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  1. Thks guys for all the feedback! I will go for surehands, against some ball hawks (wardancers/proelfs/skavens) sure hands can help when u cant give the ball to a gnoblar. Lets hope another double will land in other ogre with block, so i can have a tackle Ogre. I agree with fire the statbusted players, i have the money now for that. Thks once again!
  2. So guys my adventure with Ogres need some help about picking a skill for my Regor Ogre (Block+1AG), he rolled a double 4, so i can pick another double! But i cant decide, i thought about Pass/SureHands/Dodge/Tackle, what u would pick? I will post picture with my team so far: Can u help me out?
  3. Regor

    Signups S17

    Hey guys, i would like to return at OCC. I know that I'm late for the party, but maybe a spot will appear in anytime sooner. If that happen please let me know! I would like to run a new team and start from the bottom: Carnival of Rust I Ogre Team Cheers
  4. Thank u guys! I really appreciate yours words Bloodbowl for me have the best and the most positive community that i had the pleasure to be at. BBT and OCC are pillars of sportsmanship. Now lets kill us all at season 14!!
  5. Thks @Mongloom, our result was harsh for my intentions to achieve the title this season. In the other side your win against @Vaehnin give me some confidence. Hope u return soon to championship! Obrigado amigo @frankolino! No doubt that nurgle is more easy that vamps, but i'm not fancy enough to play with norse I'm sure your Amazons will make to the top and show that Brazilian top models are really great @BallztotheWalla how in the world are u back to championship with another team?! Still remember your DE team! I dont link to play against your chorfs (BBT) @Gobas embrace
  6. Amazing guys! Thks to u all! A especial thks to @brocCooLi and @Gobas for the great art at the thread! I really appreciate all the effort that all OCC organization do to the community! I still remember when I joined at OCC1 with Dwarfs! When I joined i really didnt know how to play the game, but learned at the hard way with u guys and the BBT guys :) Funny how fluffy is @Bantha! He is trying to hypnotize me to steal my title! I really want to play against u buddy! Carnival will try to stay one more season at Championship!
  7. http://www.bb2leaguemanager.com/Leaderboard/team_detail.php?team_id=1757024&community_id=11 I talked a lot with @Banthato give me some knowledge about Vamps! I needed something different for BB, and Vamps sure gave me that
  8. Thks Guys!! Really liked the post @Gobas! Thks for giving a good moment to enjoy such achievment. As @Francach sayed, i joined OCC1 with Dwarfs, at that time i really didnt know how to play, but i really liked the OCC community and stayed and joined OCC2 :) @AndyDavo is right, long time at Championship, but u know the deal, u need to continue until u see the gold! @Doomy77 i do my volunteering at BBT, playing with a Vamp team against the Nurgle/Chaos out there.
  9. Hey guys i have 1 free closed beta key for Magic the Gathering Arena. If someone want to give a try feel free: jzb-ydpc-cxm
  10. Hey guys, by any reason any one have a discount for Divinity: Original Sin 2? I saw late that @dode @Rymdkejsaren had :/
  11. Coach name : Regor Team: DarkElfs Team name: Carnival WCOCC 18+
  12. I would like to pick if possible: Skyrim.
  13. Hey @Fastshark could u give two keys? one for me and other for my brother :)
  14. im on the game

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