ! And his stats : - 21 matches played - 17 TDs - 3 passes, 2 catches, 0 interceptions - 2 casualties caused, 5 KO's - 44 pass yardage, 726 run yardage - 2 casualties sustained, 3 KO's
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