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  1. raspel

    Battle Brothers

    Played it for 800 hours since 2016, remember version with rivers and black interface. Great game, simple rules but hard tactics. More and more content with every DLC. However, it looks like I slightly overplayed it (no desire to dive into it again right now). No doubt though, once I'll return to it.
  2. Signing up to RuBBL 23rd season have started. Official news. It will continue till October, 12th. 23rd season itself will start October, 20th. Just keep you in touch.
  3. raspel

    Tie Breakers

    Oh, thanks for clarification. I indeed mixed up terms, and thought as dummy teams about those substitute teams.
  4. raspel

    Tie Breakers

    Shouldn't this tie-breaker be even higher, probably №2 or №3? By the same reasoning: 1) dummy teams are not intended to promote anyway; 2) if they play less amount of matches, their TD difference and number of TD conceded will likely be better, than "normal" team's.
  5. Since you are already in OCC, use your division decision thread.
  6. SF. As a good coach, I put Mummies in perfect places, and don't need BT.
  7. RuBBL 22nd season will start on August, 4th. Signing up will continue till July, 27th. Official news. Great chance for you to play Blood Bowl in a big, eternal league and practice Russian.
  8. I usually keep 3 Catchers for 13 or 14 players. Since I prioritize defencive roles over offencive (Humans can attack, but for winning they need to work hard in defence), my Catchers are defencive: Guard and ballsacker (Wrestle+Stripball+Dauntless). There are only 2 places for Catchers not on LOS in defence (8 non-LOS positions, that would be 4 Blitzers, 2 Catchers, Kicker and Dirty Player; with Ogre on LOS, which is questionable), so the third Catcher is usually a generic benchwarmer. I wouldn't normally do Catcher-balcarrier without +AG, or specialized oneturner without +MA. But it is exactly your case, so why not to try?
  9. In Blood Bowl context: I think, it's crowdsurfing - pushing your opponent outside of the pitch (and letting fans beat him up).
  10. RuBBL's 21st season will start on May, 19th. Signing up deadline - May, 11th. Official news. Feel free to join, if you are tired of English language and UTC dictatorship, and want to play Blood Bowl, using Russian and MSK (as normal people do)!
  11. Speaking of which, resembles me this guy.
  12. I think, any win will bring me to the 1st place. Even one ball advantage will equalize our TD difference (+1 to mine and -1 to Vampires'), and next tiebreakers (less TD conceded and head-to-head) will be in my favour.
  13. I'll be first, if win last day match.
  14. I'm used to check OCC standings and statistics on BB2LeagueManager.com (as big button "Leaderboards" on the top panel brings me there), but accidentally noticed, that it will be shut down on April 28, 2020. Link to news. So, does Orca-Cola know about it, and has it plans to provide standings and stats in the future? May be, another side-site, or own self-developed aggregator?
  15. Oh, it looks much better now.
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