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  1. Reading Three Body Problem atm. Really interesting.
  2. dode


    Yo, @Fastshark, what's this?? Looks lovely! Some sort of 40k-based Vermintide?
  3. I think they're a light grey, but your point is entirely valid.
  4. I found Under the Dome to be really good on Audible.
  5. I enjoyed The Stand audiobook. I tend to listen during my 30-min commute. Radio is a pile of pants and I am not a big music fan, so it works really well for me as a medium. Finished reading Dogs of War last night. Been a long time since I've finished a book in a day but this was one of those times. Fantastic book. On to Redshirts...
  6. I'm currently 7 hours into the 57hr epic "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William Shirer, a US reporter who was in Germany at the time. Should last me a few weeks...
  7. The Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Bought it last night, will have it finished by the end of today. Wonderful stuff.
  8. Really disliked Last Skywalker. Really enjoyed Mandalorian.
  9. Giri/Haji on iPlayer and BBC2. Japanese detective is sent to the UK on the sly to solve the murder of a Japanese banker. I'm 3 of 8 episodes in and it's really watchable. It's certainly stylish and feels like someone hit Guy Ritchie with Tarantino's love of Japan.
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed The Boys. Mindhunter S2 is the current watch.
  11. #nomorebloodinbloodbowl
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