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  1. You are a great MAMÓN !!! @Mongloom and I aren´t ugly, we have a lot of patience to put up with you. Un saludo !!. PD: Sorry guys, we want to know why he was playing here... but he has always lived alone, he is ""quite difficult to see""... he has never had a partner for it... he's pretty weird.
  2. Hi !!. @Mongloom and I are playing here thanks to @Darayawus, he is our friend. I want to know why he was playing here, I don't remember it. Un saludo for all.
  3. Congrats, Champion @RTSD !! Un saludo.
  4. Hi !! Divinity Original Sin II... I love it. I´m waiting for BG3 too. Has anyone played the Pathfinder Kingmaker game?. It seems to look good, does anyone recommend it to me?. Un saludo.
  5. Welcome back, Demon Master of Khorne !!! Un saludo.
  6. Hi !! I would keep the player. Armor 8 isn't too bad. But if you want to keep the team for a long time, nobody will tell you anything if you fire him. I repeat, I would keep him. Good luck, un saludo !!
  7. Hello I'm spanish. Our politicians are shit. They knew it and did nothing. I am locked up at home, I cannot see my parents or my girls, they are in town with their grandparents. Our overwhelmed medical services. The army is in the streets. This is very sad, every day more people die. Courage for all. Un saludo.
  8. The option 1 or 2 are perfect for me. I can only choose one of them. Un saludo.
  9. Hi. I'm glad to have a new house. Red is not my favorite color, but we will reward you in some way. Don´t feel like a noob... you are a noob but we like you Good luck for your next game !! Un saludo.
  10. I love your reports. Well done. Un saludo.
  11. Congrats Smiling !!!. Muy atrevido tener 3 hijos... yo me he quedado en 2 (niñas). I'm not going, but I would perfectly understand having a week off. Un saludo.
  12. Only men?. What about Janis Joplin?. Elvis Presley isn´t possible for you? Un saludo.
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