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  1. The whole season was a deja vu, I struggled not to lose 5 of my games, but all the season games were awful as our last season game was! Ridiculous season for the dead stars and others! Will be back!
  2. 6A BJJ Hero team name is Sesame Street Striders instead of Sesame Street Stalkers.
  3. And a ton of SPPs! Dont forget that!
  4. We count you in, unfortunately I have had a lot of work to do and I did not find the time to mange this until today!!! You are in @dolbain!
  5. Totally agree! @Darayawus the fling master who became the chorf monster, is the one I blame too!
  6. Me kicking some arses? Probably my arse was hitting your feet! But it is nice to have you here whatever happened!
  7. Mongloom

    Signups S17

    We will find you a seat!
  8. Mongloom

    Signups S17

    We have at least 2 more seats for the present season!!! New team TV1000 maximum and you would start on MD2!! GO GO GO!!! Join the OCC you are still in time!
  9. Mongloom

    Signups S17

    We will probably have a slot for you so... you can create the team as soon as you could!
  10. You are now blessed with both titles! And every help is welcome!
  11. i'm happy to help even though I finished bottom....

    love bloodsplatter xxx

    1. Mongloom


      And the help is muuuuuuuch appreciated!

  12. I use to miss DT pieces, but it was not one of those... Where did I dodge through your DT piece? It was a fun match, quite frustrating but very nice to be played! Recovering the ball on your offensive drive without using the wizard, working hard to open a way to go through (out from your DT piece, could not avoid your tackle one though) and failing a 3+ dodge just to give you the ball to score easily was not my plan!!! The blitz right after killed my chances of victory as I was forced to use the wizard but... I have really enjoyed the great challenge!! Once you ran out
  13. Another season is here... Still not decided on the TG skill but we will follow @brocCooLi guidelines as his wisdom is infinite!!! Tier 1 1A Season 15 looks likewise, 5 AWAY and 4 HOME matches: MD1 Uniball - Unknown Strangers - Lizardman - AWAY 26-9-10 record and a last 8-0-1 season. It will be a hard game to play for sure. 4 niggled saurii could help to the dead stars and others removal tactic and only 2 leveled skinks and a rookie kroxy. 200TV down possibly inducing Setekh or a wizard. MD2 TomasT - [OCC] Game of Groans - Nurgle - - HOME 44-35-21
  14. Mongloom

    Signups S15

    ZekeTV ingame name?? If that is correct we need to change your forum name to match with your ingame name... please confirm.
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