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  1. Coach name (in BB3): raspel Team name: Raspel's Ainur Faction/race: Elven Union
  2. I can't remember, who gave it to me, and I'm not sure, whether it's legal, but I use this link, when I need to check the rules.
  3. 38th season will start January 8th. You can sign up till January 1st.
  4. RuBBL 37th season will start October 17th, signing up till October 9th. Official news. Few coaches play BB2 this time, so new format introduced: one big Swiss group.
  5. Season 36 starts July 18th, you can sign up till July 10th. Check here.
  6. RuBBL season 35 will start on May 2nd, signing up till April 24th.
  7. It seems, open post needs an update.
  8. After some quick research, I suppose, this is a good starting point (contacting FullMetalCOS on Reddit or Discord).
  9. I'd like to suggest RuBBL admins to sign this, too.
  10. Interesting. How can one sign this letter?
  11. Wrong place! As you already play in Orca-Cola, you should use "Decisions" thread in your divisional sub-forum (here). This thread is for new and returning coaches.
  12. Season 33 will start November 29th. Official news. You can sign up till November 21st.
  13. Well, there IS a way to obtain 3rd +AG increase, but you have to get -AG injury first!
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